Monday, February 24, 2014

AAP Aaye Aur AAP Gaye Bhi !!!!

Just a month back I was all gung-ho about the emergence of the AAP and had wax eloquence about them wholeheartedly. I was upbeat about their agenda, their principles etc. but in no time they made headlines for all wrong reasons (???) and have backed out of the govt. they had formed some 2 months back. Like many AAP supporters I am disillusioned now, not able to make up who is correct and who is wrong. People of India had pinned a lot of hope on the AAP and thought they would bring in unprecedented change in the governance and put a check on the rampant corruption which is prevalent in India. During their tenure of 49 days in power of Delhi state they did everything which a regular party had not done, like the CM Mr. Kejriwal himself protesting against the police inability to curb negative elements in the capital and asking for control over them, to many other issues concerning governance etc. In my life I have never seen a CM himself protesting on road and sleeping on road and in car for days. This I guess is his way of conveying people, that he himself is an AAM ADMI (Common man) like them.

With lot of hullabaloo over their ways of working, they finally relinquished the power and resigned from running the Delhi assembly, because of strong opposition from Congress and BJP in tabling the “Jana Lokpal Bill” (An ombudsman who would hear to people’s complaints and punish the culprits). Mr. Kejriwal resigning from the CM’s post can have its own ulterior motives. He wanted to be a political martyr and gain sympathy of the people, at the same time demonstrate to the people, he is not power hungry like others who cling to the throne no matter what happens.There are number of other theories doing the rounds; with Lok sabha elections just round the corner Mr. Kejriwal is eyeing a bigger role in politics, buoyed by the recent success he and his party tasted. Whatever might be the reasons, to some extent people of India were hurt by Kejriwal‘s actions and have started doubting his motives. He is clearly in the line of fire with his sincerity and integrity at stake. At the same time something which is astonishing is the support he and his party is garnering in India, more and more people from all walks of life, from corporate world, entertainment industry, bureaucrats, army officers, police personnel are all joining AAP.

To me personally their way of taking on other parties by the horns is detrimental for them and the party’s rise and success. They firing salvos at one n all is not going to help them but create enemies and erode their support which they might need in future. They need to know, diplomacy is the way in politics and no harm in adopting it when people know their intentions are sincere and true.  Someone needs to bring to their notice the old adage of “Paani main reheke magarmach se bair nahi lete” (No point in making croc an enemy while in water – I don’t know if this adage exist in English :)). They hurling allegations against the toast of the country (at-least at the moment) Mr. Narendra Modi might back fire on them and do unrecoverable damage to the party and their prospects of making it big in the national politics. To many Indians Mr. Narendra Modi is a symbol of good governance, development and non corrupt. People of India are envisaging / hoping he emulates what he is done for his state of Gujarat for rest of India. Now taking on him is suicidal for Mr. Kejriwal and his party men, though time will tell if it back fires or hits the bulls eye. For many Indians like me personally want the AAP to do well and bring a clean non-corrupt government in future, but their undiplomatic ways are going to hurt them, I strongly feel. They need to show restraint and tread carefully rather than go all out against the popular figures or their respective political parties.

They have already come out with a list of candidates, who are going to contest in the near future Lok sabha elections against some of the heavy weights who have politics in their DNA and who eat, drink live politics. Will the AAP candidates have the last laugh, time will tell, but it is sure they have a mountain to climb and I hope they reach the zenith and contribute to making India a great nation.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Queen’s Language Simplified Or…..

English is a phunny language as they say and indeed it is, though it’s spoken by many across the world. I think the popularity of the language besides the things political and historical are; it has absorbed words, sentences, phrases from other languages into it, be it Latin, French, Greek, Indian etc. The Queen’s language as many call it has gone through a sea of change and like a caring mother it has embraced all these changes; but the latest onslaught on the language is coming from the innocuous chat enthusiasts or compulsive chatters you can say. The chat lingo used is ruling the roost and twisting / simplifying the queen’s language. Now you will know what I am trying to say. The other day one of my friend’s brother in his teens wrote an email to his dad, and it looked like this.

Hi Dad,

I hope u r doing f9. Wen u would be cmng home?  Lemme tell u the reason 2 write 2 u. We all frnds are planning 2 go 2 Goa to a10 a friend’s b’day party and it would be v 9ce if u give me the reqd permission. I promise I wld be careful and not do nything nasty. It’s a gr8 chance 4 me to mingle wid my new frnds. M studying well and u need not worry. Last week we had sports in our college and I ran xpress in 100 meters competition and won the race. M the nxt Usain Bolt of the college. I also wanna let u know something about our teacher, I ha8 her for she is very ago9zing. She punishes every1 tym n again n so I ha8 going 2 college. Rest f9. I luv u. ttyl.
Bes8 Regards

My friend told me, reading this email the father almost collapsed not able to comprehend the English. Isn't it so true? Many a times we don’t get the lingo used by many people in chats and this is spilling over in our day to day communications. Now here is the challenge, should this be accepted officially? What say? I personally think these new terms and the lingo should be made official and should be added to Oxford dictionary or should be addressed in any of the forum which is responsible for making English what it is today. The new age chat enthusiasts worldwide should come together and pressurize in accepting their inventions and making them official. I think there are so many advantages of this new lingo. I have tried to list the most important ones below.
  1. The new generation need not remember the original complicated spellings and instead can easily remember these new creative ones.
  2. Their creative pursuits will be aptly motivated helping them come up with more.
  3. No American boy or a girl will fail in spelling bee competition, though it will be a threat to Indians who have dominated it since last 5-6 years.
  4. Amalgamation of alphabets and numbers in words makes it look so stylish and modern.
  5. Most importantly, with this new age shortened words, less paper will be required; In turn it will help in saving more trees from getting felled. This will contribute to maintaining a correct balance in the ecosystem which is fast eroding. In short it will be a great service to the mankind and the posterity.
Isn't it simply amazing? Unknowingly these compulsive chatters are doing so much for humanity. They are the new age philosophers, scientists, innovators. I would further add they should get Nobel Prize for doing humanitarian work. This will be the ultimate tribute to their inventions. Sometime I wonder what might be the genesis of this new age English
  1. Is it the internet or
  2. Some lazy fools who hated writing in English or
  3. Was it a case of serendipity wherein while exchanging secret info, armies stumbled upon this creative English?

Whatever may be the trigger one thing is for sure the purists and English aficionados are fuming no bounds and have predicted the demise of the queen’s language very soon. With more and more people addicted to net and social media sites, this carnage of English will continue unabashed. I won’t be surprised if in due course English language would be reduced to a code language and would no longer remain the Queen’s language which is spoken widely and lovingly.

This creativity has already creeped into many English homes, the country where the language originated. The English are faring very badly in the language and they attribute this
linguistic erosion to the new age chat lingo or the lingo which is popularly used across many social media sites. I wonder what the great William Shakespeare would have said of this new language; he would rather kill himself than read or listen to this “Khichadi” English. God was so kind in retiring him to the heavens long ago before the advent of this creative English. William Henry Davies would have also said “No time to read and listen to this cheap English” along with “No time to stand and stare”. Charles Dickens would have authored another book named “A Tale of two Englishes” besides “A Tale of two cities”. “Helen Keller” the celebrated American author would have thanked god thousand times for making her blind and deaf for she would not have weathered this English Carnage. 

All in All the famous English poets, writers would have vanished with this onslaught of creativity, like many people vanished due to plague, but I think the contemporary English poets, writers; novelists will have to use this new lingo in their writings to attract the young generation, who is fed on this staple diet of creative lingo, or be ready to have their writings off the shelf soon.

The British might soon have to make changes to their National Anthem and sing “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN AND OUR LANGUAGE….."