Sunday, June 14, 2015

My GRAND Grandparents

Like many I was blessed with love, affection of my grandparents. There are plethora of memories with them which I cherish and will take with me to the grave. According to me, I had the best grandparents in the world. Just looking at them gave me peace, tranquility, confidence and feel good factor. They showered on us, all cousins, all the love in the world, be it gifting us toys when we were toddlers to buying us all that we would ask for. It was not this that we loved them, but the wisdom, motivation, confidence that they instilled in us whenever required was a greatest gift they gave us. They were always with us. My paternal grandmother was a tough task master when it mattered, but was a softie at heart who would shower her unbridled love on me and my younger brother. She taught us the importance of doing things correctly be it eating habits, good manners or respect to the elderly. These good habits when instilled at young age, mold us to be good human beings when we grow up. We understood why she was strict when it mattered and that has stood in good stead all my life. We used to lovingly call her Akka Ajji.
Epitome of Love, Affection
We all, my cousins were the blue eyed boys of my maternal grandparents. During our vacation with them, we used to have fun abound. Playing carom, cards, antakshari with them will always stay with me more than good memories. We all used to call our granny Emma, after watching an English serial with the same name in those years, and that name stuck all through. She was an epitome of serenity and love. Just looking at her gave me a lot of calmness. She spoilt all of us with her giving nature and was a negotiator when our parents got angry at us. She was a fevi-kwick I would say, who binded all of us together forever. Even my paternal side was enamored by Emma’s loving nature. For all of us she will remain forever the source of love, affection, kindness, someone who was sent to earth to shower love love and only love.
My Grandpa's Mantra
My maternal grandpa, Appa was a simple man and he lead life like one. He was simplicity personified. He like my granny was loving by nature and always had a word of wisdom or two whenever mattered. His mantra of “Khup Khaycha, Khup khelaycha ani khup Abhyas karaycha” (Eat a lot, play a lot and study a lot) has stuck to me and will continue until my last day on earth. This simple mantra of his brings a lot of confidence and a sense of simplicity in life. This very sentence makes life uncomplicated. I would always thank him for giving me the SUTRA to make life easy. He was a staunched supporter of things Indian. Speaking in our mother tongue, Marathi was always high on his list. His words of wisdom, if we don’t take care of our languages, cultures, traditions, then who will? Had a major impact on my life and my thinking. With these teachings, I consider myself a strong proponent of my language, culture and tradition. In no way that undermines other languages or cultures. He was a great influence in my life and I would always consider myself lucky to have him.
A Scholar in my life
My grandpa’s brother Madhu kaka was like my grandfather as well. He was a scholar and taught English and Math’s in reputed Mumbai College. I very prominently remember when he admonished me for being poor at English grammar and math’s as I was preparing for my 10th board exams. He took me under his wings and taught me with great pains. He used to travel to our house to teach me, even though he had perennial ill health. Owing to his persistence and hard work, I excelled in both the subjects which I considered my enemies. He also taught me the importance of exercise and introduced Asanas in my life. I do remember practicing various Asanas with him. He was a savant and had mastered many traits. He had a great understanding on various subjects like relaxation techniques, medicine, Yoga, music etc. Just talking to him helped me learn so many things. He was a guiding light in my initial years of life.

I truly consider myself blessed, lucky to have them and for enriching my life. I definitely believe, it might be my good deeds in my past life or so that I had such lovely grandparents. While I write this I have tears in my eyes in memory of these great souls who were god send in my life.
Thanks sincerely from my bottom of my heart, Akka ajji, Emma, Appa and Madhu kaka. I will remember you all my life…

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