Monday, June 1, 2015

What brings happiness in life ?

What brings happiness in life? Is happiness a choice? What are the ways to bring happiness in life? I am no sage, a motivational speaker or for that matter a spiritual guru to preach and educate you on the ways to be happy. Just that I have realized few things over of a period of time which I want to share with you. Without any doubt we all want to be happy, want our near and dear ones to be happy. We do everything possible to achieve the state of happiness but most of times it remains a wishful thinking. Why is it so, have you thought about it? Many a times we are the ones who quell the opportunities to be happy. We ourselves are to be blamed for being a spoilsport when happiness wishes to embrace us. So, without any procrastination let me share with you some simple ways to decipher the path to happiness.
Cry Babies No More
Let’s admit we all crib, complain all the time. We are the compulsive crybabies. We love to showcase ourselves as an epitome of tragedy and try hard to show how unlucky or under-privilege we are. Be it money, career or other worldly pleasures. We continue to compare ourselves with others and sulk and surround ourselves perennially with consternation. In doing so we only hurt ourselves and negate our thoughts. What do you expect to get in return with such unrest in the mind? Be sure to get only unhappiness, sadness and dismay. Someone has truly said “You can’t live a positive life with negative mind Remember while you crib, you are letting go the beautiful moments, experiences that come your way every day. Can’t we say, think, what a wonderful day it is today, god has been very kind to me? I am in good health, have a wonderful family. I am in the pink of my health, my career is going good, etc. believe me these thoughts, acknowledgements can do wonders to your mental wellbeing and make you happy. N C Phadke, one of the renowned Marathi literary figure says, allow the child in you to blossom and not crush it under the load of ego and social status. This child like streak in you has a great potential to make you happy. It’s easier said than done, but let’s give it a try and enjoy the moments by getting rid of the art to crib out of our life. 
Crib at your own perils
Crib at your own perils
Art of Sharing
Little bit of sharing with the underprivileged and less fortunate is not going to empty your possessions. Sharing is a great way to allow happiness in one’s life. Let’s agree we commit gluttony on a regular basis, while there is a class who is devoid of even a single meal a day. Can’t we share a meal or few tidbits with them to suppress their hunger? This gesture of empathy towards them will not only bring a smile on their face, but will bring a lot of happiness in your life. Try it to experience. We splurge voraciously like there is no tomorrow, on clothes and other worldly pleasures, we have designer clothes, footwear while some don’t even have a small piece of cloth that can protect them from harsh realities. Can’t we help cover their naked bodies that burn from the simmering heat, or drench in heavy downpour or for that matter shiver in ruthless cold? Let’s share and allow happiness to reside in our life.
Art of Sharing & Happiness
Art of sharing
Hobbies Interests and Joy
Involving ourselves to things we love to do is liberating. Many of us like to sing, write, paint, dance or have an acumen to pursue hobbies, but unfortunately we refrain from pursuing them. The reasons can be many, but the popular one’s are, we don’t have time, our job responsibilities never alleviate etc. While not indulging in things we like, we are only committing grave injustice to ourselves. Decide, plan to pursue the hobbies, no matter what it takes, it will surely bring joy, happiness in life, a welcome change, which would act as a catalyst for achieving other things. So liberate yourself, paint, draw, sing, act, read, and write, no matter if it doesn’t appeal others, as long as it pleases you. This indulgence for sure is going to bring happiness in your life, happiness, which, for long was playing hide and seek with you, happiness which you deserve.
Hobbies, Interests & Happiness
Hobbies and Interests brings happiness
Family Time, Good Time

As much as technology is a boon to the humankind, it’s proving to be a bane as well. Take for instance the gizmos and gadgets, they have taken over our life, we are so engrossed that we see them more than are dear ones. We are glued to them day n night, so much that we don’t have time for our own well-being leave aside our family. Study says, this overuse of gadgets have created a void between people, families. More n more people are getting addicted to them to the extent of being depressed. Conversation between family have dried down. No wonder the feeling of aloofness, emptiness has taken over leading to dismay, distress and unhappiness. No doubt means and size of the communication gadgets have increased manifold, but unfortunately communication between family members have decreased. This is experienced and seen in almost all households where family members especially the gen Y have no time to communicate with gen X. They are too busy with their gadgets, their life line. This communication gap can be reduced or eliminated easily if only you wish to. Spending quality time with the loved ones and interacting with the family is definitely a SUTRA for happiness. This rendezvous between members of family would improve the happiness quotient and feel good factor. These small gestures, practices would usher happiness in your life.

Happiness is a state of mind, and to achieve this state, individuals would have to practice some of the above ways or other to make it a reality or else happiness would always remain elusive, a mirage in your life.

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