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Himalayan Tsunami

If I was a film maker and if I would make a film on the backdrop of Uttarakhand, I would name the film “Mayhem in Uttarakhand” or “Gone with the rains” or “The Himalayan Tsunami”. In saying so I am not, in any way trying to undermine the recent events in this Himalayan state or taking away the seriousness of this whole episode.  What a colossal loss of human life and material wealth, to say the least. The very sight of huge mass of water swallowing everything that came into its way was heart wrenching, dreadful. Thousands of people have perished never to return due to this juggernaut of Himalayan Tsunami. Many people have lost everything they had, and what remains, are painful memories of their near and dear ones having left them for heavenly abode. This entire mayhem over last few weeks has left every one shocked and troubled. The state is in tatters. Nature has unleashed its fury on this Himalayan state and left it amidst pain and suffering, which would take ages to heal.
Uttarakhand Destruction Caused By Floods
Uttarakhand Floods

What has surprised many is this destruction at the very threshold of the religious shrines and the temples itself. Many people philosophically ask this question, how come gods did not prevent this destruction of themselves. Now this is far from reality and nature’s fury does not spare anyone is the reality and bitter truth. In the same philosophical vein I think, Gods also wanted to get flown away as they could not take this rampant destruction of nature all around, anymore.

Uttarakhand Disaster & Mayhem
Uttarakhand Disaster

Now the big question is was this disaster man made? Who are the real culprits behind this destruction? I guess we all know who the real villains are. It’s we the people who are on a rampage destroying the delicate balance of nature. We out of insatiable greed are raping the nature; yes we are raping it day in day out, felling trees, destroying the mountains, the flora and fauna and trying nature’s patience. In the era where the mantra should be afforestation, deforestation is taking precedence. Where the war cry is green valley’s we are converting them into concrete valleys. When forest preservation is the need of the hour, we are on a cutting spree. We are doing everything to push nature on a brink of war with the human race. We are toying with it, testing it. Finally the day arrived when it could not tolerate this blatant ruthless attack anymore, and it simply avenged all the wrong doings it has suffered over a period of time, at the hands of humans.  It has shown what its fury can do. But in the aftermath of this destruction, have we learnt a lesson? Or we continue to do an encore?

Uttarakhand Mountains Destroyed By Humans
Uttarakhand Mountains Raped

Few weeks back this Himalayan state which used to boast of sobriquets like green valley, favored tourist destination, revered as a religious shrine, is all in dumps now. The towns which were flocked by thousands are looking like ghost towns. Where the mood used to be surreal, is somber now. Everything has been washed away by the nature’s fury.  This dance of death is far from over, with many people still trapped in far flung places sans food and water.
Amidst all this turmoil only one thing resonates positivity and that’s the selfless work carried out by Indian army, air force, volunteers, various NGOs who are rescuing people while risking their own lives. They all deserve a salute and well wishes. They are the real heroes. They are doing everything possible to resurrect the lives of people who have lost all hope and a reason to stay alive. It would take years to come to rebuild this beautiful state and lives of its people.  It’s a herculean task, but people will have to stand up and get counted and surmount this night mare. It’s easier said than done, but that’s the only way out.
I fail to understand human mind when they destroy the very essence of the place, for which people from all over come and enjoy, and provide a means of business to them. In destroying the nature they are in a way jeopardizing their own lives. But they are in a hurry to make most of it as soon as possible. This is very similar to the story where the greedy man killed his goose that used to lay a golden egg every day. His insatiable greed had taken over, and he killed the goose, thinking he would get all the golden eggs at one go. You all know what the consequences of his greed were. I see this human behavior everywhere, and it baffles and angers me. I see humans devouring the nature to satiate its greed not thinking about its consequences in longer run.

Uttarakhand floods destroying everything that comes in its way
Uttarakhand Floods Destroying Life







Uttarakhand tragedy is a very good example of this. Illegal constructions in low lying areas, continuous felling of forests, destroying the mountains all has resulted in this carnage of human life. Tens of thousands of locals and tourists have died or are still missing. The economy of the state has gone out of gear. All n All misery, pain abound. People of the state, the govt. and we the citizens of India need to work together to see this state rise again to its full glory like the proverbial Phoenix. It’s not going to be an easy task, but we can do it, as we have done it in past when confronted with danger. The people of the state might be down but definitely not out and we all would definitely see a prosperous, beautiful Uttarakhand in coming years.
Uttarakhand Mounatains Enchroached By Humans
Uttarakhand Mountains Encroached

 Let’s learn from our past mistakes and be considerate towards the surroundings, the nature. Let’s not exploit it and provoke the Mother Nature to unleash its fury again. We all can do a bit ourselves; let’s not pollute the rivers, seas, lakes by dumping waste in them. Let’s not be the culprits in destroying forests the flora and fauna. Let us volunteer in the noble cause of afforestation. This concerted effort from all of us is going to save us from the dangers which are constantly looming over our lives. I am doing my bit, are you?

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