Sunday, September 27, 2015

President Of US - The Candidates

The most powerful person on planet earth is said to be the president of United States. Now who on earth would not like to be in his shoes? I guess this is being taken too seriously by some of the Americans who have already thrown in their hat in the race. Donald Trump is one such name. This filthy rich real estate magnate is wooing Americans to adorn him with the coveted tiara of the President of United States. To many, his rise in the popularity is no less than a surprise even after a series of goof ups and foot in the mouth statements. It would be interesting to envisage him as the president of the US in the future. With his arrival, what would the White House look like? Or would be turned into? The options are many and worth taking a “dekho”
Mr. Donald Trump

He being a hardcore real estate magnate, he might continue being one and continue his real estate dealings from White House. To every visiting delegation he would put forward a new proposition of buying properties in their country, and same would be offered to them in US. The land mafia worldwide would have a gala time. The world would get to see at least one Trump tower in every country. Country leaders who oppose this move would face trade embargo and face black listed until and unless the opposition has diminished or decimated. More importantly some of the Indian politicians who have voracious greed for real estate and property would have permanent residence in the White House at the behest of Mr. Trump. Isn’t it amazing? In the remotest area of India, boards claiming “This Land belongs to Mr. Trump”, “Trespassers would be prosecuted” would be ubiquitous. Countries requiring arms and ammunition from US would have to let go prime properties in their countries to Mr. President, Mr. Trump. It won’t be a surprise if the world get to see a billboard outside White House saying promoters and builders Mr. Donald Trump. If this is not enough lot of wannabe job seekers would walk into White House to be an Apprentice. This would include professionals from various industries like IT, hospitality, real estate, entertainment, marketing and many more. It would be a common sight to stumble upon Patel’s in the long queues outside the White House. All in all realty business across the world and especially in US would get a major boost with Mr. Trump occupying the White House.
Mr. Kanye West
There are many others who want to be the most powerful person in the world. In the long list of dreamers, one name stands out. He is none other than, the undisputed king of Rap, who is notoriously popular for PDA’s with his socialite wife Kim Kardashian. He is, yes you have guessed it right, Kanyeeeee Westtttttt. Are you surprised? Even I was, when I read his wish, to contest the future Presidency of the United States. He says United States need creative people in the White House and he is one.A BIG LOL moment isn’t it? I have not heard such an amazzing joke in recent times. Thanks Kanye you tickled my funny bone and had me in splits. You are SUPERBBBBB. But But folks it would be fun as well, just imagine what you can expect with the celebrity couple in the White House. The oval office in the White House would be the most used place. Remember the name Monica? Kanye and Kim’s PDA’s and sexapades would make the house spicy and colorful again. They would give the porn king Hugh Hefner a run for the money. Most importantly these acts of intimacy would delight the voyers world wide. Formal dressing would be a thing of past, and garish, nude dressing would be in vogue. Plunging necklines and reducing hemlines would be the order of the day with the power couple leading the pack. Many world leaders who had a tiff with US would say let bygones be bygones and would like to extend a hand and roving eye towards the celebrity couple, Kim Kardashian, the first lady would be the most loved lady worldwide. I am not surprised!!!!. Isn’t it a harbinger of world peace? Music industry in the US would get unprecedented support and it won’t be a surprise if MTV award function is held at the White House. Rap music would get the cult status and every rapper would be awarded the highest civilian award in the US, even the US national anthem would be composed again to a rap tune. A beautiful, creative, lively world named kkimtopia would come into being. HURRAYYYYY. BRAVOOO, ZAKASSSS.
Mr. Piyush "Bobby" Jindal
Last but not least, how can I forget our very own Piyush “Bobby” Jindal? Oh “Quelle Catastrophe”, I referred to him as our very own. My sincere Apologies. How could I forget, he does not like to be called a HYPHENATED American? He is an American and a pure American, put that in your head, always. What if he dons the cap of a US president? It would be night mare for everything and everyone associated with India. Anyone even accidently calling him an Indian American would be guillotined in Time Square and broadcasted worldwide. Yes guillotined, a gift from the French besides French kiss. All Indian festivals celebrated with fanfare in the White House would be stopped immediately. There would be great propensity of India born tech honchos losing their jobs and sent back to India. Relations between US and India can plunge to all time low with heavy sanctions slapped on India. Even a great probability of arming Pakistan against India won’t be ruled out, in doing so he would convince, almost certainly, the senate that he is not an Indian-American.

If Modi continues to be Indian PM in those times, he would simply avoid going to the White House. Who would like to get insulted and listen to anti-India rants? Mr. Jindal wishes to forget his Indian roots, so be it. While he does this he thinks he has better chance to show Americans how American he is and in turn convince them to vote an American to the White House. Our best wishes to Mr. Bobby Jindal.

The allure to be the next US president has affected many and they are playing every trick in the trade to enter the White House to be the most powerful man on this planet.

Note: The above stories are figment of my wild imagination and not to be taken seriously.

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