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Football Carnival

Christ the redeemer
Christ The Redeemer
 Un dos tres, football aficionados, get ready for the carnival in the Samba country. Come June 12 and people worldwide would be treated to a feast which would satiate their eyes with some of the most scintillating football you would see by the wizards. People worldwide would be hit by a pandemic called football fever, and people beware, it is highly contagious. This grand event has garnered tremendous excitement around the globe, and India is no different, though football is not that popular compared to cricket. What cricket is to India, football is to Brazil and many other nations. It is truly a global sport which is played, followed with great fervor. Every industry is jumping to associate itself with this event and earn extra dough. Hotels around the world are making arrangements to show the matches live plus offering various appealing packages to the customers. Travel companies are jumping on the bandwagon, enticing its customer with attractive packages and discounts. The football mania is slowly gripping one n all. Consumer electronics companies are having a gala time with people rushing in hordes to get the best discounts on TVs from the dealers. There is no market which is devoid of football, now. Won’t be surprise if you would see some of the below ads

FIFA World Cup 2014
Marketing Gimmick
FIFA World Cup 2014
Brazil calling
Thirty two nations worldwide would be competing for the coveted FIFA world cup. Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain are the teams hot in the betting market. The samba boys would be desperate to win this world cup and assuage the turmoil the country is going through. This would be the best gift that they could give to their countrymen. The other teams namely Germany, Spain, Argentina and others would like to spoil Brazil’s plans. All these teams have some or the other point to prove. Besides Brazil, the Germans look a solid team and a team to watch out for. Argentina and Spain are no push overs.
FIFA World Cup 2014 - Brazil
Teams eying this trophy
Argentina, with Messi, Haguin in their ranks, they have a potent attack which can rip through the defenses of their opponents. They would like to do an encore to their 1986 win. Spain the current world champions have Fernando Torres, Xavi, Inesita, Iker Casillas all world class players. Vincent Del Bosque, Spain’s coach has every reason to be upbeat about their chances in this world cup. Spain, few years back had serious allergy to wins in the world cup, though their players excelled in club matches worldwide. Only recently in 2010 they got the measure of things and came out winner. Likewise, England is still struggling to play as a team at these events. They have the best of players one can think of who are stars in club matches, but they are far from considered a serious threat at the world cups. But you never know. It’s time for the Rooney’s, Lampards to stand up and get counted. Others teams have one or two mavericks but they won’t pose a threat is what experts have to say, take for instance Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is a world class player who can decimate any team if he is supported well. But there are hardly any names in the Portuguese team to reckon, besides him. Luis Suarez, Diego Forlan are star names for Uruguay, but they won’t trouble the biggies, I think. The Azuris are one of my favorites. I have been a great fan of Baggio, Paolo Maldini, zenga, Pirlo and many others. This time they have a loose cannon in Mario Baloteli who is talented and mercurial and can pose serious threats to the opponents, provided he stays calm and composed and not get carried away by the enormity of the event. He is a player to watch out for. Les Blues are a good team, but with Ribery ruled out due to injury, their prospects of taking the cup home have received a severe beating.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Probable Winners
Are they 2014 Champions ?
The Germans are a formidable group which is a strong contender for the title, and not having tasted success for last few years make them even more hungry and determined. They have Podolski, Lahm, Klose, and Ozil at their disposal, a line up which can wreak havoc in the opposition ranks, a team to watch out for. The hosts Brazil are a talented lot with Neymar in red hot form. They have every reason to play for the country and win it for them, which will be sort of a balm on the pain the Brazilians are going through. They have a history and pedigree of worlds most gifted players. Now how they use their talent is for everybody to see. Then there are some African teams who can be a dark horse and throw in some surprises. Cameroon came to the fore when they stunned the Argentinians in Italy in 1990. The African teams can spoil the party for many teams and surprise many. The Dutch with Wesley shneijder, Van Persie, Robben, Kyut in their ranks can be a deadly combo which the opposition would like to see their back as quickly as possible. For some other teams who are considered minnows, it’s a big achievement for them to be part of the playing 32 nations, and their primary aim would be to get past the first round, in doing so they can create some upsets. All in All it would be an exciting world cup. Some of the famous names in Tevez, Ribery, Ibra, and Walcott would be missed.

So get ready to witness the wizards in action, see them gyrating to samba, reggae or even a Gangnam. Get yourself drenched in the excitement and soak in the atmosphere. Bring in your caxirolas, vuvuzelas, drums, banjos to set the adrenaline pumping. Sing Waka Waka, We Are One (Ole Ola) to create the atmosphere. Let this be the time of your life.

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Goals
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