Saturday, April 25, 2015 + OLACABS: A "Mast" Partnership

Musafiri With OLACABS

When the protagonists crooned the popular Kishore da’s song "Musafir Hu Yaaron………… Muze bas chalte jaana", I wondered how he could have managed to be a Musafir (Traveler) in those days when the options to travel were very limited. I am talking about the 1960’s or so. Either the Musafir was hinting at having the travelling arrangements already made or he was ready for an arduous Odyssey using primitive ways. In short it was audacious of the traveler if not foolhardy to embark on a journey with minimum means of commuting options. Times have changed and so are commuting options, Thanks to various car rental enterprises which have mushroomed lately and made travelling easy for a Musafir. The Musafir simply has to beckon a vehicle of his comfort, choice by a click of a button and bingo it is ready at his disposal. He can then continue with his Musafiri with ease. Thanks to OLACABS for making travel from one part of the city to other easy, and alleviating the pains that arise at the thought of travel. OLACABS addresses all the issues with utmost professionalism, be it booking a vehicle at affordable rates, to understanding, time is of great essence and that safety is a top priority for the consumer. In advent of this tension free service, contemporary Musafir can breathe a sigh of relief and merrily sing "Musafir Hu Yaaron…. Muze to OLACABS ke saath Jaana, OLACABS ke saath jaana."

Life of an IT professional 

In one of the bustling cities of India, lived an IT professional named Pravasi. Like other quintessential IT professionals he had a pretty hectic routine. Working daily for hours and hours and having to travel to distant places in the city and abroad was a norm in his life. Perpetually he lived a life in a fast lane, be it rushing to the airport at odd hours or shuttling between offices. The very thought of having to travel regularly was a conundrum he faced and despised until he came across OLACABS. Having to configure the travelling arrangements at odd hours and other aspects used to make him go weak in his knees, but thanks to OLACABS for addressing the commuting conundrum professionally. Many IT professionals like him now can breathe a sigh of relief and carry out their tasks with a lot of gumption and enjoy a joyride with OLACABS, an all-weather travelling partner.

What the big deal, "Yeh Dil Mange More" is what you would say. Not all good things come for free, but they can come with a handsome discount for sure. Isn’t money saved, as good as money earned? Enter with discounts galore on many a services, which also include services of OLACABS. Isn’t this music for frequent travelers? have range of offers at discounted rates for availing the services of OLACABS. To avail attractive discounts, customers have to visit and make merry. Customers can avail the best deals, which they would not resist but grab them gleefully. So what are waiting for, all the Musafirs out there, GET SET OLA.
Using is a walk in a park for any netizens. Simply follow the below steps and Bingo you are game.
1) Visit 27
2) Select OLACABS with various offers and their coupon codes displayed.
3) Use this coupon code number while you make a payment for the offer of your
4) That’s it. Make merry! And avail amazing discounts.

OLA here I come……….

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