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Cristiano Ronaldo: A Superstar In Wrong Team?

Christ the Redeemer
World’s greatest footballer that day was reduced to a despondent, depressed, hapless, spectator. The Germans handed over to them a 4-0 drubbing. During the match Cristiano Ronaldo was rendered ineffective by the Germans, and also thanks to Pepe for showing his true colors again when he head butted Thomas Mueller to be shown red card. The final score line of 0-4 against the Portuguese was hard to believe, for they started magnificently, attacking the German goal post repeatedly but without success. The course of the game changed when Germans were handed a penalty for obstructing Mario Goetz wrongfully in the Portuguese D region. Thomas Muller the architect of the win took full advantage and scored the first goal for Germany. He went on to score 2 more goals to complete a hat-trick. If that was not enough, the problem child of the Portuguese team, Pepe head butted Thomas Mueller and was sent off, reducing the Portuguese team to 10 players, which I think costed them dearly.

Brazil WC - Pepe gets red card
Pepe sees red

Portuguese star player and the world’s greatest footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was absolutely nowhere to be seen, when his other counterparts in Nani, Pepe hogged the lime light though not for all good reasons. Ronaldo hardly got any chance to showcase his skills for he rarely got hold of the ball, and when he got, he faltered. The Germans took full advantage of his no show and attacked the depleted Portuguese line up repeatedly earning 4 goals. Ronaldo looking lost, gasping for breath made a very sorry picture; couldn’t believe if he was the same flamboyant, versatile Ronaldo the world knows. To add to his and teams woes was a serious injury to Hugo Almeda and Fabio Coentrao. My prophesies came good for this match and had predicted a win for the Germans. I might be bias here for they are one of my favorite team. Since the days of Carl Heinz Rummunige, Juergen Klinsmann, Rudi Vohler, Lothar Matthias I have been their fan, and love their kind of aggressive European football. For me they stand a good chance to win this world cup. To their advantage, they still have strikers like Klose, Podolski, Shweinstigger who are yet to play. Their line up look formidable and ominous for the opponents. If they play well as a team, there would be no one to stop them except god and fate.

The Portuguese with this loss are down but not out I think, and they would make a telling comeback. They have a task cut out for them and if they have to succeed a maverick known as Cristiano Ronaldo has to click and come good, apt support from his team mates would also matter big time. There are even murmurs of he not fully fit and his knee is still a worry. Hope that’s not the case and he play’s. It’s always a joy to watch him; those aggressive run ups, dribbling past many a players his football skills is a treat for the fans; that makes him one of the most sought after player in international football.

There are many instances when the teams laden with superstars, talented players fail to justify their talent and look pedestrian in the match. Either they suffer injuries, or fail to hit the target in spite of repeated attempts or luck eludes them. I would simply sum it saying “One bad day at the office”. I think Ronaldo and the team had one bad day at the office and they need not worry, for form may be short-lived but class is everlasting. They will bounce back.

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