Monday, June 1, 2015

Gangs of New Delhi

One fine day a congregation was aggressively debating the state of affairs of their motherland. This debate at times would turn vitriolic, vilifying each other without any remorse. In colloquial lingo they were being BESHARAM. Each one of them took turns to take potshots at others accusing them to be callous in handling the issues affecting the motherland. Everyone claimed to have made significant contribution to the country’s growth and attributed to the well-being of every citizen of the country. They brazenly declared how compassionate they have been to the people of the country, be the rich, poor, educated, illiterate, male, female, young, old and everyone. Their chest thumping rhetoric’s were no less than emotional drama, played to the galleries. They even acted skillfully, proclaiming their support to specific communities and how some should be benefitted for being sidelined for ages and tortured by the ones who considered themselves superiors. This exchange of sound bytes gave an impression of how much they loved their country and its people, and that they wanted to bring positivity and turn over a new leaf in their life. Such a noble thought, isn’t it? In fact their entire conduct emanated sympathy, compassion for others. Their heartfelt love, care for their countrymen was something to hold close to the heart, forever. Hold On, there is a twist in the tale though.
Band of Robbers
These caring, loving gentlemen who were thumping their chest and claiming their allegiance to the country, the countrymen were in fact dreaded criminals, robbers who had were looting the country for ages. They carried out scams after scams, instigated violence amongst communities, religions. Murdered and raped women. Held common man hostage to maneuver their demands of reservations in jobs, education for some communities. They even helped escape a dreaded terrorist who was waging a non-stop war against the country. Their justification was, he was in fact a holy warrior who was simply carrying out his duties. One of these great men even accused the others of corruption and robbing the country of millions of rupees. One of them under the garb of development felled forests galore to build lavish homes for himself and his sycophants. One of them roared with pride promulgating how he got rid of a sincere law abiding officer who dared stopped him while he simply tapped the natural resources in an eco-sensitive zone. Accusing other of nepotism and favoring his family members in getting plump money making deals, was one, who for ages ran his real estate business where farm land was given to influential people at throw away prices and then the same land sold to corporates and other entities at exorbitant prices, thus minting money in millions. Do remember they are not “AAM AADMI”. While this shameless debate was happening, one comment took everybody by surprise, when this pathetic criminal said he and his family has been looting, laundering money for years together, but was very critical of the others for their transgression, as they were not doing anything for the well-being of the poor, unfortunate.
Veiled Hoodlums
A common man who saved himself from the prying eyes of these criminals was listening to their bravados and that left him crestfallen. He felt why people like him and others were left at the mercy of these scoundrels who play with people’s life under the name of well-being, progress and what not. He even felt, was rather confident of these hoodlums being very similar to our politicians who squabble, manipulate, and accuse others of wrong doing when they themselves are neck deep into it. They teach others what governance is when they themselves never followed. They hold protests and instigate their followers to indulge in arson, looting against some government bills which they feel are anti-farmers, anti-poor. They never bothered about the poor, the farmers in first place, and now they want to stall the development by promoting false propaganda. The same politicians who disrupt the parliament on the topic of black money, have their millions of dollars stashed abroad in Swiss banks. They all are biggest hypocrites who enjoy passing the buck. I am worried that we are the helm of such callous people who are more worried in holding to the power rather than work towards the betterment of its people. MERA BHARAT MAHAN.

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