Thursday, March 5, 2015

West Indies vs Zimbabwe: The Marauder Strikes

ICC 2015 World Cup - The Cricket Fever Spreading Like Wild Fire
ICC 2015 World Cup

BREAKING NEWS. Canberra, Australia hit by a deadly storm it has ever experienced in many decades. Cyclone Marcia which hit Queensland a week back was no competition to this recent attack. This deadly disaster is known to pulverize human will, resolve, confidence, and can resign the affected to complete helplessness and turmoil. This ferocious entity happens to be known as Gayle Storm. On 24th Feb the Zimbabwean cricket team faced the brunt of his savagery. The smiling assassin, the sleeping giant woke up from his brief slumber to inflict unprecedented pain and agony on the helpless Zims. The Marauder named Christopher Gayle got into the act again. Gayle storm was so lethal that the pain was felt thousands of miles away in the African nation of Zimbabwe. Chris Gayle was in is elements during this world cup encounter between the West Indies and Zimbabwe which was played on 24th Feb 2015 in Canberra, Australia. The Jamaican terror bludgeoned the Zim bowling attack mercilessly to score the first double century in world cup history and his first as well. This explosive inning was studded with 16 hits over the rope and no less than 10 to the boundary. This pyrotechnic of his helped him pile a score of 215 from mere 147 balls. The result was a foregone conclusion in the favor of the calypsos.
ICC 2015 World Cup - Gayle Storm Hits Down Under
Gayle Storm Reaches Australian Shores
Jamaican Giant
Christopher Henry Gayle hails from the Caribbean nation of Jamaica. He is also popularly known as "Gayle force", "Master Storm", "Gayle Storm". His towering stature of over six feet is more than enough to induce fear in the opposition. Though his sage like calmness belies the dormant volcano within. And when it explodes, annihilation, destruction is written all over. It would take ages for the inflicted entity to resurrect from the damage done. His mediocre performances in the first two matches against Pakistan and Ireland, was a lull before the storm, and the sufferers were helpless Zims who were blown away by his rampant batting skills. He wields his Virat willow like a sharp sword, cutting, thinning, and pulverizing everything that comes in its way. No wonder he is crowned the world’s most destructive batsmen by the purists, pundits and critics alike.
Smiling Assassin
His calm demeanor coupled with his calypso moves make him the darling of the crowds. Even his phlegmatic avatar during the blitzkrieg perplexes the opposition who are compelled to applaud this entertainer par excellence. His batting prowess and brute force is a hallmark of quintessential West Indian style of cricket. His flamboyance, the swagger, on and off the field is something innate that this athlete possesses. His cheeky smile during the assault is endearing to say the least and is a treat to the eyes. This type of his inning was witnessed many a times in the past, proves that the current one was not a flash in the pan and another might be on its way very soon. Who knows who would be at the receiving end? No matter what, he is an asset to the game of cricket and an entertainer to the core.
ICC 2015 World Cup - Gayle Thunder Down Under
Experience the Gayle Thunder Down Under
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