Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Dirty Word

For long in many societies this three letter word s** was considered dirty, filthy not to be discussed in open. It was and still considered a taboo in many regions, countries.  In India, the land of Kama sutra the word s** is still spoken in hush hush voices and most people simply freeze on encountering this very controversial (??) word. Many Prudes still consider it as blasphemous to discuss or talk about it. But that’s history now, I suppose. There is a new word, I think, which has been lurking on the fringes for long, which can qualify as the most dirty, controversial word in today’s world. Any guesses folks? It should not be a problem for world citizens to zero down on this new age filthy word? Let me give you some hints, we all frown upon the very mention of this word, we wear a helpless despondent look on hearing it. We simply resign to our fate when it is uttered or discussed. Cynicism takes control and a dreaded feeling creeps into our being. Is this not enough for it to qualify as the most dirty, filthy word which destroys once wellbeing? I think, yes it is, and the word is known worldwide as "Politicians" an offshoot of another dreaded word called “Politics”. In fact it is popularly said; "Politics is the last resort for scoundrels", and indeed the politicians are living up-to the name unabashed.
Conventionally speaking “Politician” is not a dirty word, or there is nothing dreaded about it. Their actions, motives are something which make them filthy, which evokes hatred, disdain amongst the fellow human beings. Politicians are synonymous with a Chameleon, you know why. They can easily qualify as top bluff masters, liars. To play with words and with people’s lives is something they are champion at. Now this entire politician bashing gives an impression of they being an evil monster that is baying for human blood, but this definition does not apply to one and all, rather it applies to some of them who can be referred as rotten eggs / apples in a basket. These very hardnosed species are also capable of turning into pachyderms, paying no or very little heed to human cries and angst. What they are busy with is, filling in their coffers and being ensconced in their chair, for which they can go to any extent.
Politician as a Chameleon
A Chameleon
Worldwide citizens are being tormented by this species named as Politicians, Inciting people in the name of religion, caste, race; region is something which they love to do at any given time. For them human emotions are only to be capitalized for their own benefit. Callousness, corruption, bigotry, greed is so deep rooted in them, that, even the almighty can hardly do anything. People are butchered massacred at the behest of the criminal minds of the politicians. Women are assaulted; deprived of basic needs like education, right to vote etc. in the name of religion, sect by these so called politicians who they claim are the savior and guardian of their religion. There have been umpteen instances where the politicians have looted their countries and fled like a captain abandoning a sinking ship. They are supposed to be the savior, guardian of its citizens who have reposed faith in them, but the chameleons, true to their nature, show their true colors and betray the people. While they revel in their mansions, wear designer clothes, travel like a king, the poor citizens are fighting for their very existence, but who cares.
Politicians Dictionary
Words in a politicians dictionary
Oratory and rhetoric are common traits of these politicians who indulge in shallow, hollow promises which never see the light of the day. To win votes they go to lengths and even distribute money, food, but when in power they loot as well, such is their character. I wonder if their lust, greed has any limit. They think it’s their birth right to exploit, loot. Their moto is self-help and then if they have time help others. In every part of the world, the citizens echo the same sentiments of hatred, angst for these insatiable beasts named politicians. They are cynical about their leaders, have lost all hope of good governance and good life. They look down upon these good for nothing politicians who have made life wretched for them. Deep down in their heart they want to see their backs to the wall begging for their mercy, a case of tables turned. If that happens ever, it would be the most eventful day in the life of the citizens of this world who had enough of these despots.
History, time and again has proved, a politician can define, decide the fate of one’s country, kingdom. Unfortunately in today’s world the politician class is more interested and engrossed in destroying the very fabric of human life, though there are a handful of exceptions, but this percentage is so miniscule for gloom and misery to prevail. After knowing all the characteristics and nature, don’t you think the name "Politician" is the filthiest word in today’s world?
Politician, A dirty word
Politician - A Dirty Word
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