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India Vs Bangladesh: The Quarter Final Clash

ICC 2015 World Cup Fever Rising
ICC 2015 World Cup
India defeated the spirited resistance of Zimbabwe to continue its winning streak in this year’s world cup. This was their consecutive 6th win in the last league game of theirs. Zimbabwe for long have been in wilderness and they continue to disappoint even after some individual brilliance in the team. They have failed to tick as a unit and have been languishing at the bottom. In spite of them being a test playing nation like the others, they have been performing like minnows for a better part and their performance is far from satisfactory. For years they had class players in Tatenda Taibu, The Flower brothers, Heath Streak, Brendan Taylor and others, but they failed to convert their individual brilliance into a successful unit. They would have to introspect if they wish to rank themselves amongst the best. Brendan Taylor playing in his last match scored a century to set a daunting target for the Indians to surpass. Indians started gingerly losing 4 wickets when the score board read less than 100. Brilliant century by Dhoni’s trusted Lieutenant Suresh Raina and Dhoni’s cautious half century helped the team script another victory.
With the show piece event inching towards the business end, India take on the roaring Bangladesh in the quester final match on 19th March. The Bangladeshi unit is high on confidence after handing over the ignominy of first round exit to the English. Though they lost the last match against the Kiwis, The Indian neighbor troubled the kiwis in their own den. The Bangladeshi unit may not have superstars but they are playing superb cricket as a team. Like their batting their bowling is coming good when it matters. Mahmudullah has been their star batsman so far scoring consecutive centuries against the English and the Kiwis. Another top performer in their team has been Rubel Hossain, who scuttled the English batsmen to hand over a bitter defeat. By his good performance he has redeemed himself, at least that’s what look like. He was doubtful for this world cup when he was jailed for an alleged rape charge by a Bangladeshi actress but these charges were surprisingly dropped after his masterly performance in the recent matches. Lucky chap. Indians will have to be circumspect when they play against this resurgent side to keep their chances alive. A team high on extreme confidence is capable of producing miracles and the Indians very well know it. The Men in Blue themselves are riding on a wave of success and stands a formidable unit. Going by the stats and the star performers, Indians are the likely winners and a billion Indian fans echo the same sentiments.
India Vs Bangladesh
Men in Blue ready to tame the tiger
The Indians have surprised all and sundry with their excellent performance and looks like a team which is hard to beat. Their bragged batting lineup can intimidate any opposition bowler and can scare the living daylights out of them. One after the other they can stand in your way like a fortress, difficult to breach or break. To make life difficult for the opposition, is the new found rhythm and zip in the Indian bowling attack. Bowling out the opposition six times consecutively says a lot about them. To compliment this attack is Dhoni’s astute captaincy and the razor sharp fielding. Fielding was never Indian team’s strong point, but that is history. The butter fingers and the sluggish fielders have suddenly transformed into nimble footed predators ready to pounce and hold anything that comes their way. The camaraderie, bonhomie is all working for team India and they look like a happy bunch savoring each other’s success. This is a perfect recipe for success, though this is not a good news for the other aspirants to win the world cup. The Men in Blue are just three matches away from lifting the world cup again. Like every Indian I wish the same. Men in Blue, Go Get It.
Men In Blue Rule, Roars The Tiger
Men In Blue To Rule

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