Saturday, January 31, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Since last few weeks the cry of Je Suis Charlie has been reverberating in every nook and corner of the world, in fact it has become a slogan for masses extending solidarity towards the hapless, abused individuals worldwide. To many across the globe, Charlie Hebdo was an unknown entity, but not anymore. The carnage that happened at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris and at the Kosher market was chilling and heart wrenching. The act of terror was condemnable and has no standing in a civilized society. The dastardly act of killing cannot be justified nor tolerated. After the extensive manhunt for the killers, the French police had the last laugh, but it was too late. To offer condolences to the deceased and their families, people from all over world thronged the streets holding candle light vigils. Placards proclaiming Je Suis Charlie, Nous Sommes Charlie spread all over. The somber mood and mixed feelings gripped France and the rest of the world. While the Paris tragedy was not enough, execution of the Japanese hostage by the ISIS added to the burgeoning mayhem. Je suis Haruna proclaimed a placard somewhere in Japan.

Paris Attack - Who's Next ?
Je Suis ??
Freedom & Responsibility

In the aftermath of the Paris tragedy many questions still remain unanswered. Why this happened? Who was at fault? Was it possible to avert the tragedy? Will there be an encore in the future? And many more. Carrying out candle vigils and silent marches won’t be enough to stop it from happening in future. We all need to ponder over it seriously to see it does not happen again. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of expressing our views and alike is the bone of contention here. Freedom to have our views voiced, expressed is our right and no one can take it away from us, but many a times this freedom crosses the line resulting in hurting sentiments of others, though this is very relative and changes with individual to individual. What is important to note, with freedom also comes duty, responsibility. One should not forget this; having said that, in no way the carnage in Paris can be justified. The act of terror was outright shameful and condemnable.
Paris Attack: Freedom of speech... Be careful
Think before you express
Think Think & Think

Freedom of speech does not mean one can insult, desecrate religion, places of worship etc. They maybe revered by others. What you perceive as trivial might be very important to others. What you consider trash might be worshiped by others. Here’s where the duty, responsibility aspect gains significance. Besides freedom, one must also take into account their freedom does not cause harm to others. One needs to tread this path very carefully. A very thin line separates what is correct and what is wrong, especially the topics of religion and god. Many people are very touchy about these subjects and can get hurt with slightest provocation. In some cultures usage of foul language and expletives is part of bonhomie, but the same might be considered unacceptable in other cultures, so one’s freedom of speech does not stand any ground here, when one deals with individuals of different cultures. It can lead to enmity and hurt sentiments. Nevertheless it does not mean the transgression should be punished by killing the person. That’s not done folks. Right to live and let live should be the motto. The Paris tragedy has once again brought to the light the repercussions of abused freedom of speech and the barbaric act of terror. Both the parties have a lot to think about, especially the life takers.

RIP Charlie Hebdo

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