Saturday, October 24, 2015

India vs Pakistan Cricket Series ?

Sometime back there were talks of renewing cricketing ties between India and Pakistan which eventually got shelved because of the tense relations between the two countries. Pakistan on one hand wants to continue sponsoring, supporting terrorism against India and on the other hand wishes to have cricketing and other cultural ties with us. We cannot shake hands laden with the blood of our people, and that’s the stand we need to maintain all the time until Pakistan learns to be civil and act like one. Until yesterday, I thought the madness of renewing cricketing ties with Pakistan have died down, but BCCI sprang a surprise and was scheduled to talk to PCB for the same. This time it was to accommodate a short series between the two nations and not a full blown series as discussed earlier. Now what difference does it make really? This is as good as saying we won’t hug our nemesis, enemy but just shake hands. I, like many fail to understand why BCCI is so eager to have a cricketing series with Pakistan when they know the emotions of Indian cricket lovers are not in favor.

The Outburst

Finally it happened which was bound to happen. BCCI was about to host PCB at the Mumbai office to take the ties further and chalk out a plan for a mini-series. Shiv Sena protestors barged into the office and shouted slogans against the BCCI officials and Pakistan and created a ruckus. This continued for a while and the meeting between the two boards was cancelled. Now many felt this act on the part of the Shiv sainiks was against democracy and was an example of hooliganism etc. There was lot of hullaballoo in the media on the behavior of the errant sainiks and a cry to admonish, incarcerate them only increased. Personally I am not someone who would appreciate what they did, there can be better ways to present one’s anger, angst against something you don’t like. Having said that, the current emotion in India is against having any cricketing, cultural ties with Pakistan, who time and again is indulging in transgression against India, killing innocent Indians and our army men. There is no diplomacy which allows violence on one hand and cultural, sporting ties on the other, at least not with India. Its high time BCCI understands the sentiments of people of India and not stretch this any further, for if they continue, they would do at their own peril.

The Opportunists

Many past cricketers from Pakistan have deplored the behavior of the Sainiks and have urged to continue friendly ties with India. Zaheer Abbas says, let’s keep politics and sports separate. Is that so? You want cricketing ties with India so that your bankrupt board survives and on the other hand your government also won’t budge and continue with anti-India propaganda, sponsor terrorism and kill our people. This is not something we Indians would like and allow, so you better keep your views to yourself. There are many elite on the India side as well who are more interested in candy floss diplomacy with the Pakistanis and entertain them at any opportunity or support their views. I would suggest these so called elitists, to stop being selfish and pretentious and for once take notice of the sentiments of the people of India, and, at least try to feel the angst of the families who have lost their members of family to Pakistani bullets and terrorism. It would be great service to our own people. While I say this, express my feelings, I don’t want to sound like a killjoy who is a war monger. My only thought is, the other party understands and reciprocates our feelings and create atmosphere of positiveness, brotherhood and give away hostility,  and soon we would see a full-fledged India Vs. Pakistan cricket series.

President Of US - The Candidates: Part 2

ATTENTION ATTENTION and ATTENTION. People do you know who is the latest entrant in the race to be US president? Hold your breath, tighten the seat belts, and make yourself mentally strong for you would be blown away! Any guesses folks? Be as wild as you can and take a pick. Any luck ah? Sure, you don’t know? Ok OK let me do it for you. The name is synonymous with controversy, this enfant-terrible of Hollywood had her fair share of being admitted to a rehab, was incarcerated for drunken, substance abuse. She changed her partners as frequent as one changes clothes. She is none other than LILO aka Lindsay Lohan.

Now, this is one interesting addition to the burgeoning wannabe list who wish to occupy the White House. Now what on earth made LILO think she can be a US president? She, even thinking of this in her wildest dreams would be considered crap, something only a loony person is capable off, and that to so audacious. But, even if you jog your brain, do you really think, she must have said, wished something like this? May be not, the news is, she was influenced by none other than the other wannabe, Mr. Kanye West. No wonder, such company can definitely influence any retard. Whatever said, thought, decided, it would be really interesting, incredulous to consider LiLo as the US president.

LiLo The Mean President

Lilo has started on a very positive note, when she said, “The first thing I would like to do as president of US is take care of all of the children suffering in the world”. Not bad from a person who has played with the law many a times. She has done some of the most bizarre things one can think off when she was in the state of drunken stupor, or when high on drugs. Now, do you really think she would get sober when she enters White House? Nay, Never. White house at her helm would reduce to a junkie club where druggists, drunkards would have a ball. Sex orgies, free flow of drugs and alcohol would be a given. The bad boys and girls of Hollywood would be the permanent members in the house and White House would be reduced to one stop shop for all the vices in the world. If not with world leaders, but the Mexico, Columbian drug cartel would have great relations with the US president, for they would be the biggest beneficiaries. With great demand for various drugs straight from White House would make them the richest in the world. The drug lords who are running from pillar to post to save themselves from the police would get solace, safe haven at the insistence of the US president. ITS PARTY TIME. Like, literally no gun control in US, substance abuse would be greatly promoted. Ruckus, fracas, brawls would be a common sight in the White House. There won’t be a single day where no controversial statement, behavior is not observed. David letterman, Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey would not have to hunt for news to present or laugh at. They would simply have to work overtime to present innumerable gaffes, foot in the mouth comments from the President and its entourage. In a nutshell American public would have “Time of their life”
The Letter

With so many pretentious candidates throwing their hat in the race for the US president, voices of distress are bound to arise. In a latest news, a disgruntled American has written a letter to Queen Elizabeth II and PM David Cameroon of England to make US a colony of England, for he thinks this is the best way to save US from being ruled by some lunatics in the country. Much to his chagrin, the American thinks the current candidates and the ones who wish to see themselves as the president of US will ruin this great land and hence this earnest request to the queen of England. No wonder this letter has gone viral and is trending online.
Note: The above story is figment of my wild imagination and not to be taken seriously. is what I had said earlier, but looking at the letter from the American my views stand vindicated

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

President Of US - The Candidates

The most powerful person on planet earth is said to be the president of United States. Now who on earth would not like to be in his shoes? I guess this is being taken too seriously by some of the Americans who have already thrown in their hat in the race. Donald Trump is one such name. This filthy rich real estate magnate is wooing Americans to adorn him with the coveted tiara of the President of United States. To many, his rise in the popularity is no less than a surprise even after a series of goof ups and foot in the mouth statements. It would be interesting to envisage him as the president of the US in the future. With his arrival, what would the White House look like? Or would be turned into? The options are many and worth taking a “dekho”
Mr. Donald Trump

He being a hardcore real estate magnate, he might continue being one and continue his real estate dealings from White House. To every visiting delegation he would put forward a new proposition of buying properties in their country, and same would be offered to them in US. The land mafia worldwide would have a gala time. The world would get to see at least one Trump tower in every country. Country leaders who oppose this move would face trade embargo and face black listed until and unless the opposition has diminished or decimated. More importantly some of the Indian politicians who have voracious greed for real estate and property would have permanent residence in the White House at the behest of Mr. Trump. Isn’t it amazing? In the remotest area of India, boards claiming “This Land belongs to Mr. Trump”, “Trespassers would be prosecuted” would be ubiquitous. Countries requiring arms and ammunition from US would have to let go prime properties in their countries to Mr. President, Mr. Trump. It won’t be a surprise if the world get to see a billboard outside White House saying promoters and builders Mr. Donald Trump. If this is not enough lot of wannabe job seekers would walk into White House to be an Apprentice. This would include professionals from various industries like IT, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, marketing and many more. It would be a common sight to stumble upon Patel’s in the long queues outside the White House. All in all realty business across the world and especially in US would get a major boost with Mr. Trump occupying the White House.
Mr. Kanye West
There are many others who want to be the most powerful person in the world. In the long list of dreamers, one name stands out. He is none other than, the undisputed king of Rap, who is notoriously popular for PDA’s with his socialite wife Kim Kardashian. He is, yes you have guessed it right, Kanyeeeee Westtttttt. Are you surprised? Even I was, when I read his wish, to contest the future Presidency of the United States. He says United States need creative people in the White House and he is one.A BIG LOL moment isn’t it? I have not heard such an amazzing joke in recent times. Thanks Kanye you tickled my funny bone and had me in splits. You are SUPERBBBBB. But But folks it would be fun as well, just imagine what you can expect with the celebrity couple in the White House. The oval office in the White House would be the most used place. Remember the name Monica? Kanye and Kim’s PDA’s and sexapades would make the house spicy and colorful again. They would give the porn king Hugh Hefner a run for the money. Most importantly these acts of intimacy would delight the voyers world wide. Formal dressing would be a thing of past, and garish, nude dressing would be in vogue. Plunging necklines and reducing hemlines would be the order of the day with the power couple leading the pack. Many world leaders who had a tiff with US would say let bygones be bygones and would like to extend a hand and roving eye towards the celebrity couple, Kim Kardashian, the first lady would be the most loved lady worldwide. I am not surprised!!!!. Isn’t it a harbinger of world peace? Music industry in the US would get unprecedented support and it won’t be a surprise if MTV award function is held at the White House. Rap music would get the cult status and every rapper would be awarded the highest civilian award in the US, even the US national anthem would be composed again to a rap tune. A beautiful, creative, lively world named kkimtopia would come into being. HURRAYYYYY. BRAVOOO, ZAKASSSS.
Mr. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal
Last but not least, how can I forget our very own Piyush “Bobby” Jindal? Oh “Quelle Catastrophe”, I referred to him as our very own. My sincere Apologies. How could I forget, he does not like to be called a HYPHENATED American? He is an American and a pure American, put that in your head, always. What if he dons the cap of a US president? It would be night mare for everything and everyone associated with India. Anyone even accidently calling him an Indian American would be guillotined in Time Square and broadcasted worldwide. Yes guillotined, a gift from the French besides French kiss. All Indian festivals celebrated with fanfare in the White House would be stopped immediately. There would be great propensity of India born tech honchos losing their jobs and sent back to India. Relations between US and India can plunge to all time low with heavy sanctions slapped on India. Even a great probability of arming Pakistan against India won’t be ruled out, in doing so he would convince, almost certainly, the senate that he is not an Indian-American.

If Modi continues to be Indian PM in those times, he would simply avoid going to the White House. Who would like to get insulted and listen to anti-India rants? Mr. Jindal wishes to forget his Indian roots, so be it. While he does this he thinks he has better chance to show Americans how American he is and in turn convince them to vote an American to the White House. Our best wishes to Mr. Bobby Jindal.

The allure to be the next US president has affected many and they are playing every trick in the trade to enter the White House to be the most powerful man on this planet.

Note: The above stories are figment of my wild imagination and not to be taken seriously.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Exodus

In recent times, the newspapers, TV is full of disturbing scenes of hordes of refugees from war ravaged nations in west Asia and Africa taking the arduous, life threatening odyssey to reach Europe. A land they think would offer a new lease of life, where they can live peacefully and prosper. While some of them have managed to win a small war and reach the destination, some unfortunate lost all they had including the dear ones. The sight of little Aylan drowned in the seas was heart wrenching, disturbing. The unfortunate father who in the hope of giving good life to his family, lost his two sons and his wife while making an audacious journey towards the sought after land. There are many such who are being tested by destiny while they leave the treacherous, painful past behind, in search of new hope. Tens of thousands of people from Syria, Africa, and Afghanistan are taking a gamble to reach the destination that they think would offer good quality of life and it’s Europe. These poor, helpless souls are seen sailing in small boats, dinghy’s to reach the shores of Greece from where they can enter the land of their dreams. The middle men, the Dalals’s are having a field day, looting these helpless people with a promise to help them reach Europe. In doing so scant regard is given to the safety of these people who along with their toddlers are risking their lives. No wonder, daily, the news of the boats, capsizing in the seas make the headlines.

War and War

Back home the wannabe immigrants have been suffering for decades due to civil wars, military coups, fanaticism. Their life is no less than hell in these war torn, ravaged countries. Killings in hundred’s, daily, is a norm in these butcher houses. The young ones, the future of these countries are brandishing rocket launchers, AK 47 when they should be playing with toys. The seeds of vengeance and hatred are sowed in their innocent minds when they see their parents, family members being gunned down, killed by extremists, the perpetrators. Some time back I read a very disturbing article about the Syrian, Yemeni kids who were displaced from their homes by the war. When interviewed, these young ones talked about avenging the atrocities meted out to them and their families. The minds of these innocents are already corrupted with the thought of revenge. This vicious circle will lead nowhere but death, death and death, but do they really have an option? I am not sure about the authenticity of this story, but it goes like this. People from different continents who had suffered a lot due to wars, famine, drought, crimes met god and complained about the state of affairs in their countries and asked when they would see the back of this pain and misery? The god smiled and said it’s just matter of time when peace, harmony and joy would return to your lives. It was time for an Arab to tell the almighty what his country, land is going through, the perennial pain, death and misery. He wanted to know when people of his land would see the day of light and defeat their pain, God heard his plea patiently but had tears in his eyes. The Arab got his answer, and this has been the case till date.

Europe Here We Come

To free themselves from despair, pain, agony, these sufferers are risking their lives to set foot on the land, which they think would heal their pains. Many European nations have acknowledged this cry for help and have open their borders to accommodate these immigrants. Germany is leading the pack followed by Austria, Greece, UK, Sweden who have also opened their arms without any prejudice, though some countries namely Hungary, Croatia etc. are proving to be villains when they closed their borders on these refugees. But branding them villains would be myopic. Showing solidarity, humaneness in these circumstances is warranted, but they are just trying to protect its own people from the onslaught of thousands of refugees, which can change the demography of their country. They are envisaging problems ahead when these culturally different people enter their society. Time would tell if their decision was right or otherwise. On the other side countries like Germany who had reported many xenophobic incidents in the past have openly welcomed their homes, land to these refugees. It would be interesting to see how these immigrants assimilate in their new home. While Europe has welcomed the refugees, the Arab world from where these people come from, have not shown the same alacrity as others and this is disturbing. It has put a serious question mark on their solidarity for their own people.

TODO Big Brother !!!

While other nations are doing their bit to accommodate these homeless people, serious thought, backed with action need to be taken up by the powerful nations in stemming the exodus from these west Asian and African nations. They need to do everything possible to stop the war in these regions so that people don’t have to leave their homes. The war mongers need to be decimated and environment for parleys and peace talks need to be created. This should be done selflessly without any ulterior motives, or else history is full of cases where the actions have boomeranged. It is time for the powerful nations to show their BIG BROTHERLY instincts and stop this carnage which has led to this exodus. As an international citizen and a well-wisher of these poor souls, I can only wish them a HAPPY JOURNEY. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Pachyderms

Pachyderms are the animal species characterized as thick skinned entities who dwell in the woods. This biological feature aids their survival in the ruthless environs, where the mantra, “survival of the fittest” reigns. Here, though, I don’t wish to put on the zoologist cap and lecture on the animal species. My only intention in the preface is to let you know who the pachyderms are. Taking this cue I wish to bring to the fore the true Pachyderms amongst us. Lately I noticed, a species of pachyderms do reside away from woods near to us. Do you know who they are? Let me give you a hint, they roam around in a place called Parliament. You guessed it right they are our revered (?????) Politicians. These Pachyderms, in short "Shameless", "callous", "self-centered", thick skinned creatures are running amok and holding the temple of democracy and the helpless citizens to ransom.

The Showdown In Parliament

The scenes that were broadcasted live in Indian homes of the unruly politicians creating ruckus in the assembly were forthright deplorable and enraging. These very people who vowed to work for the betterment of the citizens were ruthlessly trampling the hopes and dreams of millions of Indians by not allowing the parliament to function and in turn not executing their duties for which they are paid handsomely. By disrupting the parliament functioning for days resulted in crores of tax payer’s money going down the drain. What a pity. Under the garb of practicing their fundamental right of protesting, they proved they were putting forward their own agenda at the expense of the citizens. The opposition parties thwarted the ruling governments plan to pass important bills which would have benefited the citizens. In doing so they don’t want the ruling government to get the credit. For years this menace of our politicians have resulted in many important projects being left in a limbo and we the citizens are paying a huge price for their shenanigans. When will this stop only god knows, no wonder our development, growth plans remain only on paper, hidden in the darkness of innumerable files dumped in some corner, never to see the light of the day.

The Showdown On TV

The other fad India is noticing these days is, debates on news channels where these pachyderms take on each other firing salvos, declaring how good they are. Their mere rhetoric’s are good to watch and entertaining but hollow in nature. The speciality of these innumerable debates is, there are no positive takeaways, results but only a “Tamasha” aided by the anchor who works as a catalyst in turning this friction into an inferno. Remember the news channel also has to rise in the popularity charts known as TRP ratings. These shameless politicians turn vicious when the argument “no work no pay gets going”. They say they are above everyone and no one dare talk or erode their privileges. They think they are GOD.

Ouch I did It Again !!!

These pachyderms don’t stop here, one of the traits they flaunt with elan is the "foot in the mouth syndrome". Invariably all Indian politicians suffer from this syndrome. They think their words of wisdom enlighten the young generation and should be carved in gold. A lol moment. Its high time these Pachyderms leave the high pedestal and act for the betterment of the people else the angst that is growing amongst the people would pull them down unceremoniously. No more Rhetoric's and Jingoism, we the citizens of India now want to see these mere talks turn into positive action or else as the great saint Ramdas Swami said "Kriyevin Wachalta Wyartha Ahe" (Without Action The Talk Is Useless).

Sunday, June 14, 2015

My GRAND Grandparents

Like many I was blessed with love, affection of my grandparents. There are plethora of memories with them which I cherish and will take with me to the grave. According to me, I had the best grandparents in the world. Just looking at them gave me peace, tranquility, confidence and feel good factor. They showered on us, all cousins, all the love in the world, be it gifting us toys when we were toddlers to buying us all that we would ask for. It was not this that we loved them, but the wisdom, motivation, confidence that they instilled in us whenever required was a greatest gift they gave us. They were always with us. My paternal grandmother was a tough task master when it mattered, but was a softie at heart who would shower her unbridled love on me and my younger brother. She taught us the importance of doing things correctly be it eating habits, good manners or respect to the elderly. These good habits when instilled at young age, mold us to be good human beings when we grow up. We understood why she was strict when it mattered and that has stood in good stead all my life. We used to lovingly call her Akka Ajji.
Epitome of Love, Affection
We all, my cousins were the blue eyed boys of my maternal grandparents. During our vacation with them, we used to have fun abound. Playing carom, cards, antakshari with them will always stay with me more than good memories. We all used to call our granny Emma, after watching an English serial with the same name in those years, and that name stuck all through. She was an epitome of serenity and love. Just looking at her gave me a lot of calmness. She spoilt all of us with her giving nature and was a negotiator when our parents got angry at us. She was a fevi-kwick I would say, who binded all of us together forever. Even my paternal side was enamored by Emma’s loving nature. For all of us she will remain forever the source of love, affection, kindness, someone who was sent to earth to shower love love and only love.
My Grandpa's Mantra
My maternal grandpa, Appa was a simple man and he lead life like one. He was simplicity personified. He like my granny was loving by nature and always had a word of wisdom or two whenever mattered. His mantra of “Khup Khaycha, Khup khelaycha ani khup Abhyas karaycha” (Eat a lot, play a lot and study a lot) has stuck to me and will continue until my last day on earth. This simple mantra of his brings a lot of confidence and a sense of simplicity in life. This very sentence makes life uncomplicated. I would always thank him for giving me the SUTRA to make life easy. He was a staunched supporter of things Indian. Speaking in our mother tongue, Marathi was always high on his list. His words of wisdom, if we don’t take care of our languages, cultures, traditions, then who will? Had a major impact on my life and my thinking. With these teachings, I consider myself a strong proponent of my language, culture and tradition. In no way that undermines other languages or cultures. He was a great influence in my life and I would always consider myself lucky to have him.
A Scholar in my life
My grandpa’s brother Madhu kaka was like my grandfather as well. He was a scholar and taught English and Math’s in reputed Mumbai College. I very prominently remember when he admonished me for being poor at English grammar and math’s as I was preparing for my 10th board exams. He took me under his wings and taught me with great pains. He used to travel to our house to teach me, even though he had perennial ill health. Owing to his persistence and hard work, I excelled in both the subjects which I considered my enemies. He also taught me the importance of exercise and introduced Asanas in my life. I do remember practicing various Asanas with him. He was a savant and had mastered many traits. He had a great understanding on various subjects like relaxation techniques, medicine, Yoga, music etc. Just talking to him helped me learn so many things. He was a guiding light in my initial years of life.

I truly consider myself blessed, lucky to have them and for enriching my life. I definitely believe, it might be my good deeds in my past life or so that I had such lovely grandparents. While I write this I have tears in my eyes in memory of these great souls who were god send in my life.
Thanks sincerely from my bottom of my heart, Akka ajji, Emma, Appa and Madhu kaka. I will remember you all my life…

Monday, June 1, 2015

Gangs of New Delhi

One fine day a congregation was aggressively debating the state of affairs of their motherland. This debate at times would turn vitriolic, vilifying each other without any remorse. In colloquial lingo they were being BESHARAM. Each one of them took turns to take potshots at others accusing them to be callous in handling the issues affecting the motherland. Everyone claimed to have made significant contribution to the country’s growth and attributed to the well-being of every citizen of the country. They brazenly declared how compassionate they have been to the people of the country, be the rich, poor, educated, illiterate, male, female, young, old and everyone. Their chest thumping rhetoric’s were no less than emotional drama, played to the galleries. They even acted skillfully, proclaiming their support to specific communities and how some should be benefitted for being sidelined for ages and tortured by the ones who considered themselves superiors. This exchange of sound bytes gave an impression of how much they loved their country and its people, and that they wanted to bring positivity and turn over a new leaf in their life. Such a noble thought, isn’t it? In fact their entire conduct emanated sympathy, compassion for others. Their heartfelt love, care for their countrymen was something to hold close to the heart, forever. Hold On, there is a twist in the tale though.
Band of Robbers
These caring, loving gentlemen who were thumping their chest and claiming their allegiance to the country, the countrymen were in fact dreaded criminals, robbers who had were looting the country for ages. They carried out scams after scams, instigated violence amongst communities, religions. Murdered and raped women. Held common man hostage to maneuver their demands of reservations in jobs, education for some communities. They even helped escape a dreaded terrorist who was waging a non-stop war against the country. Their justification was, he was in fact a holy warrior who was simply carrying out his duties. One of these great men even accused the others of corruption and robbing the country of millions of rupees. One of them under the garb of development felled forests galore to build lavish homes for himself and his sycophants. One of them roared with pride promulgating how he got rid of a sincere law abiding officer who dared stopped him while he simply tapped the natural resources in an eco-sensitive zone. Accusing other of nepotism and favoring his family members in getting plump money making deals, was one, who for ages ran his real estate business where farm land was given to influential people at throw away prices and then the same land sold to corporates and other entities at exorbitant prices, thus minting money in millions. Do remember they are not “AAM AADMI”. While this shameless debate was happening, one comment took everybody by surprise, when this pathetic criminal said he and his family has been looting, laundering money for years together, but was very critical of the others for their transgression, as they were not doing anything for the well-being of the poor, unfortunate.
Veiled Hoodlums
A common man who saved himself from the prying eyes of these criminals was listening to their bravados and that left him crestfallen. He felt why people like him and others were left at the mercy of these scoundrels who play with people’s life under the name of well-being, progress and what not. He even felt, was rather confident of these hoodlums being very similar to our politicians who squabble, manipulate, and accuse others of wrong doing when they themselves are neck deep into it. They teach others what governance is when they themselves never followed. They hold protests and instigate their followers to indulge in arson, looting against some government bills which they feel are anti-farmers, anti-poor. They never bothered about the poor, the farmers in first place, and now they want to stall the development by promoting false propaganda. The same politicians who disrupt the parliament on the topic of black money, have their millions of dollars stashed abroad in Swiss banks. They all are biggest hypocrites who enjoy passing the buck. I am worried that we are the helm of such callous people who are more worried in holding to the power rather than work towards the betterment of its people. MERA BHARAT MAHAN.

What brings happiness in life ?

What brings happiness in life? Is happiness a choice? What are the ways to bring happiness in life? I am no sage, a motivational speaker or for that matter a spiritual guru to preach and educate you on the ways to be happy. Just that I have realized few things over of a period of time which I want to share with you. Without any doubt we all want to be happy, want our near and dear ones to be happy. We do everything possible to achieve the state of happiness but most of times it remains a wishful thinking. Why is it so, have you thought about it? Many a times we are the ones who quell the opportunities to be happy. We ourselves are to be blamed for being a spoilsport when happiness wishes to embrace us. So, without any procrastination let me share with you some simple ways to decipher the path to happiness.
Cry Babies No More
Let’s admit we all crib, complain all the time. We are the compulsive crybabies. We love to showcase ourselves as an epitome of tragedy and try hard to show how unlucky or under-privilege we are. Be it money, career or other worldly pleasures. We continue to compare ourselves with others and sulk and surround ourselves perennially with consternation. In doing so we only hurt ourselves and negate our thoughts. What do you expect to get in return with such unrest in the mind? Be sure to get only unhappiness, sadness and dismay. Someone has truly said “You can’t live a positive life with negative mind Remember while you crib, you are letting go the beautiful moments, experiences that come your way every day. Can’t we say, think, what a wonderful day it is today, god has been very kind to me? I am in good health, have a wonderful family. I am in the pink of my health, my career is going good, etc. believe me these thoughts, acknowledgements can do wonders to your mental wellbeing and make you happy. N C Phadke, one of the renowned Marathi literary figure says, allow the child in you to blossom and not crush it under the load of ego and social status. This child like streak in you has a great potential to make you happy. It’s easier said than done, but let’s give it a try and enjoy the moments by getting rid of the art to crib out of our life. 
Crib at your own perils
Crib at your own perils
Art of Sharing
Little bit of sharing with the underprivileged and less fortunate is not going to empty your possessions. Sharing is a great way to allow happiness in one’s life. Let’s agree we commit gluttony on a regular basis, while there is a class who is devoid of even a single meal a day. Can’t we share a meal or few tidbits with them to suppress their hunger? This gesture of empathy towards them will not only bring a smile on their face, but will bring a lot of happiness in your life. Try it to experience. We splurge voraciously like there is no tomorrow, on clothes and other worldly pleasures, we have designer clothes, footwear while some don’t even have a small piece of cloth that can protect them from harsh realities. Can’t we help cover their naked bodies that burn from the simmering heat, or drench in heavy downpour or for that matter shiver in ruthless cold? Let’s share and allow happiness to reside in our life.
Art of Sharing & Happiness
Art of sharing
Hobbies Interests and Joy
Involving ourselves to things we love to do is liberating. Many of us like to sing, write, paint, dance or have an acumen to pursue hobbies, but unfortunately we refrain from pursuing them. The reasons can be many, but the popular one’s are, we don’t have time, our job responsibilities never alleviate etc. While not indulging in things we like, we are only committing grave injustice to ourselves. Decide, plan to pursue the hobbies, no matter what it takes, it will surely bring joy, happiness in life, a welcome change, which would act as a catalyst for achieving other things. So liberate yourself, paint, draw, sing, act, read, and write, no matter if it doesn’t appeal others, as long as it pleases you. This indulgence for sure is going to bring happiness in your life, happiness, which, for long was playing hide and seek with you, happiness which you deserve.
Hobbies, Interests & Happiness
Hobbies and Interests brings happiness
Family Time, Good Time

As much as technology is a boon to the humankind, it’s proving to be a bane as well. Take for instance the gizmos and gadgets, they have taken over our life, we are so engrossed that we see them more than are dear ones. We are glued to them day n night, so much that we don’t have time for our own well-being leave aside our family. Study says, this overuse of gadgets have created a void between people, families. More n more people are getting addicted to them to the extent of being depressed. Conversation between family have dried down. No wonder the feeling of aloofness, emptiness has taken over leading to dismay, distress and unhappiness. No doubt means and size of the communication gadgets have increased manifold, but unfortunately communication between family members have decreased. This is experienced and seen in almost all households where family members especially the gen Y have no time to communicate with gen X. They are too busy with their gadgets, their life line. This communication gap can be reduced or eliminated easily if only you wish to. Spending quality time with the loved ones and interacting with the family is definitely a SUTRA for happiness. This rendezvous between members of family would improve the happiness quotient and feel good factor. These small gestures, practices would usher happiness in your life.

Happiness is a state of mind, and to achieve this state, individuals would have to practice some of the above ways or other to make it a reality or else happiness would always remain elusive, a mirage in your life.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Do we really need to renew Indo - Pak Cricket?

BCCI & PCB agreed to renew cricketing ties and play couple of tests and ODI’s in the UAE this December. This declaration was out in media a couple of days back, and it heralded angry reactions from many Indians including me. This series is touted to be the most awaited between the arch rivals India and Pakistan. Now, who says it’s eagerly awaited except for the BCCI and few other enterprises who are eyeing on the moolah that it will generate? More than the BCCI, it’s PCB who wants this series to happen to fill in their coffers which are drying up like a water body in a desert. BCCI for long has conducted itself like a dictator not bothering about the sentiments of the people. BCCI and its mandarins are like a filthy rich father whose only motive is to earn money no matter from where and how it comes. No wonder, BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world capable of financing a country if required. Renewing cricketing ties with Pakistan is an ominous proposition, who for long has been at loggerheads with India, supporting and waging a proxy war on India. Why BCCI wants to push for this series is obvious, but it is not required, for it is not going to hurt them financially and they can earn abound through other sources. More importantly they need to pay heed to sentiments of millions of Indians who are against this cricketing ties.
Compassion Please !!!
Many learned people (????) in India are supporting this series to happen by saying politics and sport should be kept aside. To them I would like to say let the bullets sponsored by Pak backed terrorist scr..w their families and then I would like to know their reaction. You can’t engage with someone who is creating disharmony and distress in your family by saying sport is above all and we should continue playing with them no matter if they are screwing my family. This is plain b…shit. Pakistan in spite of our helping hand has shown its true colors by indulging in transgressions against India. No matter how soft you go on them, they will bite the same helping hand, and we want to play cricket with them? The same country on whose insistence hundreds of innocent Indian civilians are massacred daily. Our armed forces jawans who endure the extreme weather to protect us, fall prey to the bullets coming from Pakistan, and you still want to say sports should go on with them? This is like rubbing salt on the wounds of the Indians. BCCI should show some compassion towards Indians who have suffered at the hands of Pak sponsored terrorism, and not worry about its finances, which are already hale and hearty.
The Bad and the Ugly
The other day a senior advocate named Sanjay Hegde gave a bizarre justification to support the series. For him seeing Indian batsmen thrash the Pak bowlers gives him a high and sense of victory. How preposterous the thinking can get. He can satisfy this urge by inviting some Pakistanis to his home to play in his backyard and then thrashing them at will. The other learned gentleman said playing cricket with them will improve the bonhomie and will facilitate peace between the two nations. Either this person is living in fool’s paradise or he has gone horribly insane. No matter how much India extends a helping hand towards Pakistan, Pakistan will not let go its old guard. On one hand it will favor the cricketing ties for it benefits them immensely, on the other hand it will continue to provide safe haven to culprits waging war against India. This has been their nature for long time. This audacity of Pak is fuelled by comments made by some of our stalwarts. One of the respected cricketers of India, Dilip Vengsarkar, and the other day said, Wasim Akram should take over the reins of Indian cricket team as a coach. Was Mr. Vengsarkar joking or has he gone mad? Even Rahul Dravid is in support of this renewal of cricketing ties. With all due respect to these idols I think they have made a wrong decision. For them and alike, it might be only a sport, but for most Indians it is an insult, tantamount to flaming the wounds inflicted by Pakistan.
Pak-Pak No Way
Why do we entertain people from this belligerent nation, in India, always baffles me. We invite many Pakistani artists in Hindi film industry with open arms, be it actors, musicians. The cash rich IPL also sees many Pakistani cricketers enjoying our hospitality, be it coaching or commentating. They all make merry and earn hefty amounts on Indian soil, thanks to some of the large hearted(???) Indian personalities. Are we bereft of talent that we have to import it from Pakistan? No, I don’t think so, then why do we have to pledge support to them like a big forgiving brother? Personally and many Indians don’t have an issue with Pakistanis participating unless their government stops perpetrating heinous activities against we Indians. I am afraid we cannot continue this candy floss bonhomie if our counterpart continues its nefarious activities. Our government should stop entertaining any Pakistani wishing to earn and reside in India until their government comes good. This in turn will force many artists, sportsmen from Pakistan to put pressure back home to stop its belligerent ways, for it may affect their careers, life in India. We Indians take our mantra of "Athithi Devo Bhava" too seriously, I think. It should be only for those who echo our sentiments of peace and brotherhood. For others it should be Tit for Tat. I hope better sense will prevail and BCCI and Indian government calls off the renewal of cricketing ties with Pakistan as of now, until our neighbor behaves like a good boy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Curious Case Of Salman Khan

"Mujh par ek ehsaan karna ki, mujhpar koi ehsaan na karna" thundered the big hearted hero on the screen to a thunderous applause from the cine goers. This and many such dialogues have been the hallmark of a superstar named Salman Khan. Finally, after 13 long years the verdict on Salman’s hit n run case is out. Enfant-terrible of Hindi film industry was sentenced to five years in prison, but all that turned on its head in two days when the sentence was suspended by Mumbai High court, granting him bail. This was a “BIG EHSAAN” that the judiciary did for Salman who very earnestly accepted it. Getting a big respite from imminent jail term not only eased the pressure on him, but more importantly on the film makers who have invested more than 200 crores on his films. To his fans it was a triumph, for they would not have liked to see their super hero caged for so long.  For long, Salman Khan’s middle name has been CONTROVERSY. He has been testing the law with great regularity, be it the hit n run or black buck killing or man handling the journalist or being abusive towards his girlfriends. All his transgressions have been overlooked until his recent conviction in the infamous hit n run case of year 2002. This conviction has been short lived as of now, freeing him from being incarcerated. Thanks to Indian judicial system.
The Sycophants
After the news broke of his conviction, Hindi film industry stood up in support in numbers, crying foul on the sentence handed over to him. Salman’s greatness, his kindness and he being the Messiah of the poor are doing rounds in social media. Salman is one of the most powerful men in the film industry and he can make or break one’s career. Film fraternity is well known of this fact, and they don’t want to stir the hornets nest by saying anything against him. The Sycophants are in full bloom going overboard in declaring their support for Salman. One of the singers, Abhijit who has faded into oblivion opened his dirty mouth vomiting his dirt on twitter by tweeting an obnoxious reasoning on how Salman is not the culprit. He might have thought of appeasing Salman who might help him resurrect his already finished singing career. Another socialite named Farah Ali Khan also put her intellect on display on social media. These good for nothing, sycophants not for once talked about the victims and the pain that they have endured all these years. These cheap page 3 socialites suffer from foot in the mouth syndrome, which they make it evident time n again to have their 5 minutes of fame.

Judiciary a Farce

In India, the judiciary has proved to be incompetent when it comes to punishing the rich and the powerful. There are enough loop holes to provide a safe way out for the one’s how can manipulate the law with money and influence. So many scams, thefts, murders committed by the politicians go unpunished, how is that possible ? Why are the culprits not punished ? is an open secret, but no one wants to address the short comings in the judiciary, law. If done, this would prove detrimental to the culprits who happen to be rich powerful people, the politicians and the law makers. When a scamster, murderer says, I have full faith in the judiciary and the law will take its own course, implies a lot. It actually means I will manipulate it, so that law wont reach me and I will go scot free. This has been the case in India for ages. The law of the land applies only to the common man, who in no capacity can twist or manipulate judiciary. With no deterrent and fear the powerful carry out their nefarious activities with √©lan. Law, judiciary are the toys in the hands of these omnipotent and this has been the sad story of India for ages and would continue in future without any brakes. Salman with his tremendous clout has played his cards to perfection and would continue garnering support and love from sycophants in the film industry. Time will tell if he is incarcerated for his wrong doing or he goes scot free like others.

Saturday, April 25, 2015 + OLACABS: A "Mast" Partnership

Musafiri With OLACABS

When the protagonists crooned the popular Kishore da’s song "Musafir Hu Yaaron………… Muze bas chalte jaana", I wondered how he could have managed to be a Musafir (Traveler) in those days when the options to travel were very limited. I am talking about the 1960’s or so. Either the Musafir was hinting at having the travelling arrangements already made or he was ready for an arduous Odyssey using primitive ways. In short it was audacious of the traveler if not foolhardy to embark on a journey with minimum means of commuting options. Times have changed and so are commuting options, Thanks to various car rental enterprises which have mushroomed lately and made travelling easy for a Musafir. The Musafir simply has to beckon a vehicle of his comfort, choice by a click of a button and bingo it is ready at his disposal. He can then continue with his Musafiri with ease. Thanks to OLACABS for making travel from one part of the city to other easy, and alleviating the pains that arise at the thought of travel. OLACABS addresses all the issues with utmost professionalism, be it booking a vehicle at affordable rates, to understanding, time is of great essence and that safety is a top priority for the consumer. In advent of this tension free service, contemporary Musafir can breathe a sigh of relief and merrily sing "Musafir Hu Yaaron…. Muze to OLACABS ke saath Jaana, OLACABS ke saath jaana."

Life of an IT professional 

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Friday, March 27, 2015

India Vs Australia, 2nd Semi-Final – Men in Blue turned pale

ICC 2015 World Cup Fever Reaches Crescendo
ICC 2015 World Cup
Over a billion Indian fans crestfallen after the shock defeat of the Men in Blue. This ended their dream run in this year’s show piece event and with it the war cry of #WeWontGiveItBack went mute. In many ways this defeat at the hands of Aussies was a shocker, the way Men in Blue turned tables after their disastrous tour down under had raised high hopes. They beat every team that came in its way, seven wins on a trot, and on all occasions bowling the opposition out was a big achievement by all standards. A feat achieved by the bowlers who not long ago were considered the biggest headache in defending the world title. The winning momentum and confidence was with them, an important ingredient considered to carry on the winning streak. All that went kaput with this semifinal loss. The Men in Blue went down meekly which was in stark contrast to their winning ways lately in this world cup. This loss set many tongues wagging on the mental strength of the Indian players and their susceptibility to cave in under pressure. This loss provided enough fodder to the media and gossip mongers to ridicule the players. Interesting thing is, the same bunch of 11 players were toast of the nation a day ago and barely after 24 hours they are being lampooned. Strange are the ways of adulation in sub-continent.
Aus–some Performance
Aussies delivered a knockout blow to the Indians when the later were riding on a wave of success. Aussies known for their thorough professionalism once again demonstrated their might when it mattered. They have such a formidable line up that can intimidate any opposition. Steven Smith, who is in incredible form off late hit another century tightening the screws on the Indian bowlers. The others gave him good company and scored briskly to pose an imposing target of 327 for the Indians to chase and enter the final. The beauty of this Aussie line up is even the tail wags when required, and the other day Mitchell Johnson played the long handle dispatching the Indian bowlers to the fence. His quick fire 27 of mere 9 balls helped them cross the psychological mark of 300. Besides a strong batting line up they have the most potent weapons in their arsenal in the form of Mitchell Johnson, Starc, who can easily clock a speed of 150 kmph. Josh Hazelwood, Shane Watson complement the strikers. With 300 + score on board, the bowlers had their tails up from the word go, though they were countered to some extent by the Indian openers. At the end Men in Blue buckled under mounting pressure and caved in, losing the match by a big margin of 95 runs. The Aussies had done it again, not allowing the Indians to get past them the entire summer. Beating Aussies anywhere and more so in their own backyard is an uphill task. The grit, passion and hunger to win always make them stand out. They are just one match away from putting their hands on the world title a record fifth time. Their Trans-Tasman rivals Kiwis will have to play out of their skin to conquer the Aussies to lift the title the first time. Wait n Watch….. The rivalry one last time in this world cup.
Indian WAGS had an Off Day
Virat Kohli the blue eyed boy of Indian cricket and his love interest, Anushka Sharma has hogged a lot of lime light mostly for wrong reasons. Anushka Sharma was present at the SCG to watch her famed boyfriend take on the Aussies. To her and the nation’s utter despair, Virat Kohli departed without troubling the scorers. His brief stay at the pitch resulted in Indians losing the match. Touted as the big match player, he could not live up-to the expectations. In the aftermath of this loss, the Indian fans directed a tirade of abuses and slandering towards the helpless Anushka, accusing her for Virat’s failure. It doesn’t get bizarre than this. Anushka would have definitely understood the pros and cons of being an Indian cricketer’s girlfriend, albeit the hard way. The other Indian WAGS too had nothing to cheer except the fact that they were at one of the most beautiful cricketing destinations. With all the brouhaha and mudslinging, Anushka would think hundred times before venturing into a cricket stadium to watch his lover boy. World Cup is history now, but the "Indian Phoren League" is round the corner. Chalo Bulawa Aaaya Hai….
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

27 Coupons.Com - A Shoppers Paradise

To many, shopping is leisure, passion, addiction and even therapeutic. Let’s admit it, we all love to shop. Without sounding sexist, the women folks get delirious when they hear the word shopping. It’s in their DNA to shop, and they shop as if there is no tomorrow. Over the years, internet has revolutionized the way shopping is done. The latest boom in online retailers has taken netizens by storm. With plethora of options available at their fingertips, the customer is king. Online shopping has made life easy for shoppers and compulsive shoppers together. They can shop at their whims and fancies and not worry about commuting to the place. Just imagine, inclement weather spoils your plans to shop at a particular shopping joint. This can be a real dampener for a shopaholic who would curse or even bad mouth the weather for being a spoilsport. But that’s history now, you can shop irrespective of bad weather, traffic snarls etc. just by lazing at your home. That’s the power of online shopping.
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27 - A shopping paradise
27 Coupons an Ideal Shopping Experience
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Zealand vs West Indies – Guptill Storm Unleashed

ICC 2015 World Cup
What a game. Wellington was hit by, no it was not Gayle storm but a storm known as Guptill Storm. It was raining sixes and fours, rather there was a heavy downpour of sixes and fours at the Westpac Arena in Wellington. Martin Guptill slaughtered, bludgeoned, annihilated, and decimated the West Indies bowling attack. His blitzkrieg was so severe that the West Indians were mere spectators to his pyro techniques. The ball flew to all corners of the park through his blade. He hit mind boggling 24 fours and 11 towering sixes in his unbeaten knock of 237. The Calypso’s shoddy field work gave Guptill a reprieve when he had scored only 4, and this blunder proved very costly for them. Guptill grabbed this opportunity with both hands and plundered them mercilessly after. No kiwi batsman in history has so far scored a double hundred in an ODI. Watching him bat this way seemed like watching highlights after the match. The white cherry was travelling to the fence more often as if it belonged there. It was a sorry site to see the dropping shoulders of the Calypso men, the rhythm was nowhere to be seen, glum was prevalent on their faces. They had given up all the hope looking at the Guptill Storm unleash ferociously at them.
Guptill Storm Unleashes Unprecedented Damage in the Caribbeans
Guptill Storm Wrecks Havoc in the Caribbean's
West Indies left Marooned
A lot depended on Gayle to come out all guns blazing for they had a mountain to climb. A cautious start very unlike of Gayle gave way to a counter attack when he hoisted Luca Vettori in the stands one after the other. The huge total of 393 played on the minds of the West Indians and they hit the 3rd gear from the word go which did help them for a while but eventually they paid the price for taking risks and folded well short of the target of 393. This loss meant they leave this tournament empty handed. Having the legendary Curtly Ambrose as the bowling coach proved to be of very less advantage for the West Indians the way they bowled. Gayle braving an injury fought a lone battle for a while but in vain. The Kiwis had raised a near impossible target for the opposition to surpass and the result was a foregone conclusion in the favor of the Kiwis. It was a Guptill show all the way.
Guptill Storm Upsets the West Indies Rhythm
Guptill Storm leaves West Indians in tatters
Wah-ab Riyaz show
The other quarter final between the Aussies & Pakistan was a well fought battle. The Aussies were the clear favorites against the maverick Pakistan. The Aussie pace battery put brakes on the Pak batsmen forcing them to commit mistakes which resulted in them scoring just above 200, a score too small to fight against the Aussies. But there was a twist in the tale when a pumped up Wahab Riaz took on the Aussies, giving them the taste of their own medicine. He bowled his heart out displaying one of the best bowling spells in this world cup. Watson was all at sea facing Riaz who tool a special liking for him. A barrage of bouncers and Watson was forced to take evasive actions to save himself. The battle between the duos was the toast of the match. Watson would have returned to the hut cheaply, if Rahat Ali would have hold on to a sitter.  There was no Rahat for Pakistan after that. Pakistan lost the match and headed back home to face to the angry mobs. The player who stood out was Wahab Riaz for his spirited and fiery spell. It was once of the best exhibition of fast bowling in recent times.
Wah Wah-ab Riaz Show
Wahab Riaz Show
Who will lift the cup?
With the quarters all done the fight for the cup is decided, who would come out winner. Will the Indians retain the cup or the Proteas create history or will it be the Kiwis who have come close in the past or the Aussies who would lift it for the fifth time. Time will tell... so watch out folks…
ICC 2015 World Cup - Who would be the winner
Who will win the 2015 World Cup?
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