Friday, September 30, 2016

Mossad: Enemy's Worst Nightmare

Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Muslim brotherhood, Taliban are some of the names which you are familiar with, and you also know what they have done and can do. The very mention of these names, which are synonymous with violence and bloodshed, can send shivers down the spine. No one would ever like to confront them in any form, leave aside be their bĂȘte noir. They have spread their tentacles across continents creating mayhem and fear and have waged a war against the human life and its existence. They show no sympathy or remorse and are ruthless to the core. Their only Do is to take life. This prelude is enough to describe what they are up to. Now imagine what would you do if they are your neighbor and their presence is as close as ones shadow? Mind numbing thought it is, one that can turn you into an epitome of fear, but amid all these adversaries one nation stands tall and is giving its enemy a nightmare they won’t forget. The tiny nation is Israel, the land of Jews. Israel has Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Palestine as its neighbor’s whose only aim is to decimate Israel, obliterate it once and for all, but they have failed miserably against the firm resolve and iron fist that Israel is, Israel has proved to be their Perpetual Nemesis.

ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda
Israel surrounded by agents of death

Mossad the Marauder

As you all know Jews all over the world were targeted and executed in the past, the famous being their execution at the hands of Hitler. Over 3 million Jews lost their lives due to anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist views of the so called Aryan Supremacist. May be because of this immense loss, their resolve to sustain and grow has increased manifold. Mossad their secret service has a major role to play in what Israel is today, besides their leaders. Mossad is one of the most dangerous, cunning, powerful secret service in the world, and who better than their enemies would know it. They don’t leave a stone unturned to protect their countrymen but also avenge every single killing of Jews anywhere in the world. Their ferocious nature and extreme love for their country has helped them defend a country which is surrounded by agents of death, who are sworn enemies of Israel. Any attempt to threaten Israel, its people is taken very seriously and a Mossad juggernaut is unleashed on the enemy.

Israel's Secret Service - Mossad

Israel’s readiness in avenging any mischief was lauded by George Bush, when he said of an Israeli PM, “I like him, for he has got balls”. This was in reference to the Israeli PM deciding to go ahead and avenge the enemy without the help from the US. The point to stress is, they don’t let any evil eye cast on its people, go unpunished with or without anybody's help. Its enemies have tried umpteen times to decimate Israel but in vain, instead they were at the receiving end. Ask Hamas, Hezbollah and many others about their tryst with the Mossad. Mossad is very particular about not letting away any of his perpetrators, they find each and every one and is given a sendoff from the planet Earth. The testimony to this is the Munich attack on the Israeli athletes. Everyone who was responsible for the carnage was tracked down in various parts of the world and wiped off. This means a lot when we see the Mumbai attackers still roaming free. To know more about their daring stories, read the book Mossad:The greatest missions of the Israeli Secret Service

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Follow Mossad

With Israel and Mossad restraint is no restraint, a single mischief is enough for them to castigate the misdemeanor. They don’t waste time in talks when they know it’s not going to make a difference. Their moto of "attack is the best form of defense" has helped them make such a telling statement, that no one dare cross swords with them, and even if they do, they pay a heavy price. Mossad’s fearsome reputation deters its enemies to not provoke them or get into their bad books, for it can result in loss of their life. This attitude is what we need to develop to keep our unruly neighbors in check.

The kind of restraint we show towards our enemy, thought of sharing this article with you all. But good sense have prevailed and we have given it back to the enemy.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nabeel Wani Vs Burhan Wani: Tale Of 2 Wani's

Kashmir has been on a boil for some time now, thanks to Burhan Wani. This terrorist from the Hizbul Mujhahideen was gunned down by our security forces resulting in massive rallies and unrest across the valley. The separatists and anti-social elements got a reason to stage a war on India. For them Burhan Wani was a soldier who was martyred at the hands of the Indian armed forces, their number one enemy. The separatists, anti-India lobby concocted a story hailing him as the brave freedom fighter Burhan Wani and instigating the vulnerable youth of J&K to avenge his death. The rest is history as they say. Who was Burhan Wani actually? What were the reasons for glorifying him? Burhan Wani was a son of a secondary school principal who was popular for his social media antics. His portrayal of himself as someone who fights against the injustice struck a chord with many Kashmiri youths who started eulogizing him as their savior. His anti-India rants appeased many a sections who echoed his sentiments and put him on the high pedestal. Unfortunately his heroics were for wrong reasons and he paid the price for waging a war against his own country. There are many Kashmiri youths who are disillusioned because of loss of opportunities and avenues which make them fall prey to the anti-social elements who earn their bread by delving and promoting hate and divisive agenda. They instigate the vulnerable youth to pick arms and drive their agenda which is destruction and mayhem. In doing so they save themselves from the line of fire but bring to the fore the poor youth who have lost the ability to make decisions. The result is obvious, terrorism in the name of Jihad. Burhan Wani a son of teacher failed to make the correct decision and qualified himself as a terrorist and died at a tender age of 21 in ignominy.

Nabeel Wani's Success Story

Not far away, one more Wani a son of a teacher living in similar conditions decided to take another path in spite of lots of adversaries and came out as a winner. This Wani is Nabeel Ahmed Wani from Jammu who topped the all-India BSF exam. His perseverance and able mind helped him to make the correct decision and fulfill his dream of serving his country. He did not fall prey to the false propaganda of the separatists or anti-India factions. He decided to pick arms but for the nation and not against it. In spite of hardships, he lost his father while he was pursuing his education, he did not sway away from his goal of serving his nation by joining armed forces. With lots of grit and perseverance he completed his engineering with flying colors and then topped the all-India BSF exam. He has not only made his parents and the region proud but also made a telling statement for all the nay Sayers to abandon the wrong path and contribute to the nation’s glory. His success story is a tight slap on the faces of the propagandists who declared the sentiments of the Kashmiri youths as anti-India. He has proved the anti-nationals wrong and in turn gave them a stern message to stay away from deciding the future and aspirations of the Kashmiri youths. His achievements are a guiding light for the Kashmiris, some of whom, unfortunately are stuck in a dark tunnel of despondency.

Nabeel Ahmed Wani being felicitated
Nabeel Wani being felicitated for his outstanding feat.
Nabeel Wani with his admirers
Nabeel Wani in conversation with his admirers


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Kashmiri Youths At Cross Roads

Kashmiris like other Indians have similar aspirations, goals, they want good life for themselves and their family, want to serve the nation and be model citizens. They want to make something constructive out of their life and make their parents proud. They want to live life and enjoy the pleasures it offers. Like their other Indian brothers and sisters they experience the same emotions of joy and sorrow. They are no different than other Indians, though they are portrayed to be, by some selfish, vile souls. My Kashmiri brothers and sisters there are plethora of opportunities for you to avail and be counted, the mantra is, you will have to decide if you want to go the wrong path which is easier or stride on the right path which can be difficult to follow?. The entire nation is with you in these difficult times and promise to lend you a helping hand, for you are our very own. Its up-to you now, to accept this hand or chop it.

Images: Courtesy Maharashtra Times

Friday, September 23, 2016

Nawaz Sharif At UNGA: A Dud

I must confess, few days back I witnessed the most hilarious narrative I have ever heard in my lifetime. It was so hilarious that it tickles my funny bone endlessly and evokes guffaws aplenty. It was equally amateurish and gibberish, good to be thrown into a garbage bin. I am referring to Nawaz Sharif’s address at the UNGA. What a mockery of the platform he was using and country he was representing. The thirty minute address was devoid of all things associated with a savant and was hypocritical to the hilt. The address was so bad and hollow that even our very own intellectual personified, Rahul Gandhi would have done better. What surprised me was, it was coming from a head of state, and his readiness in presenting something so hollow and forthright lie in front of the world was even more perplexing. Every sentence he uttered lacked sense and would have been dismissed promptly even by a lunatic person. Nawaz Sharif once again demonstrated to the world he is far away from anything that refers to intelligence and common sense and exposed the quality and quantity of grey matter he possesses. Now what on earth made him say Pakistan is a peaceful nation and wants prosperity? And BTW who will believe him? I am pretty sure there would have been rapturous laughter in the hall, had it not been the compulsions to maintain the decorum. He talking of peace was alike to a devil reciting the scriptures. He as expectedly continued with “K” rant and took over from where he left last time. His obsession with the K word would put Rakesh Roshan to shame (Roshan has a strong affinity with the alphabet “K”, Khudgarz, Kala bazaar, K Ishan Kanahiya, Krishh and the list goes on).

Nawaz Sharif's Self Goal

His mention of the slained terrorist Burhan Wani as a martyr and a peace loving young man showed his and Pakistan’s hypocrisy and also exposed their divisions of good and bad terrorist. He hailing a terrorist at the UNGA only confirmed Pakistan’s true colors and intentions. In doing so he scored a self-goal in front of the world. This did not stop him from scoring self-goals further. While mentioning India’s oppression in Kashmir, an illusion, he very smartly omitted any mention of Balochistan, a region which wants independence from its oppressors, Pakistan. For years Pakistan is systematically committing a genocide of the Balochi’s and crushing every attempt made by them to highlight their plight to the world. Notwithstanding, the Balochi’s are demonstrating extreme courage by bringing to the fore Pakistan’s duplicity and carnage in Balochistan. It’s not far when Balochi’s will liberate themselves from the clutches of Pakistani oppression and occupation. While delivering the lie at the UNGA, Sharif's discomfort, restlessness was pretty evident and the world noticed it. Even he knows he is a puppet in the hands of the ISI and the army. It’s an irony that Pakistan is helmed by 2 SHARIF’s.

Eenam Gambhir Fires First Salvo

The Indian rebuttal was spot on. A young Eenam Gambhir, First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN tore into Sharif’s speech and one after other brought down Sharif’s tall lies. Her use of words was so emphatic that all the tall claims made by Sharif collapsed like a pack of cards. She very cleverly summed Pakistan's hypocrisy by referring Pakistan as the host to "Ivy League of Terrorism", a master stroke. Sharif and Pak were decimated by the spirited response by this young diplomat. Her rebuttal has catapulted her to great heights and she is being hailed by one and all in the social media. Well begun is half done, diplomacy is playing its role in isolating Pakistan and convincing countries to levy sanctions on this terrorist state. Time will tell if they succeed, at the same time the military needs to teach Pakistan a lesson it won’t forget for ages to come. It’s imperative for India to hurt Pakistan not just diplomatically but by other means. Entire Indian population is waiting for that to happen and the mood in the country is such that government will have to live up-to the lip service that has been done till now. It’s only matter of time when we will hear the news of befitting reply been given to delinquent named Pakistan. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Uri Solution

With Uri injury still green there was another attack on Indian sovereignty at Handwara. Indian soldiers gave a befitting reply to the trespassers sending them to hell. One of our brave jawan was martyred protecting the motherland. This war might continue, who knows, the thing is how long are we going to press against the rogue nation? Is it only for a brief period, since we have been bled now? or will it last long and tighten the screws on our enemy? My trepidation emanates from our past stance. As the time goes by we let go the intensity and forget the injuries inflicted on us by Pakistan. What happened after 26/11? Even after so many years I don’t see the main perpetrators being punished, they are very much free and continue to spew venom and inflict cuts slowly and steadily. Innumerable transgressions at the Loc, Gurdaspur attack, Pathankot misdemeanor, current Kashmir unrest and now Uri, the enemy has been taking undue advantage of our niceness, softness or is it our incapability? All these years we have been going by the adage “Time is a healer”, but I don’t want we heal the current injury that way, instead, like all Indians, I want this injury to heal by punishing pak in the most brutal way, and avenge all the past pain that it has inflicted on us.

India's options

Diplomacy, military action, sanctions or any other option, we must employ all to corner Pak and not leave a stone unturned to get back at them with vengeance. The key to this is perseverance, no matter what, we need to put pressure on them at all times, be a bully if required and not allow them a breathing space. Baluchistan is the new avenue for us to give Pakistan the taste of its own medicine. The Baloch are crying for our help and want to get rid of Pakistan which has been conducting a genocide in their land for many years. The current state in Baluchistan can be utilized to get even with Pakistan. India needs to shed the tag of peace loving country and get aggressive, Hegemony with responsibility is the need of hour for us. Our soft status is not helping us in anyway, rather it sends wrong signals to our enemies of being incapable. We need to, may be take a leaf out of Israel’s book, Israelis don’t shy away from flexing its muscles at the slightest provocation or misdemeanor by its enemies. The punch is so massive that its enemies think hundred times before crossing their path. India needs to develop this reputation, of a ferocious tiger who will kill if threatened,period. I am no expert in diplomacy or bureaucracy, but analysis paralysis is something we need to get rid of and go for an all-out action.

Time to settle scores

Many powerful nations have condemned Pakistan and pledged India its support, but it’s too optimistic to say that they will join us or help us in making the surgical strikes on Pakistan. It’s only us who will have to pick the gauntlet and score over Pakistan. News flashes of US snubs Pakistan means very little and we don’t need to get carried away. Giving oral support and bringing that support in reality are too distant things, so besides a moral win we should not delve much into it. India is strong and capable enough to deal with a repeat offender like pak, we just need to shed our inhibitions and get rid of the good boy image, as it means nothing in today’s competitive world. We have enough brains and resources to plan an offensive against our enemies and we need to put that into practice now as its time for our redemption. I think the time has come for our PM Modiji to live up to the expectation of 56 inch chest and give somber Indians a time to rejoice.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Uri Attack: Retribution The Answer

One more serious transgression by Pakistan sponsored terrorists at Uri which killed our 20 soldiers. This has a become a habit of Pakistan to needle India time and again through proxies and then act as if they are saint who only believes and practices peace. You can give them dossier after dossier pointing to their role in all the attacks in India, but they will simply say we don’t know about this and give us more proof. What has happened to 26/11? Irrespective of obvious presence and support of Pakistan, they simply look the other way when we try to talk with them. It’s absolutely futile to talk to Pakistan, it’s a rogue nation who will not mend its ways unless it is brought down to its knees, and our military is capable of doing it. The government must now take a firm stand and walk the talk and put the money where its mouth is. We the citizens are fed up of the bravado's and the rhetoric’s of the politicians which are on display abound in news debates and forums alike. It’s time to act and act really tough once n for all or else we will be rendered a soft target, a country of 1.2 billion spineless people. Pakistan is trying our patience is an understatement, rather they take us for granted and so are other countries. Why do we want to play the good boy is beyond my comprehension. In the aftermath of any such dastardly act we debate on having talks with them and in fact we do engage with them wholeheartedly to get one more slap on our face. I don’t recollect Israel taking permission from UN or US to defend itself and launch attacks on its enemies. Their Mossad sees to it that the perpetrators face the Israeli music. Why do we want to prove the world, UN, US that we are peace loving country? In fact, now it is imperative to show to the world that along with Mahatma Gandhi we are a land of Bhagat Singh, Suhkdev, Rajguru and many others who would give back to the enemy the taste of its own medicine. I guess the day of reckoning has come. Retribution is the answer.

Hell with Candy Floss and Kebab Diplomacy

Since long I have been disliking the fact that Pakistani actors, singers, cricketers have been given refuge in our film industry, cricketing circles and in other forums, and believe me they aren’t complaining a bit. They enjoy all the adulation, money they get here. Do we really need them? No I don’t think so, in fact they are the ones who need us. It perplexes me every time I see Pakistani cricketers being serenaded by our top film stars at their home, parties etc. and in return what we get, deaths, misery, and pain. I don’t agree to this bullshit argument of let’s not mix politics and art, which pre dominantly comes from the peaceniks and the ones who enjoy candy floss diplomacy with the Pakistanis and other pseudo intellectuals like writers, activists etc. Hell with “Athiti Devo Bhava”, lets practice it with people who deserve it and not with people who in return inflict pain and only pain. It angers me when some state governments spread red carpet for the Pakistani artists and invite them to perform in their city, state when they are denied to perform in Mumbai or elsewhere. Are we not Indians first? And, is it not morally binding to speak the same language in matters concerning self-respect and security? We all in one strong voice should throw them out of India and let them beg their government to mend their ways, for their transgressions is putting them, the artists in bad light. When Shahid Afridi mentioned that he gets more love in India than Pak, the statement has lots of other connotations and shades to it. He is in twilight of his career and he would like to explore a huge market in India when he retires, the way other Pakistani colleagues have explored and grabbed. So, it’s high time to say NO to these Pakistanis.

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Let's give it back

My thoughts, ideas stand vindicated now as even the government is mulling all options to corner pak, be it socially, diplomatically or militarily. There are many ways we the people of India can pressurize the rogue nation to give its belligerent ways and behave like humans. We the civilians cannot play the soldier at the border, but we can definitely do our bit to help our nation by doing many things.
  1. Stop watching movies with Pakistani artist and don’t buy music CDs of Pakistani artists. If this comes into practice no producer will dare star the Pakistani actors, as they only understand the language of money. Or even stop watching movies of our Indian actors who promote the Pakistani artists and entertain them.
  2. Do not attend or promote any cultural programs having Pakistani artists. We have enough excellent singers to listen to than make a beeline for the Pakistani artists.
  3. Stop buying cheap Chinese products even if they are pocket friendly. Remember China is Pakistan’s all weather friend who covertly helps Pakistan in its mischief against us.
  4. Use social media to the fullest to galvanize people support to oppose all interactions with Pakistani artists or cultural fests.
  5. Also don’t get bowled over by the Kebabs you had in Karachi or Lahore. I read some Indian actors being super happy with the way they were treated in Pakistan.
  6. Also I read about an actress who jumped to one Pakistani actors rescue when he was questioned by the media. This actress talked about how her culture and Pakistani culture is same as compared to the one down south of India. We need to ban such people and show them their true value
Unless we take a united stand Pakistan will keep bleeding us in all possible ways and we will still keep entertaining them in the garb of keeping politics and art separately. Instead of clicking the like button on Facebook to the post of Martyred soldiers, let’s do something worthwhile in our capacity and pay true Shraddhanjali to our soldiers who lost their lives at Uri and many others and the ones who are fighting the enemy at the border. I hope the government will take due cognizance of the recent loss of lives and act tough and not restricts itself to lip service. Remember Israel a tiny country can take on its enemies, Its Mossad can inflict serious damage to the perpetrators then why not RAW or IB?

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Crackpot Named Kim Jong Un

It can’t get bizarre than this. A crackpot named Kim Jong Un, yes the despot, megalomaniac of North Korea has banned “SARCASM” in his country. Yes, you have read it right, Can you believe someone doing this? Or rather I would say a Dumbo like him can only do such bizarre, incredulous thing. It won’t be surprising if next thing he bans is oxygen. No one in his country accept him and his ass licking followers will be allowed to inhale oxygen, anyone dis obeying his diktats would be in front of the firing squads. There have been numerous dictators in the past who had penchant for weird things. Augusto Pinochet of Chile, Idi Amin of Uganda, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Saddam Hussain of Iraq or Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania and many others. They ruled with an iron fist for years and treated people like their slaves, but that was past, I cannot imagine a dictator in today’s age, though we still have a few, and one of them is this weird looking tyrannical leader named Kim Jong Un. He took over the reins from his father, Kim Jong Il who like wise ruled North Korea like his own property paying no heed to his citizens cries. The irony is, North Korea is also called DPRK (Democratic????? Peoples Republic of Korea).

Meri Marzi

Kim Jong Un is known to be a whimsical guy who kills people as per his whims and fancies. He is supposed to have executed many of his uncles because he smelled something fishy. If this was not enough, only recently he executed one of his army’s top general because he did not pay due respect to him during a meeting, his fault was, the general was dozing in the meeting room. I prefer this law implemented in India, so that we can get rid of some useless, good for nothing sycophants who either sleep, watch porn or talk about homely chores in the parliament. Coming back to this tyrant named Un, he has been leading a plush life while the citizens die of hunger and poverty. Only the elite also known as “Special” as per their 5 social statuses are allowed to live in the capital city of Pyongyang rest are forced to stay in other places which are far from decent. No outside media is allowed to peep into his kingdom and report his transgressions. He continues to isolate North Korea from the rest of the world and in doing so forces the citizens to obey to his caprices. It has also been reported in media, that he makes his citizens sing peans in his name when confronted by the outside world, just to let the world now how happy people of North Korea are under his rule. A tactic even the cruel Saddam Hussain employed time and again. The world fails to understand his shenanigans and how people of North Korea tolerate him. But I guess the answer lies in his atrocities, slightest hint of coup against him and his rule is dealt with severely.

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - The killer Look

Kim Jong Un's repertoire

Now the question is, how is he and his machinery going to check if someone is being sarcastic? Have they invented a device for this? Or even this is going to be according to his whims? I tell you he is one obnoxiously funny, fat, bugger, who comes up with these funny ideas. BTW he is not the only tyrant who ordered draconian diktats, Gaddafi, Saddam and others had their strange methods to keep a strict tab on its citizens and punish them for any aberrations. Nicolae Ceausescu found Scrabble games subversive and evil, and hence were banned during his time. Kim has control over personal choices of people as well, for instance, North Koreans are restricted to follow state-approved hairstyles but men are especially encouraged to copy Kim Jong-un 'ambitious' undercut crop, while women are urged to copy his wife, Ri Sol-ju's style. Isn’t it weird? But that’s North Korea and it’s not going to change for generations to come. Kim Jong Un has the audacity to cross swords even with the US and other world powers and pays no heed to their threats of sanctions or military action. He is happy doing his own things (read developing WMDs) and torment his gullible and helpless citizens. He treats North Korea as his fiefdom. It is spoken in hush hush voices, that people of North Korea are fed up of the Kim’s, who since long have been tormenting them, but the truth is, his cruelty and despotic ways do not seem to cease in years to come. God Help North Korea and its people. Some of troubling facts about North Korea:
  1. It is the 2nd most corrupt state in the world, only Somalia is a notch above them
  2. The regime scrapped the Gregorian calendar in 1997, replacing it with the Juche calendar, which is based on Kim Il-sung's date of birth, April 15 1912.
  3. 40% of children and pregnant women are malnourished.
  4. Every new born falls into one of its social statuses depending on the status of the father
  5. Special and 'nucleus', which are assigned to the elite, and get to enjoy luxuries while as 'basic', 'complex' and the sinister 'hostile' are the less privileged.
  6. Person perpetrating against him, faces the music along with his extended family and the next 2 generations under the 'three generations of punishment' law.
  7. The state decides jobs for its citizens when they leave high school and they cannot change them unless they have money to bribe the state machinery.
  8. Now this is funny, In North Korea blue jeans are banned because the color is associated with United States, its bĂȘte noir. People are allowed to wear black jeans though.

The list goes on and on highlighting the plight of normal citizens of North Korea. We should thank god that we are not North Koreans.

"This is all America’s fault"
"A fool who cannot see the outside world,"

are some mocking expressions which can result in saying bye bye to life in North Korea

*Stats taken from

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Religious Fundamentalism, Women Fight Back

Nowadays TV is inundated with various debates on subjects ranging from social, political, sports, entertainment and of course trivial. It’s absolutely impossible to not get drawn into these debates unless you are strictly a soap opera fan and consider it as the start and end of the TV. For me soap operas are no less than self-inflicted torture and cruelty to oneself, but that’s my view and I would like to keep it that way. Now, we Indians do love debating, isn’t it? It’s in our DNA and we are ready to jump on to the debates on subjects which are far beyond our comprehension or not even remotely connected to our social standing. P L Deshpande or simply PU LA very wonderfully put it, a person working in the rodent killing department of municipality won’t shy away from discussing or debating the economy of USA. Jokes apart, the other day I was pulled into a TV debate, the subject was, should women and of certain age be allowed into the sanctum sanctorum of the religious edifices? So called protectors of religion (read agents) were debating fiercely on why women should not be allowed, they quoted religious scriptures in defending their stance and did not shy away from accusing the activists of meddling into religion and religious diktats. According to them rules in religion override the constitution, which gives every citizen the fundamental right to visit the place of worship they prefer.  I watched the program with disbelief, pity and shock. I was even embarrassed to watch this program where views expressed were regressive, obnoxious and draconian.

No Entry

What surprised me was, in this age of 21st century we still have people who cling onto medieval mind sets and dictate terms which has no standing in today's civilized world; the views are simply untenable by all means. This is no less than religious fundamentalism and needs to be tackled with a firm resolve. Their brazen argument of women of certain age being impure was myopic and trash worthy. These fake guardians of religion needs to be reminded that these impure women were the ones who gave them birth and did everything to impart good life. They also need to be told authoritatively that their esoteric diktats of religion do not hold true in anyway and especially when compared with the constitutional rights of the citizens. Judiciary will bring down these fake agents of religion from their high pedestal, but we the citizens should show them their true value by not giving into their high handedness and fatwas. Instead of scare mongering, making sexist remarks and sticking onto their bigotry, these so called demi gods should spend some time in the kitchen helping the women folks and that would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Women Power

Women have achieved everything what men have, they have captured the Mount Everest, entered the space are heading big corporations and banks and are successful business women. We never know they might even step their foot on Mars, when they have achieved so much, and even grabbed positions in some of the pre-dominantly male bastions  like truck, rickshaw, bus drivers, to name a few, what on earth makes them inferior or incapable of entering the places of religion? I think the thought itself is ludicrous, primitive and absolutely barbaric. Also in today’s world where technology, science have progressed by leaps and bounds, it makes no sense to have such parochial thought process leave aside actions. India has enough important problems and worries to tackle than fight for the fundamental rights of its citizens and debate on how correct or wrong it is. I hope the guardians of Haji Ali, Shani Shingnapur, Sabarimala and other places of worship give up their medieval mind set and allow the fairer sex to execute their right of worshiping wherever they want. This will set a progressive and all-encompassing outlook which is the true representation of today’s world.