Saturday, September 6, 2014

James Foley Murdered Whose Foll(e)y ?

The world saw a hapless individual getting murdered on camera. The news of "James Foley Beheaded", "James Foley Beheaded video" went viral and shocked the netizens world over. His throat slit by a fanatic, avenging America’s miss-adventure in Iraq and Syria. This chilling video brought back the harsh memories of Daniel Pearl being murdered in similar fashion in Pakistan. James Foley and Daniel Pearl both American journalists had to pay the price for being an American. The recent killing of James Foley, somewhere in Syria by this fanatic named “John the Jailor” shocked millions around the world. This cold blooded and audacious murder very clearly shows the intent of the IS militants. They are not going to get bogged down by US Hegemony and would retaliate with vengeance wherever possible, on American soil or elsewhere. They have already warned the US to back off from Iraq and Syria, or they would have to pay a heavy price for their transgression.

James Foley being murdered by James the Jailor
James Foley being killed
James Foley who has left for heavenly abode or for that matter to the hell for the IS perpetrators, was a mere photo journalist. His biggest mistake was, he was at a wrong place at wrong time and an American citizen. Americans, since long are a detested lot in the Middle East and other regions because of their involvement in their countries, either supporting the government against the militants or supporting the militants fighting against the government. The current story in Iraq and Syria is no different, with Americans increasing the offensive against the IS militants, who are on a rampage killing Muslims, Christians and other minority groups. This has resulted in mass exodus and pandemonium in these countries. Now the question is who is at fault, the IS militants fighting against the government who are Shias or the Americans who are extending their hand to the ruling Shia government? It doesn’t matter who was responsible for this folly, as the victim was an innocent man who had nothing to do with the war except for reporting it to the world. There might be many such journalists, peace keepers, aid workers in the clutches of the IS militants counting their days. They are being used as a bait to bring the American government to their knees and force them to accept their unrealistic demands. Americans have shown no sign of giving into their demands, and this make the situation grim and life threatening for the captives. At the same time the situation is increasingly getting volatile and out of gear for anybody to bring it under control. It’s very easy to point fingers, but the issue is too complex for a common man to comprehend sitting at home and pass judgments, having said that, in no way the barbaric act of slaying the American journalist is justified. In all unison it needs to be condemned and severely punished. The million dollar question is how to stop this carnage or to not allow it to proliferate.
IS militants parading the captives before killing them
Captives paraded before killing then
A new conundrum has risen which can cascade to unprecedented levels if not dealt immediately, and it is, Jihadi’s from all over are traveling to Iraq & Syria to support the IS militants. Many brain washed youths from India, UK, America, Europe are lending their helping hand to the IS militants. Recent deaths in Iraq brought this to everyone’s notice. John the Jailor hails from UK and is now the most dreaded terrorist on a run. Women are not to be left behind and they are doing their bit in supporting the militancy. Unfortunately only the Almighty knows where this is all going to lead to.

Women Jihadis supporting IS
Women Jihadi's

Peace can be brokered, only if the participants don’t jump the gun and are ready to compromise. This is a tough task to achieve but that’s the only option left to prevent these countries from becoming ghosts towns with death and misery prevailing. In turn I am afraid another 9/11 is a possibility, with the militants having declared, that many of their men have already sneaked into the US to carry out their sinister plans. This would lead to a catastrophe resulting in severe repercussions around the world. Now, who extends the olive branch first is to be seen, or otherwise get ready to witness gory murders, genocides, mass exodus, pain and misery which would prevail for years and generations to come.
If James Foley's killing was not enough, another US journalist named Steven Sotloff has been killed by the IS men. Are innocuous journalists, especially American, the bĂȘte noir for the IS perpetrators ?

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