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Oktoberfest in Brazil

FIFA 2014 World Cup
Christ the redeemer
At the moment the most hated nation for Brazilians is undoubtedly Germany. What a match!! The German blitzkrieg simply decimated the sambas on their own turf. The score line of 7-1 is incredulous and perplexing as well, and looks like the Germans were up against minnows who have just learnt the ropes of the game. The total annihilation of the Brazilians has to be the lowest point in their football history is what I feel. What went wrong? Was Neymar missed so much? Did they underestimate the Germans? There are so many question raised because of this shocking defeat. Luis Felipe Scolari in his wildest dream would have not thought of such a rout, such an insult. It was a nightmare he would like to forget as soon as possible. The Samba team would also say + 1. I am a great fan of the German team and had predicted their march ahead; and my prophesies have come good so far. They are a very strong team well led by Joachim Lowe.

FIFA WC 2014 - Germany rout Brazil
Germany revel in Brazil

The revelations made by the German players after the match of not insulting the Brazil team by scoring more goals was a thoughtful gesture and also showed the despondency of the Samba players. In spite of the modest approach taken by the Germans, they scored two more goals in the second half, rubbing salt on the wounds of the hapless hosts. Being knocked out of the world cup, which they wanted so desperately only added to the turmoil the country is going through. A win would have assuaged their pain to a great extent, but fate can be very cruel at times. With over 200 million countrymen crying at this loss can seriously create flood like crisis in Brazil. Scolari and his support staff are in the eye of the storm that is brewing, and Brazilians want their head immediately. To add to their woes they have to play Netherlands who lost to Argentina for the third spot. Is this match really required? It is inconsequential to many and especially to the Brazilians. Another loss would be the final nail in their coffin. This match for them is like performing a humorous act while they are bereaved, but they have no option but to put on a brave face and fight with vengeance and try to redeem themselves.
FIFA 2014 WC - Brazil Vs Netherlands for 3rd Spot
3rd spot playoff

With confidence sky high, the Germans are sensing a victory in the final over Argentina, though they should be wary of the South American team which is laden with demi gods and Angels namely the Talisman Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, Lavezzi, Mascherano, Higuain and the super hero their savior Sergio Romero. These are some names which are capable of inducing fear in the opposition. Germans are well aware of their opponents and smart enough to plan for their downfall. They will have to come up with a master stroke to get past the Argentinians. Going by their performances they are the strong favorites to win the trophy and they have already started celebrating at the Berlin gate and all over. It’s just a matter of time and we would know who lifts the coveted trophy, a pride possession to lay hands on.

The Orange turns pale
In the other semi-final the Argentinians overcame the Dutch resistance for a place in the final. The Dutch, who were strong favorites to win the cup were undone by some acrobatic, pumped up Sergio Romero who denied them two opportunities in the penalty shootout. The unlucky ones who couldn’t get pass through him were, the reliable Wesley Sneijder and Ron Vlaar. They felt they deserved to win having played some superlative football throughout, but they should know “Man Proposes God Disposes”. To conclude, it was not their day. It was a match between two formidable teams and they played like one, though at times, strategy to over rely on containing top players from the opposition, mars the aggressive traits in them which are a must in such matches. Both the teams were culprits in this act which resulted in no scores even in the extra time. Penalty shootout is a gamble and can turn the tides against the best teams in business. It is the time when thoughts play havoc in one’s mind, no wonder some of the Dutch players refused to take the first kick.  Wesley Sneijder faltered and gave the much needed confidence to Romero who was like a wall stopping everything coming his way. Ron Vlaar did an encore and paved way for the South Americans to get past through them. No doubt the Dutch were sad would be an understatement. They have little time though, to get over their dejection and play the already mutilated Brazilians for the third spot. This match is like killing someone who is already dead and buried.

FIFA 2014 WC - Netherlands dream gone kaput
Dutch dreams broken
Argentinians should consider themselves lucky having seen the back of the Dutch. They now have a task cut out against the Germans who are riding on a wave of success. They would require a Hanumanian task to cross the line first. They have the ammo and resolve to crush the Germans, but will depend on how they utilize it, firing at the opposition or in dark. A lot will depend on Messi and his skills. He has to be well supported by the Marias, the Higuains, and the Mascheranos. Messi with his tired legs (His father says so) cannot pull off a victory all alone. We have a match on our hands and like many I am going to turn nocturnal to watch this match. Germany or Argentina who will have the last laugh, What you think guys?
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