Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Indian Monsoon - The Rains

Clear blue skies and bright sunshine has its importance in human life for it brings in lots of positivity and feel good factor. It eclipses the gloominess and brings in renewed vigor. But with sun blazing in all its glory day in and day out and with temperatures soaring considerably, mere mortals look heavenwards to get some respite from this hot and humid weather, and urge the rain gods to make its presence felt; that’s when we eagerly wait for the Monsoons to pour in and provide relief from heat and its accomplices the humidity, arid & dry weather, the sultry-ness. I guess that’s the time when we start looking for weather updates, waiting eagerly to hear the arrival of Monsoons, and also say “Monsoons, Come Soon”. Many a times the monsoon teases us with a drizzle and then off it goes for a while. Monsoons play a very important role in our life; any delay in its arrival brings in lot of misery and pain.
When the Monsoons makes its presence felt it simply changes the landscape, handsomely splashing various colors besides the green on the canvas earth. This is eye pleasing to say the least and brings in joy and serenity to one and all. This is no less a feeling experienced when one sees an oasis in a desert. The dry arid land symbolizes misery, pain while lush greenery joy and happiness. Isn’t it, knowingly unknowingly you start singing this and other songs ushering the rains?

abb ke sawan aise barse, beh jaye rang meree chunar se bhige tan mann jiyara tarse,
jam ke barse jara rut sawan kee, aise jamke barse.

Surreal Surroundings
Lush Greenery
Getting drenched and dancing wildly in the rains is something most of us love to indulge irrespective of the age. The arrival of monsoons energizes everyone and compels one and all to let go the inhibitions and go out and catch the rain drops on one’s body. Running the paper boats in the small streams and rivulets is something we all have enjoyed; and to see the boat float in these streams, would give us a high one cannot explain; and should be only experienced.

Monsoons bring in romanticism in the air and it’s infectious. No wonder you would see many songs especially Hindi and other Indian languages, based on the monsoon rains. The cool breeze, the mist, lush greenery, all adds to the fun element. The ubiquitous waterfalls, the streams add to the beauty. Thanks to the Monsoons for treating us with this panoramic beauty worth savoring for ages. The first rains have a great significance, for it drives away the lethargy and induces freshness in human body. The smell of the earth is intoxicating and can mesmerize any mortal.  Not just the humans but other animals and birds do savor the monsoons. Peacocks dancing in rains with its feathers spread wide across is a common site and is a moment to be cherished till eternity. You would experience a sort of agility in animals and birds with heat and humidity gone by and with arrival of coolness in the air.

In the advent of the monsoons, plans for excursions speed up, with people travelling to city outskirts to witness the nature in its full glory. The panoramic view of the hills, laden with lush greenery and the small streams and rivulets meandering through the mountains is breath taking and can enliven any soul. Plethora of waterfalls originating from the mountains, variety of flora, and the cool breeze highjacks one and all to a different world. This is the effect of Monsoons.

Mountains greedily embellished
Green Carpet
Monsoon is one of the seasons when I stand and stare at the nature and allow myself to be driven on the surreal path, from drenching in the rains to slumbering in the mountains besides the flora and the trees or to just look at the greenery around voraciously. It gives me a lot of peace and happiness. I am sure most of you will echo my sentiments. I also have a strong belief, Monsoon is a catalyst for many creative pursuits, be it music, painting, writing and many more, and why not? Who on earth won’t get mesmerize by this sheer beauty which Monsoon brings?

Sheer Beauty

Besides, enjoying the nature in monsoons, gorging on hot & spicy food is what I look forward to. Hot and spicy vada pav (The Indian burger) along with a garam Chai (tea) is something which everyone would also like to have on any Monsoon day. It is a perfect foil to the cool weather outside and adds to the fun. Eating at a roadside restaurant (dhaba) in this cool weather is something which is always on my to-do list and I guess on everyone’s who love the monsoons. These simple pleasures can do a world of good to one’s life, and who else to thank to, but the “Monsoons”

There are other hassles which Monsoons bring in but let’s not delve into it, as they are man-made and only we humans are to blame for.  Let us all look at the brighter side of the monsoons and enjoy the bonanza it has to offer.

                                        Barso Re Megha Megha Barso Re Megha Megha
                                                         Barso Re Megha Barso

                                       Rimzhim gire sawan sulagh sulagh jaye mann
                                                        Bhige aaj iss mausam me, lagee kaisee yeh agan

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