Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ebola Virus

No no it’s not a video of a paparazzi attacked by a Hollywood star or a Hollywood star attacking his girlfriend, it’s more deadly than that. I am referring to the latest assault by a virus named Ebola which is killing humans. Virus has been the most notorious micro organism, which since long has proved to be a nemesis for us humans and animals alike. Viruses of many forms and types have been responsible for gutting life on earth. Their scope has increased from an epidemic to a pandemic. Take for instance the deadly Aids virus which has killed millions across the globe. The mad cow disease or the CJD in humans have been attributed to the virus. Swine flu adds to the tally where viruses have been the culprits. There are many instances where the deadly virus has shown its potency in causing deaths in humans and animals. Humans have been fighting it hard but this agile micro organism changes its form to deceive us. Carelessness, unhygienic environments, poor dysfunctional healthcare systems only emboldens its notoriety.
Ebola Attack
Ebola Attack

The current outbreak of this disease is proving to be the worst in 4 decades of its history and is spreading like wild fire. The epidemic in the three African countries namely Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone has already killed more than 1000 people. If not controlled, it has the ability to lead to a major catastrophe which can have severe repercussions in days to follow. Its outbreak has already created panic across the continents and have beckoned people to be vigilante and careful while travelling. The enormity of the population only makes it difficult to contain this outbreak. The remote affected areas in these countries only augments the problem. WHO has already upped the rescue operations in these 3 countries and the affected West Africa, though it is finding it difficult to get it under control. The porous borders of these countries are helping in accelerating this outbreak. It may take six more months to get it under control is what WHO thinks. It’s imperative to quarantine those who have the symptoms, to check its spread; as it’s contagious and is transmitted from person to person on contact with blood or bodily fluids of an infected person. The 3 severely affected countries are on a high alert and schools have been closed. This virus attack has not provided any respite to the citizens of Sierra Leone and Liberia who have suffered due to years of civil wars. This outbreak has only added to their woes and sufferings.
This deadly Ebola virus called as “Zaire Strain” has wreaked havoc and has raised its ugly head again; this time even more devastating. It has even sabotaged the rescue mission by killing the doctors and the rescue workers. This tragedy is again plunging the Dark Continent into despair. It’s the moral duty of the other nations to extend its helping hand and pull the affected people out of this mess and adversity. I hope this terrorist is on the hit list of the most powerful nations on this earth. Let’s hope this virus is controlled and its proliferation stopped to prevent it from taking more lives.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Israel Vs Hamas, MH17, ISIS, Taliban & Mayhem

Try accessing any media at this point of time, be it print, visual, internet and the only news that stares at you is of destruction, human loss and tragedy. There is plethora of articles, visuals strewn all over depicting the catastrophe happening. Humans are killing fellow humans mercilessly, in the name of religion, caste, race, communities, and country. In doing so there is no remorse is what shocks me and many alike. Where are we going, what are we doing, why are we doing, to whose benefit are some questions which would trouble any sensitive and peace loving human, but there are no answers as of now. Is human life so cheap to be sacrificed for someone’s eccentricity? Definitely not, but who is going to bell the cat is the question. These blood thirsty Dracula’s are decimating, annihilating god’s creation blatantly and no one can stop this rampant massacre is what is troubling. We have so many international bodies like UNO and others who are simply rendered useless. I really don’t know why we have these so called watch dogs if they cannot halt these games of death.

Story 1 – Gaza – The deadly, tragic saga of death and misery

Since last few weeks, the Gaza city is turned to rubble by incessant bombing from the Israelis. The death toll has crossed the thousand mark and is counting. This deadly offensive between the old enemies has raised its ugly head again resulting in casualties of innocent civilians who include infants, women, and children. No one is ready to retreat and REVENGE is on everyone’s mind. This bellicose nature is only going to take them to the brink of death if not extinction. Hamas is hell bent on avenging the Israeli transgression, and in turn Israel is not going to lie down dormant, but chop off every hand that is raised at them. This is only going to create a stalemate which is no good. Perpetrators from both sides have their hands soaked with blood and they want more. It’s such a sorry sight to look at the pictures showing total destruction in the Gaza with women folk crying tears of blood for the loss of their near and dear ones. Fathers, clenching their dead infants in their arms, inconsolable. The Israelis have lost their sons as well in this battle of egos and scorn. There have been parleys between world leaders, but the fight is far from over. Why can’t one of them say let bygones be bygones, let’s start afresh and live in peace and allow our kids to prosper and have a good life. It’s easier said than done, but someone has to be proactive to reach a settlement or it is going to bring in more misery and pain, and nothing else. A statement made by Ayatollah Khamenei is only going to fan the fire, by asking the Arab world to supply arms to Palestine to give a befitting reply to the Israelis. This eye for an eye approach is only going to make both sides blind. It’s imperative for the world leaders to step in and douse this fire or its going to turn into inferno in no time. I don’t understand this game of truce for a week and then again continue the killings, what sort of understanding is this? Are they playing a game in a boxing ring, wherein after each round of assault, there is a time out for both the parties to plan their strategies? This is no game mister; it’s a question of life and death. I hope better sense would prevail and this animosity ends once and for all, and the truce prevails.

Need Peace between Israel and Hamas

Story 2 – MH17 tragedy
What can be said of this unfortunate incident, More than 200 innocent men, women killed by an act of terrorism by some loony person / governments. The raging war between the Russians and the Ukrainians has already claimed many lives and is continuing unabashed. Russian claim on Crimea is the bone of contention and no party is ready to back down. Putin’s alleged role in this conflict is been criticized worldwide. Having rubbed the Americans the wrong way, Putin and Russia is facing a lot of flak from the west and is only adding oil to the fuel. This might give an impetus to another cold war between these nuclear nations. The tragic shooting of the NH17 passenger plane has only galvanized the West against the Russian govt. Allegations and counter allegations continue to pour in from both sides and no one is ready to accept the responsibility of this grave human loss, rather they are more concerned about passing the buck. It is such a pity and shows how humans have turned into an insatiable beast whose hunger for blood never ceases. I am not convinced by the clamor around that this carnage is going to stop in future. There will only be a lull before it raises its ugly head again. The angst and the helplessness of the Dutch father was heart melting when he thanked Putin for killing his only daughter who was about to go to college. Why can’t’ these leaders step down from their pedestal and understand the common man’s plight, their expectations, their dreams. In one callous blow the dreams of hundreds of men and women were laid to rest. Thanks to the perpetrators for relieving 200 plus human lives from the mother earth.

MH17 Tragedy - RIP
MH17 Tragedy

Story 3 – Mayhem in Iraq, Syria

Iraq situation is going from bad to worse, a point of no return. The incessant killings of its citizens by the militants is chilling, no day passes without the bloodshed and gory massacres of its citizens. Iraq is a very good example of what a country leader leaves behind as legacy, is it prosperity or adversity. Saddam Hussain the despot ruled the country with an iron fist for ages before he was killed by the US forces. Since long the country has plunged into despair and Saddam can be attributed to this sorry state. The US backed government is considered a puppet and not accepted by the militants. This has led to fierce fighting between the Sunni militants and the Shiite government. The formation of ISIS is creating havoc in this worn torn country of Iraq. People are butchered at the drop of a hat and women warned of dire consequences if they do not follow their archaic rules. Syria is no different under Assad’s regime; civil war for 3 years; sectarian wars; has killed thousands of innocent civilians and has resulted in mass exodus of its people to neighboring countries. Assad is proving to be a new age despot not shying away from using chemical weapons to suppress his opponents, who are no one but the civilians. The unrest in the country has only sown the seeds of hatred and revenge in the minds of kids and has robbed them off their innocence. These kids, the future of Syria are turning to militancy at this young age, when they should be following their dreams. Only time will tell what fate holds for these perennial war zones.

Peace Lost
Peace Lost?

Story 4 – Taliban, Al Qaida trouble in Afghanistan

Since long what reminds me of Afghanistan is unfortunately the notoriety associated with Taliban and Al Qaida. These two militant groups have transformed this land into mass graves. Millions of men, women, and kids have been killed in the name of Jihad and blasphemy. The same Taliban and the holy warriors as they call themselves were glorified in many Hollywood movies when fighting against the Russians, but now the same behemoth is proving to be a massive headache for the Americans. Killings and bomb blasts has become part of the civilian life. The Karzai government is doing everything possible but in vain. It seems two parallel governments operate in Afghanistan which is only making life difficult for its people. Peace and harmony in this region sounds like an aberration. Only the all mighty knows if the blood sport in this region will stop or otherwise

Afghanistan wants peace
Demand for peace
Besides these stories, there is unrest in almost every part of the world which is only aided by the natural disasters caused by the abuse meted by the humans on the Mother Nature. Has the heavens faltered in creating the human race, many must be thinking. Deaths, misery, sufferings are the order of the day and I am afraid if this continues, we won’t need a Nostradamus to predict the end of the world soon. 

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