Friday, March 27, 2015

India Vs Australia, 2nd Semi-Final – Men in Blue turned pale

ICC 2015 World Cup Fever Reaches Crescendo
ICC 2015 World Cup
Over a billion Indian fans crestfallen after the shock defeat of the Men in Blue. This ended their dream run in this year’s show piece event and with it the war cry of #WeWontGiveItBack went mute. In many ways this defeat at the hands of Aussies was a shocker, the way Men in Blue turned tables after their disastrous tour down under had raised high hopes. They beat every team that came in its way, seven wins on a trot, and on all occasions bowling the opposition out was a big achievement by all standards. A feat achieved by the bowlers who not long ago were considered the biggest headache in defending the world title. The winning momentum and confidence was with them, an important ingredient considered to carry on the winning streak. All that went kaput with this semifinal loss. The Men in Blue went down meekly which was in stark contrast to their winning ways lately in this world cup. This loss set many tongues wagging on the mental strength of the Indian players and their susceptibility to cave in under pressure. This loss provided enough fodder to the media and gossip mongers to ridicule the players. Interesting thing is, the same bunch of 11 players were toast of the nation a day ago and barely after 24 hours they are being lampooned. Strange are the ways of adulation in sub-continent.
Aus–some Performance
Aussies delivered a knockout blow to the Indians when the later were riding on a wave of success. Aussies known for their thorough professionalism once again demonstrated their might when it mattered. They have such a formidable line up that can intimidate any opposition. Steven Smith, who is in incredible form off late hit another century tightening the screws on the Indian bowlers. The others gave him good company and scored briskly to pose an imposing target of 327 for the Indians to chase and enter the final. The beauty of this Aussie line up is even the tail wags when required, and the other day Mitchell Johnson played the long handle dispatching the Indian bowlers to the fence. His quick fire 27 of mere 9 balls helped them cross the psychological mark of 300. Besides a strong batting line up they have the most potent weapons in their arsenal in the form of Mitchell Johnson, Starc, who can easily clock a speed of 150 kmph. Josh Hazelwood, Shane Watson complement the strikers. With 300 + score on board, the bowlers had their tails up from the word go, though they were countered to some extent by the Indian openers. At the end Men in Blue buckled under mounting pressure and caved in, losing the match by a big margin of 95 runs. The Aussies had done it again, not allowing the Indians to get past them the entire summer. Beating Aussies anywhere and more so in their own backyard is an uphill task. The grit, passion and hunger to win always make them stand out. They are just one match away from putting their hands on the world title a record fifth time. Their Trans-Tasman rivals Kiwis will have to play out of their skin to conquer the Aussies to lift the title the first time. Wait n Watch….. The rivalry one last time in this world cup.
Indian WAGS had an Off Day
Virat Kohli the blue eyed boy of Indian cricket and his love interest, Anushka Sharma has hogged a lot of lime light mostly for wrong reasons. Anushka Sharma was present at the SCG to watch her famed boyfriend take on the Aussies. To her and the nation’s utter despair, Virat Kohli departed without troubling the scorers. His brief stay at the pitch resulted in Indians losing the match. Touted as the big match player, he could not live up-to the expectations. In the aftermath of this loss, the Indian fans directed a tirade of abuses and slandering towards the helpless Anushka, accusing her for Virat’s failure. It doesn’t get bizarre than this. Anushka would have definitely understood the pros and cons of being an Indian cricketer’s girlfriend, albeit the hard way. The other Indian WAGS too had nothing to cheer except the fact that they were at one of the most beautiful cricketing destinations. With all the brouhaha and mudslinging, Anushka would think hundred times before venturing into a cricket stadium to watch his lover boy. World Cup is history now, but the "Indian Phoren League" is round the corner. Chalo Bulawa Aaaya Hai….
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

27 Coupons.Com - A Shoppers Paradise

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27 - A shopping paradise
27 Coupons an Ideal Shopping Experience
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Zealand vs West Indies – Guptill Storm Unleashed

ICC 2015 World Cup
What a game. Wellington was hit by, no it was not Gayle storm but a storm known as Guptill Storm. It was raining sixes and fours, rather there was a heavy downpour of sixes and fours at the Westpac Arena in Wellington. Martin Guptill slaughtered, bludgeoned, annihilated, and decimated the West Indies bowling attack. His blitzkrieg was so severe that the West Indians were mere spectators to his pyro techniques. The ball flew to all corners of the park through his blade. He hit mind boggling 24 fours and 11 towering sixes in his unbeaten knock of 237. The Calypso’s shoddy field work gave Guptill a reprieve when he had scored only 4, and this blunder proved very costly for them. Guptill grabbed this opportunity with both hands and plundered them mercilessly after. No kiwi batsman in history has so far scored a double hundred in an ODI. Watching him bat this way seemed like watching highlights after the match. The white cherry was travelling to the fence more often as if it belonged there. It was a sorry site to see the dropping shoulders of the Calypso men, the rhythm was nowhere to be seen, glum was prevalent on their faces. They had given up all the hope looking at the Guptill Storm unleash ferociously at them.
Guptill Storm Unleashes Unprecedented Damage in the Caribbeans
Guptill Storm Wrecks Havoc in the Caribbean's
West Indies left Marooned
A lot depended on Gayle to come out all guns blazing for they had a mountain to climb. A cautious start very unlike of Gayle gave way to a counter attack when he hoisted Luca Vettori in the stands one after the other. The huge total of 393 played on the minds of the West Indians and they hit the 3rd gear from the word go which did help them for a while but eventually they paid the price for taking risks and folded well short of the target of 393. This loss meant they leave this tournament empty handed. Having the legendary Curtly Ambrose as the bowling coach proved to be of very less advantage for the West Indians the way they bowled. Gayle braving an injury fought a lone battle for a while but in vain. The Kiwis had raised a near impossible target for the opposition to surpass and the result was a foregone conclusion in the favor of the Kiwis. It was a Guptill show all the way.
Guptill Storm Upsets the West Indies Rhythm
Guptill Storm leaves West Indians in tatters
Wah-ab Riyaz show
The other quarter final between the Aussies & Pakistan was a well fought battle. The Aussies were the clear favorites against the maverick Pakistan. The Aussie pace battery put brakes on the Pak batsmen forcing them to commit mistakes which resulted in them scoring just above 200, a score too small to fight against the Aussies. But there was a twist in the tale when a pumped up Wahab Riaz took on the Aussies, giving them the taste of their own medicine. He bowled his heart out displaying one of the best bowling spells in this world cup. Watson was all at sea facing Riaz who tool a special liking for him. A barrage of bouncers and Watson was forced to take evasive actions to save himself. The battle between the duos was the toast of the match. Watson would have returned to the hut cheaply, if Rahat Ali would have hold on to a sitter.  There was no Rahat for Pakistan after that. Pakistan lost the match and headed back home to face to the angry mobs. The player who stood out was Wahab Riaz for his spirited and fiery spell. It was once of the best exhibition of fast bowling in recent times.
Wah Wah-ab Riaz Show
Wahab Riaz Show
Who will lift the cup?
With the quarters all done the fight for the cup is decided, who would come out winner. Will the Indians retain the cup or the Proteas create history or will it be the Kiwis who have come close in the past or the Aussies who would lift it for the fifth time. Time will tell... so watch out folks…
ICC 2015 World Cup - Who would be the winner
Who will win the 2015 World Cup?
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Friday, March 20, 2015

India Vs Bangladesh: The Hunters in Blue Maul the Tiger

ICC 2015 World Cup Fever Rises
ICC 2015 World Cup
Indians were favorites to win the quarter final clash with Bangladesh given their performance and might, but the match is not over until the last ball is bowled or the last man standing returns to the hut. The prognosis turned true and the Indians came out on the top, beating the resurgent Bangladeshi convincingly. The India vs Bangladesh scorecard was all blue, with the Men in Blue defeating their opposition by a huge margin of 109 runs. With this dream run they now have won 7 matches on a trot, just 2 wins away from clinching the title again. For Bangladesh with this loss, the euphoria died down which had started when then beat England to secure a place in the quarters. All these days until this match, they must have lived life to the fullest, for they were the toast of the nation, but finally the Men in Blue were too hot for them to handle. The Indians played to their potential and expectations.
Men in Blue Maul The Tiger
Men in Blue Rule
An Enigma named Rohit Sharma
For years we have heard umpteen times about the talent Rohit Sharma possesses and how he fails to live upto the expectations. In this world cup as well, baring this match he was off color, not justifying the expectations from him. Media and many former greats rushed to write him off. Comments like he needs to stand up and deliver now, he has not contributed to the team success so far, were splashed everywhere. His match wining innings was a telling answer to all the skeptics who were eager to write him off. The best way to answer your critics is to perform and not retaliate by mouthing expletives is something the Men in Blue have learnt off late. Rohit Sharma’s century would have given him immense confidence. But it also helped India post a formidable total for the Bangladeshi’s to chase. The roaring tigers fell well short off the target as their innings folded at 193. Rohit Sharma’s performance once again gave a stern warning to his detractors to not jump to conclusion and write him off or they will be rendered fools. Rohit Sharma is like a dormant volcano which explodes with slightest provocation, and his explosion resulted in burying the roaring tiger which had turned hostile off late. Good going Rohit, a billion Indians wish you explode every time and put all the resistance where it deserves, to dust.
Chokers, Who?
Finally the Proteas broke the jinx and got rid of the monkey off their back, the Chokers tag. For last many world cups the propensity of the Proteas faltering in the business end of the tournament only increased earning them an ignominy of being called Chokers. For long this was haunting them no bounds. The tag had become synonymous with them, so much that they hated it at the very mention of it. It sounded even worse than calling them minnows. They were pissed off with this tag, which was evident from their captain and others. They repeatedly brushed aside vehemently this name calling. Finally their day of reckoning came when they crushed the Lankans ruthlessly scuttling them for mere 133 runs which they chased handsomely in less than 20 overs and losing only one wicket. Their body language their resolve was for everybody to see, they hit the ground with a plan and determination to prove the critics wrong and to bury the chokers tag, once and for all.
South Africa beat Lanka to end the knockout jinx
South Africa end knockout hoodoo
The Lankan Swansong
The pumped-up South Africa ended the knockout Jinx by writing the swansong for the Lankans who were rendered hapless by the Proteas bowling attack. The surprise element was, they were tricked by a part time spinner and a not so great spinner. The duo ripped through the famed Lankan batting line-up who play spin with consummate ease. It was not their day and they folded for paltry score of 133. This loss not only robbed them of the place in the semis, but had to bid adieu to their most prolific batsmen in Sangakkara and Mahela. These 2 for a decade or more have been the mainstay of the Sri Lankan cricket and have contributed heavily in its growth making them a formidable unit. Sangakkara especially was in sublime form in this world cup and scored centuries galore. Mahela for reasons unknown have been off color in this event. The Lankans would have wanted to script a memorable send off for the two, but that was not the case. With heavy hearts and tears in the eyes fans world over saw the duo play last time in the limited version of the game. The game of cricket can be cruel at times, and once again it displayed this trait. South Africans finally ended the knockout hoodoo.
Lankan duo of Sanga & Mahela retire
Sanga & Mahela retire from ODIs
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

India Vs Bangladesh: The Quarter Final Clash

ICC 2015 World Cup Fever Rising
ICC 2015 World Cup
India defeated the spirited resistance of Zimbabwe to continue its winning streak in this year’s world cup. This was their consecutive 6th win in the last league game of theirs. Zimbabwe for long have been in wilderness and they continue to disappoint even after some individual brilliance in the team. They have failed to tick as a unit and have been languishing at the bottom. In spite of them being a test playing nation like the others, they have been performing like minnows for a better part and their performance is far from satisfactory. For years they had class players in Tatenda Taibu, The Flower brothers, Heath Streak, Brendan Taylor and others, but they failed to convert their individual brilliance into a successful unit. They would have to introspect if they wish to rank themselves amongst the best. Brendan Taylor playing in his last match scored a century to set a daunting target for the Indians to surpass. Indians started gingerly losing 4 wickets when the score board read less than 100. Brilliant century by Dhoni’s trusted Lieutenant Suresh Raina and Dhoni’s cautious half century helped the team script another victory.
With the show piece event inching towards the business end, India take on the roaring Bangladesh in the quester final match on 19th March. The Bangladeshi unit is high on confidence after handing over the ignominy of first round exit to the English. Though they lost the last match against the Kiwis, The Indian neighbor troubled the kiwis in their own den. The Bangladeshi unit may not have superstars but they are playing superb cricket as a team. Like their batting their bowling is coming good when it matters. Mahmudullah has been their star batsman so far scoring consecutive centuries against the English and the Kiwis. Another top performer in their team has been Rubel Hossain, who scuttled the English batsmen to hand over a bitter defeat. By his good performance he has redeemed himself, at least that’s what look like. He was doubtful for this world cup when he was jailed for an alleged rape charge by a Bangladeshi actress but these charges were surprisingly dropped after his masterly performance in the recent matches. Lucky chap. Indians will have to be circumspect when they play against this resurgent side to keep their chances alive. A team high on extreme confidence is capable of producing miracles and the Indians very well know it. The Men in Blue themselves are riding on a wave of success and stands a formidable unit. Going by the stats and the star performers, Indians are the likely winners and a billion Indian fans echo the same sentiments.
India Vs Bangladesh
Men in Blue ready to tame the tiger
The Indians have surprised all and sundry with their excellent performance and looks like a team which is hard to beat. Their bragged batting lineup can intimidate any opposition bowler and can scare the living daylights out of them. One after the other they can stand in your way like a fortress, difficult to breach or break. To make life difficult for the opposition, is the new found rhythm and zip in the Indian bowling attack. Bowling out the opposition six times consecutively says a lot about them. To compliment this attack is Dhoni’s astute captaincy and the razor sharp fielding. Fielding was never Indian team’s strong point, but that is history. The butter fingers and the sluggish fielders have suddenly transformed into nimble footed predators ready to pounce and hold anything that comes their way. The camaraderie, bonhomie is all working for team India and they look like a happy bunch savoring each other’s success. This is a perfect recipe for success, though this is not a good news for the other aspirants to win the world cup. The Men in Blue are just three matches away from lifting the world cup again. Like every Indian I wish the same. Men in Blue, Go Get It.
Men In Blue Rule, Roars The Tiger
Men In Blue To Rule

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

India Vs Ireland: Showdown at Seddon Park

ICC 2015 World Cup Fever Soars
ICC 2015 World Cup
The Men in Blue are on song as they say. Winning five matches on a trot is a surreal feeling for any Indian fan and the reasons are many. The Indian cricket team for long have had a checkered record. At times they are invincible, on the other day they perform worse than the minnows. To sum it they have been highly inconsistent, having said that, the most vaunted batting line up has come good in this year’s show piece with good support from the bowlers who used to be howlers not long ago. They have been peaking at the right time as if the good performance was reserved for this international event. Their latest prey was the Irish team whom they defeated convincingly at Seddon Park in Hamilton on 10th March 2015. This was a foregone conclusion for many Indian fans looking at the Irish side. If the Men in blue had echoed the same sentiments as their fans, they would have done so at their own peril. The Irish team is no pushover, having improved immensely over the years. They have the reputation of being giant slayers and many a good teams have faced the brunt of their ability and self-belief. Ask England to confirm. Against the rampaging Indian side the Irish had little chance.
ICC 2015 World Cup - India Vs Ireland
India Vs Ireland

Ravenous "Men in Blue" Gulp the Guinness

The Odyssey of the Men in Blue down under is bearing fruit. Having spent close to four months in the Oz, the Indians took to Australia like a fish takes to the water. Having being at the receiving end at the hands of the Aussies in the past few months, the Indians have bounced back with a vengeance when it mattered the most. One by one they have outplayed the opponents in all departments and are strong contenders to retain the world cup. Playing against the Irish in the green locales of Seddon Park in Hamilton, they could manage to restrict the Irish to a modest total of 259. At one stage it looked like the Irish would score more than 300 runs and exert pressure on the famed battling line up, but the bowlers did the trick for their captain. The bowling performance of the Indians is getting a lot of praise from many a veterans and well-wishers. The bowlers were under severe criticism before the start of the tourney and no one expected them to come good. It won’t be an understatement to say Indian bowling so far has been a revelation. A target of 259 was never going to be a headache for the Indian batsmen wielding their sledgehammers. Shikhar Dhawan continued his purple patch scoring his second century. He was aptly supported by another dasher in Rohit Sharma. With a blistering start, Indian win was just a formality. The combination of Fire (Virat Kohli) & Ice (Ajinkya Rahane) gave the finishing touches to see India through. It would be unfair to prefix the Irish with the Minnows tag. They are a much improved side and on a given day they can torment the best. In days and months to come they would be rated at par with the other great cricketing nations. Personally speaking I have a soft corner for the Irish, having interacted with many of them for years and having visited Dublin. Also the Irish flag resembles our very own tri-color.

Indians Maul The Irish
Indians defeat the Irish

The Mistry Man

Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry is a name to reckon in Ireland and a godsend for the Irish cricket. It is known that Mr. Mistry has provided the necessary infrastructure for the Irish cricket and he takes great interest to see cricket in Ireland grow from strength to strength. This gesture of his is an act of giving back to the land where he resides. He would like to see the Irish cricket blossom and be a force in the cricketing world. The Irish players are all praise for this Mistry man. If you don’t know, Shapoorji Pallonji Mistry is a giant in real estate business and one of the richest individuals in the world. His son Cyrus Mistry is the chairman of the Tata group of companies. Cricket is not a popular sport in Ireland and is followed by a few after football and hurling. The latter being very popular sports in Ireland. My Irish friends are now getting used to the cricketing jamboree and are taking keen interest in the sport that originated in the land of their rulers. Many of the Irish players are not professional cricketers and they play the game during their past time, a scene which is changing fast and for good. Thanks to people like Shapoorji Mistry for providing the required fillip to the sport in Ireland. The Irish team should take a lot of pride in the way they are playing, and with one more win they would cement their place in the quarter finals alongside the favorites.  For now let’s rejoice the team India win. Men in Blue Way to Go…..
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