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India vs West Indies – It’s HOLI All The Way

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Prudential World Cup, Final: India v West Indies at Lord's. On Jun 25, 1983 India made history by defeating the mighty West Indies, the reigning champions to lift the first world cup under the leadership of Haryana Hurricane Kapil Dev. That day India defended a paltry score of 183 by bowling out the fancied West Indians convincingly. What does this has to do in this world cup, you would question. Nothing, just the score line which was similar I thought. 183 was the target which West Indies set for the Indians, which they could not defend in this match. India vs. West Indies scorecard looked more blue than maroon. The Men in Blue got passed the score, but with some hiccups. Nevertheless victory is victory no matter how it comes and the Indians accepted it wholeheartedly. Mr. Sammy we celebrated Holi and victory as well. Indians continued with their dream run winning all the four matches they have played, and with virtue of it are on the top. It took some effort from Dhoni and co to overcome the hurdle with some gracious help from the West Indian bowlers who bowled waywardly contributing to the Indian score line. West Indies have to do a lot of introspection to keep alive their hopes in the competition.
Gayle Storm never took off
The fortune of the Maroons depend a lot on how their most charismatic, dangerous, swashbuckling player Chris Gayle ticks. If he gets going no bowler on this earth, no matter how talented, highly rated, fearsome he is, can stop his pyro techniques. He can simply tear you apart with no effort and caution. This avatar of his can turn impossible into very much possible. He has demonstrated this ability many a times in past and in the current version of this show piece. Unfortunately this wasn’t his day and he fell into the well devised trap of the Indians, skying a shot into the safe hands of a jubilant Indian fielder. Gayle storm which was supposed to hit the arena never took off and was a damp squib by his standards. With his demise, the top order committed hara-kiri which has become a norm for last few years or so. It pains to see at times the talented West Indians falter the legacy of their greats. Indian bowling attack which has come good so far, never allowed the Gayle storm any free movement which could create havoc. A chained Gayle storm couldn’t do much but bite the dust. Half the battle done and won. Fans would have to wait some longer to see the Gayle storm thunder down under.
Dhoni, bowlers extend World Cup streak
With four wins on a trot, Men in Blue are on a roll, much to the satisfaction and happiness of the Indian fans who are travelling continents to support the Men in Blue. WACA, Perth was no different. Indians were in numbers, wearing the tri color in all its glory. Beating drums, dancing, singing and even praying to see the Men in Blue win. Indian cricketers did not disappoint their fans, though giving them some scary moments. It has been surreal so far if you are an Indian supporter to see your favorite players come good when it matters in an international show piece like the ICC World Cup. The Indian team has ticked all the right boxes at the right time, resulting in them sitting at the top in their group. Looking at their current form, it would require a mammoth effort from other teams to see them on a losing side. The momentum is with the Indians now which they would like to continue and accelerate at the business end of the tournament. Continuous success can also be dangerous if not handled with care, it can induce complacency, over confidence which in turn can result in condescending behavior. The Men in Blue I hope will guard themselves against these self-destructive elements and continue the winning show. Here’s wishing the Indian team the best in future. Make India proud again and for sure “Don’t Give It Back”.
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