Friday, January 3, 2014

AAP Aye Bahaar Aaiyi

What a scintillating, remarkable, fandu (I am too happy) debut by the Aam Admi Party in the recently held elections in New Delhi. Winning coveted 28 seats and decimating one of the oldest party in their backyard is no mean achievement. What a show by these new aged freedom fighters, it was an awe inspiring feat by the so called "green horns" and it gave every Indian a chance to rejoice. This is a good omen I think, with cynicism creeping into every sensible Indians life, they had long given up hope of having good governance and a corrupt free society in their lifetime; this does not in any way guarantee a Utopia, but atleast a hope where there are people ready to take the big bulls by the horn and not have an “Ostrich mentality”.

It was indeed a remarkable, pleasing debut by the AAP. They were up against the big guns who have had spent their entire life in politics, but then AAP came out winners with the virtue of honesty, sincerity and a promise of providing good governance and a corrupt free India to the very people who were fed up with rampant corruption, callousness towards them by these very politicians who on the pretext of protecting them looted them perennially. Clean image of AAP members added to their appeal and got big thumbs up from the people of Delhi, in turn paving a way for them to the parliament, the seat of Indian democracy. The party name of “Aam Admi Party” and the symbol “Zhadu” the broom struck instant chord with not just the Aam Admi of the country but the well-off Indians as well, and why not, the very formation of this party was based on the principle of empowering the Aam Admi of this country and to help realize every Indian its dream of truly making India, “Mera Bharat Mahan”. The leader of this party, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal himself has immaculate credentials and has a clean slate with respect to any kind of transgressions. He is a Magsaysay award winner and has lead from front. Beating Sheila Dikshit the omnipresent, omnipotent CM of New Delhi with a huge margin of 25k votes says it all. People of Delhi vented their anger towards this seasoned politician and showed her the door. 

Forming a party with all novices in the field of politics was a gutsy decision but heartening one as well. They stuck to their guns and the agenda, where upon they promised to tackle the problems, hardships of the people of Delhi; be it infra-structure, sanitation, good governance and most importantly the cancer named “CORRUPTION”.

AAP members and followers used the online media to their benefit and reached out to far of places to garner support, which eventually they received overwhelmingly. It was heartening to see youth from all walks of life proudly displaying their WCD (Weapons of Congress Destruction) the “Zhadu” and getting into raucous celebration on hearing the verdict. Every party took notice of this resounding victory by the novice party; Hindi film industry was no behind. Many of them termed this as new beginning ushering good days for every Indian in the form of good governance and corrupt free India. Not long ago this Aam Admi team was ridiculed, slapped with fabricated stories of wrong doing. Every possible attempt was made to create rift between them, but they stood together and came out ultimate winners. In short the AAP “Took the Mickey out Of Them” by pulverizing the Congress. The members sometime back were referred as "Tum", but after this thumping win they are referred as "AAP". Many jokes on behalf of Congress are doing the rounds after their drubbing at the hands of BJP and especially the AAP. Finally better sense prevailed and the congress high command accepted their defeat and called for introspection. This signaled the arrival of AAP with a bang. 

Well Begun is half done”. AAP has got the required impetus which they need to capitalize on and fulfill the promises made to the common man who dared make them the winner. I would say AAP has an acid test to pass in coming months, years as they ready themselves to face the challenges in Delhi as the ruling party. They have a task cut out; to live up to people’s expectations and also demonstrate to other parties what they meant by good governance and empathy towards the common man of this country. They have opted for Congress’s support in forming a govt. a decision right or wrong, time will tell. Most of the parties though applauding their win are eagerly waiting for AAP to falter, so that they would pounce on them and show who the real boss is. Sheila Dikshit has already made Congress’s intentions clear when she said, Congress will withdraw support the moment AAP does not carry out its duties as promised. What does this mean? Is it a warning to the AAP members to stay away from Congress and not speak or act against any corrupt MLA’s? Or for that matter don’t ever look at what Mr. Vadra is upto? Every action of the AAP party will be viewed through the lens, waiting eagerly to point chinks in their armor. AAP members are treading on a thin line and need to be careful in every action of theirs. They need to work selflessly and without fear and deliver the promises made to the Aam Admi. Amidst all the hullaballoo and the events that unfolded in recent past, emergence of AAP has been a positive thing for Indian society and it gives us hope of clean people being part of politics. Now how much and how long they remain clean is something to watch out for.

It’s often and popularly said “Politics is a last resort for scoundrels”, I hope that’s not the case with AAP members and that they are part of this system to improve it and prove this old adage wrong. Time will tell if truth prevails or otherwise, but till then lets enjoy this new beginning of the AAP and support their endeavor to bring about positive change in the society, and to serve the people they thought was best. To see Aam Admi rising from nowhere to form the govt. in Delhi is no less than a political sensation; people of India and especially people of Delhi should be lauded and saluted for making it a reality. They have proved again that they are the king makers and no one should take them lightly. Mr. Kejriwal and Co don’t forget them. My personal wishes to Mr. Kejriwal the Delhi CM.

With growing popularity of the AAP, more and more people from all walks of life are coming forward to join the party. The pre-requisite to join the team is very simple; the person should be honest, sincere with no criminal background and one who is ready to fight to eradicate corruption and empower people of this country. The good thing is many IAS officers, corporate personalities, social activists, govt. employees etc. are coming forward to join hands with the AAP, for they sense this is the best time to bring in the change which is much needed to cleanse the system and end the corrupt practices which are rampant in our country. The AAP family is growing day by day and proving to be a threat to the other power hungry parties. Looking at the way this revolution has progressed reminds me of a sher

Main akela hee chala tha janibe manzil magar, Log saath aate Gaye aur carvan banta Gaya!

To conclude I would like to reiterate AAP Aye Bahaar Aaiyi !!

Jai Hind.

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  1. I liked the way you summarized Sam! Hope this movement revs in Pune also and some good yet politically unsuccessful people like Avinash Dharadhikari( ret.IAS officer), G.R. Khairnar join the movement for the good cause.

  2. Wonderful Sameer! Great post and nice blog! :)


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