Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Pachyderms

Pachyderms are the animal species characterized as thick skinned entities who dwell in the woods. This biological feature aids their survival in the ruthless environs, where the mantra, “survival of the fittest” reigns. Here, though, I don’t wish to put on the zoologist cap and lecture on the animal species. My only intention in the preface is to let you know who the pachyderms are. Taking this cue I wish to bring to the fore the true Pachyderms amongst us. Lately I noticed, a species of pachyderms do reside away from woods near to us. Do you know who they are? Let me give you a hint, they roam around in a place called Parliament. You guessed it right they are our revered (?????) Politicians. These Pachyderms, in short "Shameless", "callous", "self-centered", thick skinned creatures are running amok and holding the temple of democracy and the helpless citizens to ransom.

The Showdown In Parliament

The scenes that were broadcasted live in Indian homes of the unruly politicians creating ruckus in the assembly were forthright deplorable and enraging. These very people who vowed to work for the betterment of the citizens were ruthlessly trampling the hopes and dreams of millions of Indians by not allowing the parliament to function and in turn not executing their duties for which they are paid handsomely. By disrupting the parliament functioning for days resulted in crores of tax payer’s money going down the drain. What a pity. Under the garb of practicing their fundamental right of protesting, they proved they were putting forward their own agenda at the expense of the citizens. The opposition parties thwarted the ruling governments plan to pass important bills which would have benefited the citizens. In doing so they don’t want the ruling government to get the credit. For years this menace of our politicians have resulted in many important projects being left in a limbo and we the citizens are paying a huge price for their shenanigans. When will this stop only god knows, no wonder our development, growth plans remain only on paper, hidden in the darkness of innumerable files dumped in some corner, never to see the light of the day.

The Showdown On TV

The other fad India is noticing these days is, debates on news channels where these pachyderms take on each other firing salvos, declaring how good they are. Their mere rhetoric’s are good to watch and entertaining but hollow in nature. The speciality of these innumerable debates is, there are no positive takeaways, results but only a “Tamasha” aided by the anchor who works as a catalyst in turning this friction into an inferno. Remember the news channel also has to rise in the popularity charts known as TRP ratings. These shameless politicians turn vicious when the argument “no work no pay gets going”. They say they are above everyone and no one dare talk or erode their privileges. They think they are GOD.

Ouch I did It Again !!!

These pachyderms don’t stop here, one of the traits they flaunt with elan is the "foot in the mouth syndrome". Invariably all Indian politicians suffer from this syndrome. They think their words of wisdom enlighten the young generation and should be carved in gold. A lol moment. Its high time these Pachyderms leave the high pedestal and act for the betterment of the people else the angst that is growing amongst the people would pull them down unceremoniously. No more Rhetoric's and Jingoism, we the citizens of India now want to see these mere talks turn into positive action or else as the great saint Ramdas Swami said "Kriyevin Wachalta Wyartha Ahe" (Without Action The Talk Is Useless).

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