Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Uri Solution

With Uri injury still green there was another attack on Indian sovereignty at Handwara. Indian soldiers gave a befitting reply to the trespassers sending them to hell. One of our brave jawan was martyred protecting the motherland. This war might continue, who knows, the thing is how long are we going to press against the rogue nation? Is it only for a brief period, since we have been bled now? or will it last long and tighten the screws on our enemy? My trepidation emanates from our past stance. As the time goes by we let go the intensity and forget the injuries inflicted on us by Pakistan. What happened after 26/11? Even after so many years I don’t see the main perpetrators being punished, they are very much free and continue to spew venom and inflict cuts slowly and steadily. Innumerable transgressions at the Loc, Gurdaspur attack, Pathankot misdemeanor, current Kashmir unrest and now Uri, the enemy has been taking undue advantage of our niceness, softness or is it our incapability? All these years we have been going by the adage “Time is a healer”, but I don’t want we heal the current injury that way, instead, like all Indians, I want this injury to heal by punishing pak in the most brutal way, and avenge all the past pain that it has inflicted on us.

India's options

Diplomacy, military action, sanctions or any other option, we must employ all to corner Pak and not leave a stone unturned to get back at them with vengeance. The key to this is perseverance, no matter what, we need to put pressure on them at all times, be a bully if required and not allow them a breathing space. Baluchistan is the new avenue for us to give Pakistan the taste of its own medicine. The Baloch are crying for our help and want to get rid of Pakistan which has been conducting a genocide in their land for many years. The current state in Baluchistan can be utilized to get even with Pakistan. India needs to shed the tag of peace loving country and get aggressive, Hegemony with responsibility is the need of hour for us. Our soft status is not helping us in anyway, rather it sends wrong signals to our enemies of being incapable. We need to, may be take a leaf out of Israel’s book, Israelis don’t shy away from flexing its muscles at the slightest provocation or misdemeanor by its enemies. The punch is so massive that its enemies think hundred times before crossing their path. India needs to develop this reputation, of a ferocious tiger who will kill if threatened,period. I am no expert in diplomacy or bureaucracy, but analysis paralysis is something we need to get rid of and go for an all-out action.

Time to settle scores

Many powerful nations have condemned Pakistan and pledged India its support, but it’s too optimistic to say that they will join us or help us in making the surgical strikes on Pakistan. It’s only us who will have to pick the gauntlet and score over Pakistan. News flashes of US snubs Pakistan means very little and we don’t need to get carried away. Giving oral support and bringing that support in reality are too distant things, so besides a moral win we should not delve much into it. India is strong and capable enough to deal with a repeat offender like pak, we just need to shed our inhibitions and get rid of the good boy image, as it means nothing in today’s competitive world. We have enough brains and resources to plan an offensive against our enemies and we need to put that into practice now as its time for our redemption. I think the time has come for our PM Modiji to live up to the expectation of 56 inch chest and give somber Indians a time to rejoice.

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