Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Modi Juggernaut – From Chaiwala to Delhiwala

Finally after a long wait the lotus has bloomed in all its glory. What a win !! It can be summed in many ways

•    A resounding win for the BJP.
•    An unprecedented victory for the Saffron party.
•    The Modi juggernaut crushes the Congress and its allies.
•    The NaMo wave decimates the oldest party in India and many many more.

BJP - Lotus in its glory
Lotus in full bloom
It was a dream come true for the BJP loyalists to witness the overwhelming response the party received in the recently concluded lok sabha polls, in fact I would say majority of Indians were happy to see BJP sweep the polls to form the government. The saffron party entering the parliament with absolute majority has never happened before, since India’s independence and they formed the govt, without the support from its allies. This was sheer magic and the magician who made it happen was none other than the Gujarat strongman Narendra Modi or NaMo as rechristened amongst the Netizens. The very chaiwala, who sold tea in his teens at the Vadnagar station with his father has occupied the highest position in the country’s government. His signature now reads “Prime Minister of India”. No one would have thought of this commoner getting elected resoundingly as the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world. He as a sevak of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh) rose to these heights with years and years of hard work and passion to do something for the society.  He has been a name to reckon since long, with his Gujarat model of development being admired and appreciated by many including the Indian expats.
NaMo Juggernaut
Narendra Modi
His emergence in the saffron party was not surprising. He garnered support from many of his party men, because of his impeccable track record when he was at the helm of the state of Gujarat, though the blemish of Godhra riots still haunts him. His no nonsense attitude towards development has won him support from all quarters and is looked upon as a role model, though many in the opposition calls his development model as a marketing gimmick. Irrespective of all the potshots and the name calling by the opposition, he prevailed and had the last laugh.

Such was his aura and effect during the build up of the elections; that Indians voted his party men to elect him as the PM of India. With he sworn in as the new PM, lots of hopes are pinned on him. Dismal performance by the Congress government since last few years, increases his responsibility even more. People of India think of him as the Panacea for India’s woes. With his past achievements as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, the hopes are justified. He is known to be someone who rules with an iron fist, and looking at the transgressions of the past ministers and the current state of affairs, it’s a need of the hour, I think. We need a PM who is firm, vocal and decision maker to help India recover the lost ground. His anointment as the PM, heralds a positive beginning for people of India who had turned cynical during the Congress era. His war cry during the elections build up, “Ab Aache Din Aanewale Hai” struck an instant chord with the depressed, despondent voters. Now, he having succeeded as the PM, people of India expect that he fulfills his promises and bring in good days.

BJP - Modi's Slogan
Good Days In Coming
Besides Modi juggernaut what helped Modi was, the dismal and forgettable performance by the Congress govt. Ten years of rule by the Congress and its allies gave very little opportunity to the citizens to be happy. With scams after scams, internal security in shambles, transgressions by some neighboring nations (which went unpunished), rising inflation and price rise only added to the common man’s woes. Congress governments indecisive stand in tackling these issues only contributed to their fall and hitting the nadir. Having won only 40 plus seats out of 543 seats, nadir wont be a misnomer. I was in splits on reading about Congress Working Committee’s meeting to carry out a post mortem of their humiliating loss. They want to find out what when wrong. C’mon are you so dumb to not know the reasons for the defeat? Any moron would know the reasons for that matter. With scams, inflation, prices all going up and with people’s faith, confidence, happiness all going down, what you expect ? a pat on your back? Or voters doing an encore and voting you to power? Congress think Modi had a better marketing team which helped him and his party to win the elections. This is wishful thinking I suppose. If congress and its allies continue to pretend and not accept the fact, that mis governance was the main reason for their debacle, they are not going to come out of the hole they are in today and would only dig themselves deeper. The sycophants surrounding Rahul Gandhi is a cause for great concern, for they are not allowing him to see the writing on the wall and continue to live in fool’s paradise. This is only going to make life easier for BJP and its allies.

On the other hand PM elect Narendra Modi has given clear instructions to its cabinet to concentrate on delivering what was promised to the countrymen. He is taking appropriate steps to justify the mandate he and his party has received. This is a good sign for we Indians, who have lost hope with the politicians; who are looked upon as mere insatiable beasts whose hunger for money never ceases. Every Indian would now hope, that in reality “AB AACHE DIN AANEWALE HAI” as claimed by Narendra Modi. Though the start looks positive, it’s a long way to go  before we can sing paeans of Narendra Modi and his ministers. As they say “WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE”. The country is waiting with bated breath and lots of hope for him to deliver. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray that better sense would prevail, and Indians would get to experience an ideal government, not experienced in past and which would be talked highly in many many years to follow.

 Modiji India is watching......

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