Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Messi All the Way

FIFA WC 2014
Christ the redeemer
With many of the favorites already ousted from the competition or are on the verge, the match between Argentina and Iran was an important one for the South Americans. In the first match against Bosnia, they were not convincing, though they won that match. I was very eager to see this match and the telecast time (9:30 pm IST) suited me. There was only one reason for my eagerness to watch this match and that was undoubtedly the diminutive superstar Lionel Messi. In the recent past I have not seen him play in national colors, and that made worth a dekho for me. With all due respect to the Asian team, I thought it would be a walk in park for the Argentinians, and they would win it handsomely; but the match was a dud for sure. Having said that, the Iranians played out of their skin and attacked the Argentinian goal many a times, though sans success.

The Iranians not getting overwhelmed by the big names, gave everything on the field and made life difficult for the Argentinians. This was one of the scenarios where the predator almost became the prey. Most of the times the title of underdogs or minnows spurs the team to do something unbelievable, and that’s exactly what the Iranians did. They had nothing to lose and came out all guns blazing against the favorites. It was sheer luck the South Americans were saved from the clutches of defeat. Their strikers namely Higuin and others were proving to be ineffective and were replaced during the match. The Argentinians somehow were not able to gel well, and displayed collective brilliance only at times. On the other hand the Iranians defended well and ran aggressively as if they were possessed and that there was no tomorrow. Everyone in the team was trying to be “Messy”, added to the woes of the Latin American team. The frustrated Argentinians had some respite when finally their talisman named Messi scored in the dying minutes of the game breaking the shackles. It goes without saying why Messi is considered to be world’s top footballer. He deserved to score this winner having scored 350 goals in club matches. Having pocketed 3 points with this win, they are very much in the hunt for the 2014 WC title which has eluded them since 1986. Felt sorry for the Asian team, but they can afford to hold their head high having almost beaten the giants. They have a bright future to say the least. Argentinians have advanced to the group of 16. Fans worldwide would love to see them win convincingly rather than the scratchy wins they had so far.
Lionel Messi
Messi Magic
English are out of the WC. I am not surprised and many would echo the same sentiments as mine. Since long they have faltered on the international stage and have bowed out tamely without troubling the opponents. English football is in disarray is what many feel and resurrecting it is the need of the hour. In the meantime the English media has been very vociferous in their attack on the loosing team and have called them “SMILING IDIOTS”. The hunt for a scapegoat is on; time will tell who will be guillotined royally.
Dismal Performance by the English
English out of WC 2014

Azzuri’s till date have not played to their potential and ability and their fate rests on the match with the spirited Uruguayans. They might be the next team to bow of the tournament prematurely. Les Blues are marching ahead authoritatively having routed the Swiss 5-2. Absence of Frank Ribbery is not affecting them at all, and they are cruising ahead staking their claim on the world cup title. Who comes out winning and who bites the dust would be unfolded in coming days. Keep Watching.

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