Monday, September 19, 2016

Uri Attack: Retribution The Answer

One more serious transgression by Pakistan sponsored terrorists at Uri which killed our 20 soldiers. This has a become a habit of Pakistan to needle India time and again through proxies and then act as if they are saint who only believes and practices peace. You can give them dossier after dossier pointing to their role in all the attacks in India, but they will simply say we don’t know about this and give us more proof. What has happened to 26/11? Irrespective of obvious presence and support of Pakistan, they simply look the other way when we try to talk with them. It’s absolutely futile to talk to Pakistan, it’s a rogue nation who will not mend its ways unless it is brought down to its knees, and our military is capable of doing it. The government must now take a firm stand and walk the talk and put the money where its mouth is. We the citizens are fed up of the bravado's and the rhetoric’s of the politicians which are on display abound in news debates and forums alike. It’s time to act and act really tough once n for all or else we will be rendered a soft target, a country of 1.2 billion spineless people. Pakistan is trying our patience is an understatement, rather they take us for granted and so are other countries. Why do we want to play the good boy is beyond my comprehension. In the aftermath of any such dastardly act we debate on having talks with them and in fact we do engage with them wholeheartedly to get one more slap on our face. I don’t recollect Israel taking permission from UN or US to defend itself and launch attacks on its enemies. Their Mossad sees to it that the perpetrators face the Israeli music. Why do we want to prove the world, UN, US that we are peace loving country? In fact, now it is imperative to show to the world that along with Mahatma Gandhi we are a land of Bhagat Singh, Suhkdev, Rajguru and many others who would give back to the enemy the taste of its own medicine. I guess the day of reckoning has come. Retribution is the answer.

Hell with Candy Floss and Kebab Diplomacy

Since long I have been disliking the fact that Pakistani actors, singers, cricketers have been given refuge in our film industry, cricketing circles and in other forums, and believe me they aren’t complaining a bit. They enjoy all the adulation, money they get here. Do we really need them? No I don’t think so, in fact they are the ones who need us. It perplexes me every time I see Pakistani cricketers being serenaded by our top film stars at their home, parties etc. and in return what we get, deaths, misery, and pain. I don’t agree to this bullshit argument of let’s not mix politics and art, which pre dominantly comes from the peaceniks and the ones who enjoy candy floss diplomacy with the Pakistanis and other pseudo intellectuals like writers, activists etc. Hell with “Athiti Devo Bhava”, lets practice it with people who deserve it and not with people who in return inflict pain and only pain. It angers me when some state governments spread red carpet for the Pakistani artists and invite them to perform in their city, state when they are denied to perform in Mumbai or elsewhere. Are we not Indians first? And, is it not morally binding to speak the same language in matters concerning self-respect and security? We all in one strong voice should throw them out of India and let them beg their government to mend their ways, for their transgressions is putting them, the artists in bad light. When Shahid Afridi mentioned that he gets more love in India than Pak, the statement has lots of other connotations and shades to it. He is in twilight of his career and he would like to explore a huge market in India when he retires, the way other Pakistani colleagues have explored and grabbed. So, it’s high time to say NO to these Pakistanis.

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Let's give it back

My thoughts, ideas stand vindicated now as even the government is mulling all options to corner pak, be it socially, diplomatically or militarily. There are many ways we the people of India can pressurize the rogue nation to give its belligerent ways and behave like humans. We the civilians cannot play the soldier at the border, but we can definitely do our bit to help our nation by doing many things.
  1. Stop watching movies with Pakistani artist and don’t buy music CDs of Pakistani artists. If this comes into practice no producer will dare star the Pakistani actors, as they only understand the language of money. Or even stop watching movies of our Indian actors who promote the Pakistani artists and entertain them.
  2. Do not attend or promote any cultural programs having Pakistani artists. We have enough excellent singers to listen to than make a beeline for the Pakistani artists.
  3. Stop buying cheap Chinese products even if they are pocket friendly. Remember China is Pakistan’s all weather friend who covertly helps Pakistan in its mischief against us.
  4. Use social media to the fullest to galvanize people support to oppose all interactions with Pakistani artists or cultural fests.
  5. Also don’t get bowled over by the Kebabs you had in Karachi or Lahore. I read some Indian actors being super happy with the way they were treated in Pakistan.
  6. Also I read about an actress who jumped to one Pakistani actors rescue when he was questioned by the media. This actress talked about how her culture and Pakistani culture is same as compared to the one down south of India. We need to ban such people and show them their true value
Unless we take a united stand Pakistan will keep bleeding us in all possible ways and we will still keep entertaining them in the garb of keeping politics and art separately. Instead of clicking the like button on Facebook to the post of Martyred soldiers, let’s do something worthwhile in our capacity and pay true Shraddhanjali to our soldiers who lost their lives at Uri and many others and the ones who are fighting the enemy at the border. I hope the government will take due cognizance of the recent loss of lives and act tough and not restricts itself to lip service. Remember Israel a tiny country can take on its enemies, Its Mossad can inflict serious damage to the perpetrators then why not RAW or IB?


  1. उरी हमले के बाद सरकार का एक और बड़ा फैसला, अब BSF के पास होगा अपना अलग एयर विंग
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  2. उरी हमले के बाद सरकार का एक और बड़ा फैसला, अब BSF के पास होगा अपना अलग एयर विंग
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    1. Good news ! but this is not going to be enough to counter a treacherous neighbor.


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