Monday, February 24, 2014

AAP Aaye Aur AAP Gaye Bhi !!!!

Just a month back I was all gung-ho about the emergence of the AAP and had wax eloquence about them wholeheartedly. I was upbeat about their agenda, their principles etc. but in no time they made headlines for all wrong reasons (???) and have backed out of the govt. they had formed some 2 months back. Like many AAP supporters I am disillusioned now, not able to make up who is correct and who is wrong. People of India had pinned a lot of hope on the AAP and thought they would bring in unprecedented change in the governance and put a check on the rampant corruption which is prevalent in India. During their tenure of 49 days in power of Delhi state they did everything which a regular party had not done, like the CM Mr. Kejriwal himself protesting against the police inability to curb negative elements in the capital and asking for control over them, to many other issues concerning governance etc. In my life I have never seen a CM himself protesting on road and sleeping on road and in car for days. This I guess is his way of conveying people, that he himself is an AAM ADMI (Common man) like them.

With lot of hullabaloo over their ways of working, they finally relinquished the power and resigned from running the Delhi assembly, because of strong opposition from Congress and BJP in tabling the “Jana Lokpal Bill” (An ombudsman who would hear to people’s complaints and punish the culprits). Mr. Kejriwal resigning from the CM’s post can have its own ulterior motives. He wanted to be a political martyr and gain sympathy of the people, at the same time demonstrate to the people, he is not power hungry like others who cling to the throne no matter what happens.There are number of other theories doing the rounds; with Lok sabha elections just round the corner Mr. Kejriwal is eyeing a bigger role in politics, buoyed by the recent success he and his party tasted. Whatever might be the reasons, to some extent people of India were hurt by Kejriwal‘s actions and have started doubting his motives. He is clearly in the line of fire with his sincerity and integrity at stake. At the same time something which is astonishing is the support he and his party is garnering in India, more and more people from all walks of life, from corporate world, entertainment industry, bureaucrats, army officers, police personnel are all joining AAP.

To me personally their way of taking on other parties by the horns is detrimental for them and the party’s rise and success. They firing salvos at one n all is not going to help them but create enemies and erode their support which they might need in future. They need to know, diplomacy is the way in politics and no harm in adopting it when people know their intentions are sincere and true.  Someone needs to bring to their notice the old adage of “Paani main reheke magarmach se bair nahi lete” (No point in making croc an enemy while in water – I don’t know if this adage exist in English :)). They hurling allegations against the toast of the country (at-least at the moment) Mr. Narendra Modi might back fire on them and do unrecoverable damage to the party and their prospects of making it big in the national politics. To many Indians Mr. Narendra Modi is a symbol of good governance, development and non corrupt. People of India are envisaging / hoping he emulates what he is done for his state of Gujarat for rest of India. Now taking on him is suicidal for Mr. Kejriwal and his party men, though time will tell if it back fires or hits the bulls eye. For many Indians like me personally want the AAP to do well and bring a clean non-corrupt government in future, but their undiplomatic ways are going to hurt them, I strongly feel. They need to show restraint and tread carefully rather than go all out against the popular figures or their respective political parties.

They have already come out with a list of candidates, who are going to contest in the near future Lok sabha elections against some of the heavy weights who have politics in their DNA and who eat, drink live politics. Will the AAP candidates have the last laugh, time will tell, but it is sure they have a mountain to climb and I hope they reach the zenith and contribute to making India a great nation.

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