Sunday, November 30, 2014

e-Commerce Wars

Online shopping cos. have seen unprecedented growth in India, so much that relatively new players have amassed wealth in tune of billions. The success story of the Bansal’s, co-founders of Flipkart is awe inspiring. These thirty something former employees of Amazon have provided stiff competition to Amazon, an e-shopping giant, in India. The recently concluded FlipKart's 'Big Billion Day' blitzkrieg made a cool $100 mn in sales in 10 hrs. and got a billion hits to its website. These numbers are staggering by any means. The response was so enormous, that the servers went down due to overload, much to the chagrin of some of the customers who could not participate in this carnival. This left them bitter and they expressed their anger on various social networking sites, accusing the company of cancelling their orders to spiking the costs all of a sudden. The founders did apologies to this disgruntled lot.
Customers Ire
Disgruntled Lot Who Could Not Shop On The Day Of Shopping Carnival
On the other hand many shopped like there was no tomorrow, purchasing everything possible from phones, TV, sports apparel, designer labels to household items. The freebies that were promised by the e-retailer were enough for people to splurge and go on a shopping spree. Huge discounts on smart phones, TV sets, computers, peripherals were simply irresistible. Getting a 10 GB pen drive for 1 rupee was never heard off and won’t happen in future. The customers had a great time, so did the Flipkart owners, laughing all the way to the bank with millions of dollars and a name to reckon. This bonanza also improved their brand value as the largest e-retailer in India, a domain which was largely untapped till recent past.
FlipKart's 'Big Billion Day' blitzkrieg
Lucky Customers Who Had Gala Time Shopping

Many other e-retailers have made their presence felt in the market and are beckoning a huge customer base in India and worldwide. Not to be left behind, besides Flipkart, are other competitors namely Snapdeal and the ubiquitous and the trailblazer in e-retailing, Amazon. The fight between these three and others is hotting up and is going to benefit the customer immensely. Like in the past the Cola war, Tech war was munched and talked about, e-retailing war is in vogue now. Every other entrepreneur, head honchos of huge conglomerates are putting their money in the new game of e-retailing. To intensify this competition, Amazon has decided to pump in $ 2 billion in India to take this iconic giant to a next level and to counter the over burgeoning competitors. CEO Jeff Bezos recent visit to Amazon office in Bangalore was a major event. He has thrown in the gauntlet for others to match if not transcend.
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos Throws The Gauntlet

Flipkart co-founders, the erstwhile employees of Amazon have taken special liking for their former employer. They greeted Jeff Bezos in Bangalore, India with aggressive hoardings which internally are known as “Welcome Me Bezos”. Bansal’s even went ahead and said, Bezos decision to pump in $ 2 billion in Indian operations was out of panic, as he is being seriously threatened by a relatively new player like Flipkart. All said and done, these are exciting times for the customer who is being treated like a King, seeking his all-important attention, otherwise in today’s times, who is going to sell smart phones, TV sets, household items at throw way prices?

FlipKart Fires A Salvo At Their Former Employer
The other e-retailer, Snapdeal too had a successful run and raked in millions of dollars from the recently concluded shopping bonanza ushering the festive season in India. The latest to join the festive bonanza band wagon is Amazon. In a weeks’ time we would know how it fared. Jeff Bezos and the Indian operations team must be hoping to score a point over its arch rival Flipkart. Nowadays the ads that are bombarded in print and visual media are undoubtedly featuring the e-Retailers and their enticing offers. Don’t be surprised if, like soap operas, e-retailing operas or e-commerce operas rule the idiot box for next few years. Suddenly getting involved or investing in these cos has become fashionable and even the traditional business houses are venturing into this domain. “Sky is the limit” as they say, is so true with this technology backed online shops, the testimony to this is, the worth of these entrepreneurs who in a short span of 5-6 years have turned billionaires.

e-Retailers Enticing The Customers
e-Retailers Enticing The Customers

Mushrooming of these e-retail shops and the gigantic business that they are making is a clarion call to all the other small retailers. They are up against the behemoths who in no time would gulp them up. Already at the start of this festive season in India, small retailers are suddenly short on demand. Thanks to the customers who have already emptied their pockets on these online shops. Survival of the fittest is not only the rule of the jungle but true for human societies as well.
Humans and especially the women folk (Sorryyyy) don’t require a reason to shop. With this insatiable urge to shop, is only going to make the e-retailers happy and buoyant, and with the freebies they offer is only going to increase this urge. Don’t be surprised if you find offers as below on these sites

  1. Rs.3000/- branded shoes only for Rs 300/- offers limited, rushhhhhhh.
  2. A home studio free with a buy of 42 inch branded TV.
  3. Buy a branded smart phone and get unlimited usage paid for next six months.
  4. Buy internationally known branded chappals with easy 12 month EMIs.
  5. Buy a tie and get a suit for free.
The offers sound very frivolous but you would be pleasantly surprised, so be ready to empty your pockets and carry out the loot in these tempting shops, though you won’t know, who is looting, the shop owner or the customer.


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