Monday, June 16, 2014

Dutch Army Sinks Spanish Armada

Christ the redeemer
What a shocker, couldn’t believe it, Spaniards decimated by the Orange. This was the first shock defeat in this year’s WC of a team who is touted to retain its WC title, which they won 4 years back. The Spanish team has the arsenal in its rank to steamroll its opponents, but they themselves got pulverized by the Dutch army. Having said that, let’s not underestimate the Dutch team who themselves can boast of having some of the most talented players in the world. RVP, Wesley Schneider, Dirk Kyut are some names to reckon in international football. What amazed many is the number of goals the Spanish team conceded. The final score line of 5-1 in favor of the Dutch, troubled many a football Pundits.
Spanish Armada in distress
As expected, back home in Spain the team is facing a severe backlash for their lackluster performance; as against, in Netherlands the media is showering praises wholeheartedly on the team for their knockout punch. The way Dutch played; they treated Spain as minnows that have just learnt the ropes of the game. The Dutch in no way are underdogs in this year’s world cup, but no one is expecting them to win the world cup either, but with their superlative performance against the formidable Spain lineup, they are now bragged as one of the favorites besides, Brazil, Germany and Argentina to win the 2014 World Cup. Nowhere Spain is being ruled out at the moment. With severe dent to their confidence, Vincent Del Bosque and his team mates have a mountain to climb for sure. The silver lining to this is, they don’t have any dearth of talent and in matter of time they would come good. They just need to believe in themselves and deliver; the results will soon follow in their favor. Their next match is with Chile who defeated Australia handsomely.

The Torres’s, Xavi’s, Ramos, Iniesta, Fabregas need to come to the party now and deliver what they are capable of. The time has arrived for them to take cognizance of the writing on the wall, “Now or never” or they will have to face the ignominy of thrown out of the world cup in the first round itself. We will have to wait till June 19th to see how they fare against the Chileans, do they rise like a Phoenix or sink without a trace. Personally I would like to see them advanced to the next round and enthrall the audiences worldwide with their aggressive football. When in precarious situations, the true character of the team comes to the fore; they either come out all guns blazing or simply give in tamely. Let’s see what Spain is up-to. The tournament is wide open with favorites coming out winners in their respective matches, except for some besides Spain, Uruguay lost to Costa Rica which can be called as an upset. Balotelli proving to be the headache for the English, The Swiss with one goal down clinched the match with a decider in the dying minutes of the match, Ecuador were at the receiving end. Argentina cruised through Bosnia – Herzegovina. It was too harsh for them to be pitted against the might of Argentina, with Lionel Messi showing his class. The show has just begun and some heavy weights like Germany, Portugal are yet to step into the arena. Very soon we would know who will be bestowed with wins and losses, joys and sorrows. Keep Watching and keep Kicking.

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