Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kejriwal Tsunami Stops The Modi Wave

David has once again defeated the Goliath. The broom has singlehandedly achieved a clean sweep in this high profile Delhi assembly elections 2015. The broom Tsunami or the broom asthra decimated everyone and everything that came in its way... What a resounding win for Aam Aadmi Party who once again proved, you don’t need muscle or money power to be part of mainstream politics and to win. A party which bursted on the political scene only in recent past is proving to be an Achilles heel for many veteran politicians. The fact that it won more than 90% of seats defeating the omnipotent parties like Congress and BJP says it all. Congresses horrendous performance yet again was a foregone conclusion, but for BJP it is a major setback which was riding on the Modi wave for last 14 months. All credit goes to the Aam Aadmi Party members and their Magsaysay awardee leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal aka Muffler Man The innocuous Aam Aadmi party symbol, the broom has struck a fatal blow annihilating the opposition. With this unprecedented win, the Kejriwal Juggernaut has bulldozed the mighty leaving behind nothing. They have pulverized the opponents won’t be an understatement. The broom slinging party workers doing a jig after their emphatic win was an eye pleaser. Kudos to the underdogs.

Muffler Man Returns
Muffler Man Strikes Again
What brought them so much success is something to look upon
  • Non-corrupt, sincere, hardworking are some of the virtues, principles of the party.
  • Their reach at the grass root level and being able to articulate their agenda proved decisive in their favor.
  • Their endeavor to assuage the misery in common man’s life gave them an upper hand.
  • Condescending behavior towards them by the opponents was a blessing in disguise for them.
  • Arrogance, highhandedness and the swagger of the opponents led to their downfall giving the AAP a clear edge.
  • Anti-Incumbency and a desperation for a change in people’s mind gave AAP the winner's trophy. 
Wanting to do something selflessly for the country is a rarity when it comes to the politicians. The Aam Aadmi Party members are a rare breed of politicians. In fact the genesis of the party is based on the principles of country before self, and to bring in positive change in the life of a common man who is engulfed by misery and despondency.
Aaam Admi Party Juggernaut Stalls The Modi Wave
The New Age Wall
Just few years back Aam Aadmi Party made a grand entry into politics ascending the Delhi CM post, a rare glimpse of success attributed to a fledgling party. They appealed to the people of India to give them the opportunity to be in power and they would in return make corruption a thing of past. This promise from someone who had a clean slate in terms of corruption or any wrong doing was upheld by the people of Delhi. This was a dream come true for not only the party who had no money, muscle power or for that matter experience in taking the big bulls by the horn, but even the Aam Aadmi the common man. This victory of Aam Aadmi Party heralded a new wave of politics which gave confidence, strength to the common man who wanted to enter politics and serve the nation. AAPs stint at the helm of Delhi government was short lived (49 days) when they took to anarchy as their way of protests. In fact this victory of theirs in Assembly polls in Delhi 1.5 years back buoyed them to look beyond, at the national level, which was a big blunder that the committed. The alacrity in relinquishing the power in Delhi brought them bad publicity and lowered their stature in the eyes of the same people who took a brave decision in voting them to the power. With Modi wave in 2014 Lok sabha elections the Aam Aadmi Party went into obscurity having fared badly. Since then until few months back they were termed the pariahs, anarchist, and what not by their adversaries. They had the last laugh though.
Aam Aadmi Party And The Broom Asthra
Aam Aadmi Party & It's Broom-Asthra
With the current mandate to Aam Aadmi Party, they have literally traversed the path from Nadir to Zenith in a very short time. Destiny has bestowed upon them one more chance to prove that their victory is not a flash in the pan, and that they are a formidable unit capable of toppling the veterans. The no one’s (Aam Aadmi) from the party have flattened the ego of many a veterans who thought they were invincible. In many ways this Delhi Assembly elections of 2015 has ringed a wake-up call for BJP. A tally of 3 seats out of 70 has jolted the BJP top brass who must do serious soul searching now or ignore this massive defeat at their own perils. Congress is moving from bad to worst and if this continues the oldest party in India would cease to exist. Aam Aadmi Party has inflicted enough wounds onto their opponents which can have greater ramifications in years to come. With clear majority to the AAP, they have their task cut out. They will have to do everything possible to do justice to the promises made to the people of Delhi. The rhetoric now needs to convert into actions. In doing so they have a mountain to climb and surmount. For now they can soak into the euphoria before getting into serious business. Truly an inspiring victory by the Aam Aadmi Party which would go down into annals of Indian political history, to be written in gold. AAP Aye Bahar Aayi

Arvind Kejriwal the Muffler Man, the architect of the unprecedented win
AK-47 aka Muffler Man
Muffler Man Strikes Again Lethally
Arvind kejriwal - Delhi CM
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    1. Hey Roohi, Thanks a lot for leaving a comment, and I am happy that you liked it. :) Yes, AAP has risen from a slump to reach the top. I hope they do justice to the faith reposed in them by the people of Delhi. I sill surely take a look at the link you shared.



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