Monday, March 17, 2014

Sojourn at Mulshi Back Waters

There are a number of places to visit in the vicinity of my city Pune, and I grab every opportunity to visit them. Ranging from rugged forts to lush green mountains, religious places, caves, back waters, etc. all adorn my city Pune; and you would see hordes of people thronging to these places on holidays or weekends. I happen to visit one of the places recently which is in the vicinity of the Mulshi back waters. Even a short stay amidst the nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city is enough to rejuvenate oneself. The excitement was palpable and more so because of a get together of sorts with my family members, relatives, cousins was going to happen at this place. 

The drive to the farmhouse was no less than a trail in the forest, with mountains laden with green cover for the company. The ever winding roads and the cool breeze augmented the fun quotient

Picturesque Road To Mulshi
Picturesque Road
At some places we even spotted peacocks loitering in the grass freely, oblivious to the presence of humans. Birds were chirping loudly as if voicing how happy they were here in this environment. Bird watching was something we witnessed on this journey. Having a spicy Wada Pav (Indian Burger) on such journeys followed by a hot tea is always a treat. All from All a perfect start of the much awaited get together with nature as our other companion. I was told this farm house was deep inside a jungle of sorts, off the main road and in the vicinity of the Mulshi back waters. The road in some places was so narrow and laden with trees, we had to evade through them. Also at some places the trees formed a canopy of sorts welcoming us in their territory. We all were waiting with bated breath to reach this place and had already started envisaging the place and what we would do there.

Roads through thick green cover
Forest trail
On reaching the place I was absolutely dumbfounded looking at the beauty offered to me by the Mother Nature. I could not resist but adore this place and the beauty around. It was simply picture perfect. The view was breath taking to say the least and gave a panoramic view of the Mulshi back waters. I would list this experience way to the top of some of the most unforgettable moments of my life.
Breath taking view of the Mulshi back waters
Panoramic view of Mulshi back waters

The vivid flora and fauna added to the appeal and was a sight to behold for eternity. The serenity, calmness and the beauty of the place can easily highjack you to a different world, the Utopia. I couldn’t control my desire to capture these moments in my camera and I went on a clicking spree, clicking everything from a mountain top to the blue water body in the vicinity to the birds on the trees, variety of flora and fauna. I was one greedy consumer not wanting to let go any of the moments unattended or un captured. Such was an effect on me that I did not hear any of the calls for breakfast, as I was no more hungry, having consumed the nature’s beauty to the fullest, almost voraciously.
A view to die for
After a sumptuous breakfast, I was out again to experience what nature had to offer. After the mesmerizing effect the surroundings had on me, I was game for any other odyssey. I came to know something is being planned for the team to explore, in the mean time I continued my voracious ways by clicking photos and savoring the nature’s gift to mankind. I was joined by my cousins who had a similar effect on their senses after experiencing this beauty.

Mulshi back waters flowing majestically
Site to behold

Mountains here I come
We were told we would be doing a small trek down the mountain to reach the back waters, I jumped with joy and was part of the team already, though I was told the trek is little treacherous and is infested with snakes and other reptiles. This was not going to stop me from reaching the waters, though I must confess I was dead scared with the thought of snakes crossing my path or rather I am crossing their path, as it was their territory. Armed with small sticks and bravado we set on this trek through thick forests and slippery track. While I had walked a few steps down the mountain I was struck with this thought of, should I continue or otherwise, as it was really steep and slippery with just trees, bushes all around.

Lush greenery
Thick forest
But I gathered all strength and proceeded, as I did not want to miss the back waters. I was so close to being there and did not want to return home without drenching my legs into the blue serene backwaters. My kiddo and some of my cousins accompanied me on this skiddy track to the backwaters. The track though tiring and slippery was exhilarating. I witnessed some of very strange trees which I had never seen earlier; same was the case with flowers and the small shrubs. We had to cut through some of the thick forest cover to make our way forward. We had travelled for almost 60 minutes, but the shore was still not reached. The lush green surroundings and the cool breeze, simply enliven you to proceed. While on this trek I had almost forgotten about it being infested with snakes, and was merrily making my way through the thick forest cover enjoying every bit of it. This was I guess the closest that I have been with nature; my earlier trek through the forest was at Vasota in the district of Satara.

Dare devils cutting through the forest
Making way through thick forest
Young n Old towards the shore
On our way to the back waters
After a strenuous descend through the mountain I could see a glimpse of the Mulshi back waters and I had no words to describe it. The blue water epitomizing calmness and serenity was something amazing. Like a super active kid wanting to grab a gift I ran towards the water.

Almost there
There it is - the back waters
Here, I was in front of something which evokes awe in you.The giant nature of its scope simply dwarfs everything and you only respect it. This blue water mass extended till the horizon and was aptly adorned with the green mountains in the surrounding. I just kept admiring the view for a while and drenched myself in the cool water. All this while I kept humming one song which simply came naturally to me “Yeh Kaun…… Chitrakar hai, yeh Kaun chitrakar hai” (Who is the artist who has drawn this?). I indulged myself playing in the water like a kid with my kiddo who too was mesmerized by this entire view. He kept insisting on staying here for a while before we climb back to our farmhouse. We stay put near the shore for a good hour or so. 

Serene waters
Epitomizing beauty

View invoking WOW
Water babies
My kiddo having a great time
While ascending back to our base, we all felt sad, but that was so natural. I clicked the view one more time and it looked even better.
Mother Nature at its best

One last time a view to die for
 Beautttiiiiiifulllllllllll encore
Moving up to the base camp
Return trek
At the farmhouse we all were treated with some delicious local cuisine. Even now I did not miss a chance of having a rendezvous with the nature and sat underneath a tree, gorging the delicious food and savoring the lush green surroundings.

After a great meal, and a cool breeze flowing I am always game for a siesta, but somehow I did not want to waste time sleeping, and I roamed around climbing trees, clicking photos or simply staring at the nature in solitude. Time passed by in a jiffy and the sun had started setting. It was my one last time to collect and store this amazing nature in my eyes and my senses before we head back. 

Sun god leaving for the day
Sun God
Beautiful Sunset
Sun God leaving for the day

I really felt sad leaving this place, but the happiness, enjoyment and the solace that this place and the nature had provided eclipsed my sadness, and I vowed to come back soon and have my fair share of proximity with the nature. While driving back I had the same song on my lips “Yeh Kaun…… Chitrakar hai, yeh Kaun chitrakar hai”.

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