Friday, May 16, 2014

IPL 7, the Aussie Juggernaut – Part 2

You see, in current times sequels are a given. Be it movies, books, or soap operas you would see the story continuing in a sequel or even more. Keeping up with the current trend, this article is a sequel to the “Aussie Juggernaut” saga, which is for everybody to see in this version of the IPL – 7. The Aussies representing different franchisee teams are showing what professionalism is, and how deep rooted “The never say die attitude” is, in their DNA. No match is lost until the last ball is bowled is what they believe in and give in their best in most precarious situations to come out winner most of the times. No wonder they are the blue eyed boys of their franchisees.

The other day the match between RCB and RR was a treat to watch and brought to the fore the twists and turns of T-20 matches. This match brought back YUVI to form and gave glimpses of how destructive he can be by scoring 80 + runs in mere 30 + balls and also taking 4 wickets to push the rivals RR on a verge of a massive defeat. But there was an unexpected twist to this tale. With the top 5 RR batsmen back in the hut with score less than 100 and the asking rate mounting to 15 per over, the task for the remaining batsmen was Hanumanian if not impossible. The result of the match was a fore gone conclusion in RCB’s favor, but the following blitzkrieg change the tide in RR's favor and eventually they won the match by literally snatching it from the RCB's jaws. The culprits from RCB's point of view were two innocuous, nerdy looking Aussies namely Steven Smith and James Faulkner. They simply tore apart the RCB bowling attack and made them look pedestrian. Such was the juggernaut, that the opposition could do very little but watch the ball fly out of the park repeatedly. The 2 Aussies started the onslaught by hammering their countryman Mitchell Starc to all corners of the park and augmenting their score with good 21runs after his over. This opened the floodgates for the marauding Aussies. The next in line to face the brunt were helpless bowlers from whom the Aussies plundered good 40 runs, to hand over a well fought, deserving victory to the RR team. I was watching this match with bated breath, for RR being my favorite team. Seeing them win so handsomely only augmented my appreciation for the Aussie cricketers.

The Aussies once again showed why they are rated so high and how professionalism is ingrained in their DNA. Many a times you would see them fighting till the end and not giving up easily, be it playing for a franchisee team or for their country. They hate to lose, for that matter everybody hates to lose, but I think they take it too seriously which helps them on the winning side most of the times. “To fight till the end” or “Never say die attitude” is easier said than done, and it really requires a steely resolve to have these attributes as part of one’s personality. I think, Aussies, besides the cricketing traits of batting, bowling are also taught to fight it hard and not give up easily. This aspect of their sporting culture comes out, especially when they are down and in precarious situations. I simply adore the Aussies, for they bring so much onto the table and are assets to any team. I would reiterate they would have the cricketing fraternity and fans respect and love them for their cricketing prowess, provided they don’t cross the line of sportsmanship (read sledging). Having said that, would not like to take away the fighting spirit and sheer entertainment they bring into the sport of cricket. I hope in coming days of IPL- 7 I am compelled to bring out another story about their heroics, so don’t be surprised if you see an Aussie Juggernaut – Part 3.

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