Saturday, October 24, 2015

India vs Pakistan Cricket Series ?

Sometime back there were talks of renewing cricketing ties between India and Pakistan which eventually got shelved because of the tense relations between the two countries. Pakistan on one hand wants to continue sponsoring, supporting terrorism against India and on the other hand wishes to have cricketing and other cultural ties with us. We cannot shake hands laden with the blood of our people, and that’s the stand we need to maintain all the time until Pakistan learns to be civil and act like one. Until yesterday, I thought the madness of renewing cricketing ties with Pakistan have died down, but BCCI sprang a surprise and was scheduled to talk to PCB for the same. This time it was to accommodate a short series between the two nations and not a full blown series as discussed earlier. Now what difference does it make really? This is as good as saying we won’t hug our nemesis, enemy but just shake hands. I, like many fail to understand why BCCI is so eager to have a cricketing series with Pakistan when they know the emotions of Indian cricket lovers are not in favor.

The Outburst

Finally it happened which was bound to happen. BCCI was about to host PCB at the Mumbai office to take the ties further and chalk out a plan for a mini-series. Shiv Sena protestors barged into the office and shouted slogans against the BCCI officials and Pakistan and created a ruckus. This continued for a while and the meeting between the two boards was cancelled. Now many felt this act on the part of the Shiv sainiks was against democracy and was an example of hooliganism etc. There was lot of hullaballoo in the media on the behavior of the errant sainiks and a cry to admonish, incarcerate them only increased. Personally I am not someone who would appreciate what they did, there can be better ways to present one’s anger, angst against something you don’t like. Having said that, the current emotion in India is against having any cricketing, cultural ties with Pakistan, who time and again is indulging in transgression against India, killing innocent Indians and our army men. There is no diplomacy which allows violence on one hand and cultural, sporting ties on the other, at least not with India. Its high time BCCI understands the sentiments of people of India and not stretch this any further, for if they continue, they would do at their own peril.

The Opportunists

Many past cricketers from Pakistan have deplored the behavior of the Sainiks and have urged to continue friendly ties with India. Zaheer Abbas says, let’s keep politics and sports separate. Is that so? You want cricketing ties with India so that your bankrupt board survives and on the other hand your government also won’t budge and continue with anti-India propaganda, sponsor terrorism and kill our people. This is not something we Indians would like and allow, so you better keep your views to yourself. There are many elite on the India side as well who are more interested in candy floss diplomacy with the Pakistanis and entertain them at any opportunity or support their views. I would suggest these so called elitists, to stop being selfish and pretentious and for once take notice of the sentiments of the people of India, and, at least try to feel the angst of the families who have lost their members of family to Pakistani bullets and terrorism. It would be great service to our own people. While I say this, express my feelings, I don’t want to sound like a killjoy who is a war monger. My only thought is, the other party understands and reciprocates our feelings and create atmosphere of positiveness, brotherhood and give away hostility,  and soon we would see a full-fledged India Vs. Pakistan cricket series.

President Of US - The Candidates: Part 2

ATTENTION ATTENTION and ATTENTION. People do you know who is the latest entrant in the race to be US president? Hold your breath, tighten the seat belts, and make yourself mentally strong for you would be blown away! Any guesses folks? Be as wild as you can and take a pick. Any luck ah? Sure, you don’t know? Ok OK let me do it for you. The name is synonymous with controversy, this enfant-terrible of Hollywood had her fair share of being admitted to a rehab, was incarcerated for drunken, substance abuse. She changed her partners as frequent as one changes clothes. She is none other than LILO aka Lindsay Lohan.

Now, this is one interesting addition to the burgeoning wannabe list who wish to occupy the White House. Now what on earth made LILO think she can be a US president? She, even thinking of this in her wildest dreams would be considered crap, something only a loony person is capable off, and that to so audacious. But, even if you jog your brain, do you really think, she must have said, wished something like this? May be not, the news is, she was influenced by none other than the other wannabe, Mr. Kanye West. No wonder, such company can definitely influence any retard. Whatever said, thought, decided, it would be really interesting, incredulous to consider LiLo as the US president.

LiLo The Mean President

Lilo has started on a very positive note, when she said, “The first thing I would like to do as president of US is take care of all of the children suffering in the world”. Not bad from a person who has played with the law many a times. She has done some of the most bizarre things one can think off when she was in the state of drunken stupor, or when high on drugs. Now, do you really think she would get sober when she enters White House? Nay, Never. White house at her helm would reduce to a junkie club where druggists, drunkards would have a ball. Sex orgies, free flow of drugs and alcohol would be a given. The bad boys and girls of Hollywood would be the permanent members in the house and White House would be reduced to one stop shop for all the vices in the world. If not with world leaders, but the Mexico, Columbian drug cartel would have great relations with the US president, for they would be the biggest beneficiaries. With great demand for various drugs straight from White House would make them the richest in the world. The drug lords who are running from pillar to post to save themselves from the police would get solace, safe haven at the insistence of the US president. ITS PARTY TIME. Like, literally no gun control in US, substance abuse would be greatly promoted. Ruckus, fracas, brawls would be a common sight in the White House. There won’t be a single day where no controversial statement, behavior is not observed. David letterman, Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey would not have to hunt for news to present or laugh at. They would simply have to work overtime to present innumerable gaffes, foot in the mouth comments from the President and its entourage. In a nutshell American public would have “Time of their life”
The Letter

With so many pretentious candidates throwing their hat in the race for the US president, voices of distress are bound to arise. In a latest news, a disgruntled American has written a letter to Queen Elizabeth II and PM David Cameroon of England to make US a colony of England, for he thinks this is the best way to save US from being ruled by some lunatics in the country. Much to his chagrin, the American thinks the current candidates and the ones who wish to see themselves as the president of US will ruin this great land and hence this earnest request to the queen of England. No wonder this letter has gone viral and is trending online.
Note: The above story is figment of my wild imagination and not to be taken seriously. is what I had said earlier, but looking at the letter from the American my views stand vindicated

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