Friday, July 18, 2014

Tattoos, hairdos and footballers

Don’t judge a book by its cover, external appearances can be deceptive, you must have heard these phrases umpteen times. They are so true and valid, else you might risk viewing a person with prejudice, and it has its own perils. These sayings come to the fore when you look at the footballers. These filthy rich tattoo laden footballers can give an impression of cocky, arrogant; I give a damn kind, with philandering being their middle name. They lead a bohemian lifestyle full of flamboyance and attitude. There is plethora of stories strewn on the net describing the shenanigans of these new age superstars. They all know how to lead life king-size. But that’s their outward appearance which is so common and in vogue, especially with creative people. Footballers love to express themselves with weird hairdos and quirky tattoos all over their bodies; this is their way of making a fashion statement. I always wonder are they not admonished by their parents when they see their son’s appearance. Looking at them always gives me an impression of intimidating creatures that are high on booze, babes and everything which a traditional society despises. They seem to be from a different world altogether; blame it on their appearance. But, here is where one can horribly go wrong in judging these mavericks, bad boys.


Heavily Tattooed
To be a successful footballer one has to go through rigorous work ethics, this holds true for any sport though. These athletes leave their homes behind to foreign shores to make a mark in the world of football. Football being a very rough sport they have to battle career threatening injuries which can wreak havoc in their sporting career. Behind those millions of dollars that they earn, lay their blood and sweat, a scare of career threatening injury always looms over their head all the time. There are many instances of great careers gone bust because of injuries, cutting short their promising careers. Marco Van Basten is one such name which comes to my mind. In short the outward appearance is just a mask to satiate the business demands, is what I think.

The other aspect of these tough athletes that come to my mind is, their immense love for the game and the pain they go through when their team, be it club or the national, lose. They are left sobbing like small kids who have been bashed in the school. This emotion reveals their tenderness and the soft side of their personality. This aspect also brings out their humility for world to see. During the just concluded WC in Brazil you must have seen these tough guys sob profusely without any inhibitions in front of the world, not worried what they would say or feel. 

Tenderness personified
Crying galore

Sobbing toughies
The tattoos, the weird hairdos often make them look like wild beast that have no heart, or someone rugged and tough who won’t get hurt emotionally. But make no mistake they are as human as we are or even more. In no way I am trying to say they are saint. I am only hinting at, look beyond their outward appearance or else you would falter in judging them with a prejudice.

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