Sunday, September 28, 2014

Brangelina Wedding

Finally on 23rd August the suspense of years was laid to rest when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walk down the aisle in an intimate ceremony attended by family and close friends at chapel of Ch√Ęteau Miraval, the family's estate in the French village of Correns. Everyone from paparazzi, paparazzo and more importantly their six kids must have breathed a great sigh of relief. Years of speculation of Brangelina’s impending marriage was talked written and discussed all over the world by many. The paparazzi were waiting with a bated breath to get one pic of them together for it would fetch them a huge amount of dough. Gossip mongers, film goers, men, women and every Tom Dick and Harry discussed about them with great fervor and interest. They were all obsessed with this idea of them getting married. This euphoria around their marriage was one of its kind, may be never experienced earlier in the history of Hollywood. A union of one of the most eligible bachelor and the sensuous diva was majestic and eye pleasing.

Both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had their share of relationships earlier before they got together. Their coming together was so popular and liked, that they were termed Brangelina by their fans. During the heydays of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, the pair was so popular, and their chemistry on and off the screen was so striking, that they were popularly known as Lizndick, and to my knowledge this word was added to the English dictionary, though I am not aware what it means. This love, popularity, reverence is not something common, and is attributed only to the best. Together, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie qualify this test. Both of them have a magnetic personality and no one can take their eyes off them, in fact many men and women go weak in their knees when they see this suave couple.

Their biological and adopted kids played a major role in their marriage ceremony and were proud to see their father and mother exchange vows to live together all their life. Kids participating in their parents’ marriage, isn’t it one of its kind? In lighter vein a kid once declared to his parents, he won’t invite them for his marriage, when the parents asked why? He said, you never invited me for your marriage. Luckily this won’t be a problem with Brangelina’s kids, isn’t it? I read, their kids were heavily involved in making this day a special one for their parents. The kids not only wrote the vows but also baked the cake and walked their beloved mother down the aisle; tossed petals gathered from the garden. I am sure it would have been very emotional for both Brad and Angelina. I can also envisage the wedding invitation would have looked like this.

Brangelina's wedding invitation
Brad Pitt n Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is an epitome of beauty; prettiness personified (Jolie in French means Pretty). Beneath the glamorous exterior lies a compassionate soul. Her charity work speaks volumes of her empathy towards the less privileged and is something to be adored and supported. Unfortunately, I think her glamorous aspect of her personality eclipse her Good Samaritan nature, and is judged by people accordingly. Her relation with her estranged father Jon Voight is a constant feed for media to churn out juicy stories, and no wonder he was not invited for her wedding, though this is not new to Hollywood. Nevertheless with Brad as her partner she has started a new inning of her life which everyone would like to see it prosper and continue till eternity. Their beautiful kids must be super happy for their beloved parents, and they make a big wonderful family. Here’s wishing the dashing couple loads of best wishes and happiness. For me, the union Brangelina is synonymous to marriage of the Greek gods, what do you think people?
Happy Married Life Brangelina
Happy Married Life Brangelina

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