Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Curious Case Of Salman Khan

"Mujh par ek ehsaan karna ki, mujhpar koi ehsaan na karna" thundered the big hearted hero on the screen to a thunderous applause from the cine goers. This and many such dialogues have been the hallmark of a superstar named Salman Khan. Finally, after 13 long years the verdict on Salman’s hit n run case is out. Enfant-terrible of Hindi film industry was sentenced to five years in prison, but all that turned on its head in two days when the sentence was suspended by Mumbai High court, granting him bail. This was a “BIG EHSAAN” that the judiciary did for Salman who very earnestly accepted it. Getting a big respite from imminent jail term not only eased the pressure on him, but more importantly on the film makers who have invested more than 200 crores on his films. To his fans it was a triumph, for they would not have liked to see their super hero caged for so long.  For long, Salman Khan’s middle name has been CONTROVERSY. He has been testing the law with great regularity, be it the hit n run or black buck killing or man handling the journalist or being abusive towards his girlfriends. All his transgressions have been overlooked until his recent conviction in the infamous hit n run case of year 2002. This conviction has been short lived as of now, freeing him from being incarcerated. Thanks to Indian judicial system.
The Sycophants
After the news broke of his conviction, Hindi film industry stood up in support in numbers, crying foul on the sentence handed over to him. Salman’s greatness, his kindness and he being the Messiah of the poor are doing rounds in social media. Salman is one of the most powerful men in the film industry and he can make or break one’s career. Film fraternity is well known of this fact, and they don’t want to stir the hornets nest by saying anything against him. The Sycophants are in full bloom going overboard in declaring their support for Salman. One of the singers, Abhijit who has faded into oblivion opened his dirty mouth vomiting his dirt on twitter by tweeting an obnoxious reasoning on how Salman is not the culprit. He might have thought of appeasing Salman who might help him resurrect his already finished singing career. Another socialite named Farah Ali Khan also put her intellect on display on social media. These good for nothing, sycophants not for once talked about the victims and the pain that they have endured all these years. These cheap page 3 socialites suffer from foot in the mouth syndrome, which they make it evident time n again to have their 5 minutes of fame.

Judiciary a Farce

In India, the judiciary has proved to be incompetent when it comes to punishing the rich and the powerful. There are enough loop holes to provide a safe way out for the one’s how can manipulate the law with money and influence. So many scams, thefts, murders committed by the politicians go unpunished, how is that possible ? Why are the culprits not punished ? is an open secret, but no one wants to address the short comings in the judiciary, law. If done, this would prove detrimental to the culprits who happen to be rich powerful people, the politicians and the law makers. When a scamster, murderer says, I have full faith in the judiciary and the law will take its own course, implies a lot. It actually means I will manipulate it, so that law wont reach me and I will go scot free. This has been the case in India for ages. The law of the land applies only to the common man, who in no capacity can twist or manipulate judiciary. With no deterrent and fear the powerful carry out their nefarious activities with √©lan. Law, judiciary are the toys in the hands of these omnipotent and this has been the sad story of India for ages and would continue in future without any brakes. Salman with his tremendous clout has played his cards to perfection and would continue garnering support and love from sycophants in the film industry. Time will tell if he is incarcerated for his wrong doing or he goes scot free like others.

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