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New Zealand vs West Indies – Guptill Storm Unleashed

ICC 2015 World Cup
What a game. Wellington was hit by, no it was not Gayle storm but a storm known as Guptill Storm. It was raining sixes and fours, rather there was a heavy downpour of sixes and fours at the Westpac Arena in Wellington. Martin Guptill slaughtered, bludgeoned, annihilated, and decimated the West Indies bowling attack. His blitzkrieg was so severe that the West Indians were mere spectators to his pyro techniques. The ball flew to all corners of the park through his blade. He hit mind boggling 24 fours and 11 towering sixes in his unbeaten knock of 237. The Calypso’s shoddy field work gave Guptill a reprieve when he had scored only 4, and this blunder proved very costly for them. Guptill grabbed this opportunity with both hands and plundered them mercilessly after. No kiwi batsman in history has so far scored a double hundred in an ODI. Watching him bat this way seemed like watching highlights after the match. The white cherry was travelling to the fence more often as if it belonged there. It was a sorry site to see the dropping shoulders of the Calypso men, the rhythm was nowhere to be seen, glum was prevalent on their faces. They had given up all the hope looking at the Guptill Storm unleash ferociously at them.
Guptill Storm Unleashes Unprecedented Damage in the Caribbeans
Guptill Storm Wrecks Havoc in the Caribbean's
West Indies left Marooned
A lot depended on Gayle to come out all guns blazing for they had a mountain to climb. A cautious start very unlike of Gayle gave way to a counter attack when he hoisted Luca Vettori in the stands one after the other. The huge total of 393 played on the minds of the West Indians and they hit the 3rd gear from the word go which did help them for a while but eventually they paid the price for taking risks and folded well short of the target of 393. This loss meant they leave this tournament empty handed. Having the legendary Curtly Ambrose as the bowling coach proved to be of very less advantage for the West Indians the way they bowled. Gayle braving an injury fought a lone battle for a while but in vain. The Kiwis had raised a near impossible target for the opposition to surpass and the result was a foregone conclusion in the favor of the Kiwis. It was a Guptill show all the way.
Guptill Storm Upsets the West Indies Rhythm
Guptill Storm leaves West Indians in tatters
Wah-ab Riyaz show
The other quarter final between the Aussies & Pakistan was a well fought battle. The Aussies were the clear favorites against the maverick Pakistan. The Aussie pace battery put brakes on the Pak batsmen forcing them to commit mistakes which resulted in them scoring just above 200, a score too small to fight against the Aussies. But there was a twist in the tale when a pumped up Wahab Riaz took on the Aussies, giving them the taste of their own medicine. He bowled his heart out displaying one of the best bowling spells in this world cup. Watson was all at sea facing Riaz who tool a special liking for him. A barrage of bouncers and Watson was forced to take evasive actions to save himself. The battle between the duos was the toast of the match. Watson would have returned to the hut cheaply, if Rahat Ali would have hold on to a sitter.  There was no Rahat for Pakistan after that. Pakistan lost the match and headed back home to face to the angry mobs. The player who stood out was Wahab Riaz for his spirited and fiery spell. It was once of the best exhibition of fast bowling in recent times.
Wah Wah-ab Riaz Show
Wahab Riaz Show
Who will lift the cup?
With the quarters all done the fight for the cup is decided, who would come out winner. Will the Indians retain the cup or the Proteas create history or will it be the Kiwis who have come close in the past or the Aussies who would lift it for the fifth time. Time will tell... so watch out folks…
ICC 2015 World Cup - Who would be the winner
Who will win the 2015 World Cup?
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