Friday, February 8, 2013

Pained tourist

In recent past I got an opportunity to visit some most sought after places, where people throng from far of places in India and abroad. I was excited, so was my family, for we were visiting these places which we had only seen in photos and on TV. What awaited us was not that good experience.  I was disillusioned not knowing if I should revere it or look at it in despair.
For me all these places are sacrosanct and I expect the same from others as well. You must be wondering what I am talking about. I am garnering strength to put forward my thoughts as I want people to think over it and act accordingly. Amidst grandeur and opulence, sacredness and piousness there was mountain of filth all around. Giving an impression of a blemish on a clean white cloth, thus making it look filthy.
This filth was created by our very own countrymen young, old, rich, poor, uncouth, sophisticated, literate, illiterate etc. showing scant regard for these places which are revered, visited by sea of people, but who cares. The problem with we Indians is, all of us know what our rights are but unfortunately very few know what our duties are. This is one thing which is taking us nowhere but down.
I could see people throwing bottles, paper, plastic and everything possible that would dirty the place, wiping out historic impressions by their creative works on the walls, furniture and what not. Unfortunately, there was no one to stop them from doing so, and even if someone did, they ignored them royally giving them a look of “mind your business” written all over their face.
Entry fee Rs 50/- for Indians and Rs 200/- for foreigners this message board bowled me, why are we charging them so high and in return what are we giving them, filth, dirt, foul smell?
What deeply disturbed me was a foreign tourist running out of this historic building holding his nose, to avoid the foul smell and filth which had forcefully embraced everyone around. What image are we creating in the eyes of these guests, who visit us from far off places?
I think when it comes to cleanliness, discipline we would be ranked painfully last, if not last, somewhere near. It does not give me any pleasure when I say this, but you would experience this in your day to day life.
Why do we do this, are we insane, why this callousness and blatant disregard for what is expected, don’t we understand it’s incorrect; how we could dirty the place where we worship or destroy the place we visit regularly, for happiness and leisure.
I always felt the culprits were the poor uneducated people, but I was being na├»ve thinking the way I did. It has nothing to do with rich poor, literate, illiterate, it’s all about right attitude and knowing ones duties towards the society and country as a whole.
I often get to see rich people, driving the swankiest cars in town, flaunting their latest gadgets, littering in public places openly. We may have the material richness but when it comes to our duties in society and elsewhere we are the worst paupers.
Believe me, this pains me no bounds and make me sad, as to why we do this. Why can’t we keep our surroundings clean, respect nature, monuments, religious places, we all love to visit and enjoy? Why do we blame the govt. all the time for not doing enough to put a check on this vandalism of sorts? Isn’t it our duty as well to help government. in this endeavor?
Time has come we educate people and help them understand it’s our property, and it’s us who has to take care of it, preserve it against all odds. But before that we ourselves should take a pledge of not littering the surroundings, monuments, religious places, parks, mountains, not vandalizing the monuments, buildings by scribing our love stories.
Pass on this message to your kids so that they understand the importance and be responsible citizens. This education should begin at home; I am doing my bit are you?


  1. Very nice article!!!

    - Swati

    1. Thanks Swati for your kind words. I hope you like my other articles as well :)

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