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Mahesh Kale: The Maestro - Part 2

As the old adage goes, a gem never remains unnoticed, and is eventually spotted and given its due it deserves. Mahesh Kale fits the bill to the hilt. Having enthralled the audiences worldwide for years, he finally got his due, thanks to the film “Katyar kaljat ghusli”. His renditions in the film are already topping the charts and bringing him lot of adulation's and awards. Singing for this film was like batting on the home ground for Mahesh, for the play on which the film is based is adorned with musical gems, a master piece in itself, by his guru Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. The much revered Panditji’s compositions, Mahesh has been singing for years now. Maestro named Shankar Mahadevan only added to the musical prowess, with soulful compositions which are on everyone’s lips. Mahesh gave full justice to the songs helmed by Shankar ji in the film. His song Aruni Kirani is heard everywhere across India and abroad. The appeal is such that, even the younger generation is singing it with lots of fervour.

With Katyar, Mahesh is a household name now having catapulted him into a bigger league, which he always deserved. With immense talent and the readiness to work hard the appreciation and adulation was a foregone conclusion. His penchant for adding new musical forms to his repertoire is not surprising and the thought behind it is worth appreciating. He constantly looks for avenues where he can bring to the fore various forms of musical gems which are forgotten or are not fancied by the contemporary audience, be it tappa, thumri, natya sangeet, kirtans etc. His brainchild “Mélange”, “Songs of the divine: Kirtan” is a testimony to it. Both projects of his are already a hit and appreciated by the connoisseurs of music. 

Mahesh Kale singing Thumri
Mahesh singing Thumri

Mahesh Kale singing Natya Sangeet
Mahesh singing Natya Sangeet at Melange
His latest show “Sur Niragas Ho” is running to packed houses across India & abroad and this is just the beginning. I must say it sounds cliché but it is damn true. He is unleashing his musical genius through his choc-o-block calendar and the audiences aren't complaining a bit, rather they are asking for more. I am privy to many of his audience celebrations and their maddening love for Mahesh. With recent success of Katyar, he is on a selfie spree, signing autographs for the appreciating crowd. Where ever he goes he is surrounded by hungry selfie seekers who want to bask in his adulation and boast in front of their friends having met and photographed with Mahesh. I have even seen display pictures of Mahesh on Whats App of many of his fans. That is some fan following I must say. In recent times he has performed with many a stalwarts in attendance. His renditions were lauded by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, At Prithvi theater (theater group started by Shashi Kapoor and his wife Jennifer) the audiences listened to him in rapt attention. The one and only Zakir Hussain invited Mahesh to perform with him at Prithvi.

Mahesh with Zakir Hussain at Prithvi
His singing skills not only brought him mass appreciation but also brought some reputed awards in his over burgeoning cabinet. Jury award at Zee Gaurav, upcoming singer at Radio Mirchi awards, Star Pravaha to name a few. No wonder his family is super happy and proud of his achievements. His mother, Minal kale had a major role in Mahesh’s achievements. 
Mahesh Kale at Zee Gaurav
Mahesh with Zee Gaurav award and other winners

Mahesh Kale  - Star Pravaha Award
Mahesh & Shankarji with Star Pravaha Award
A trained vocalist herself, sowed the seeds of music and trained Mahesh in his early years. His talent was further enhanced under the aegis of renowned musician Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki. Mahesh very respectfully acknowledges their role in his success. With his recent success he is already hobnobbing with other celebrities and that makes a great inspiring story. 

Mahesh kale with celebrities
Mahesh with Madhuri Dixit & Raj Thackeray

Mahesh Kale with Shankarji & Subodh Bhave
Mahesh with Subodh Bhave & Shankarji

Mahesh Kale at Dagdusheth Ganapati
Katyar team taking blessings of Dagdusheth Ganapati
His ubiquitous presence in all media is a pleasant sight for all, especially his family and friends. But as always he remains grounded irrespective of his achievements, and never ever brags about it. He just loves singing and unleashing his talent to see audiences soak in the heavenly feeling that his art creates. We all want him to continue enthralling, entertaining the audiences worldwide and more so echo the sentiments of Khan Sahib, “Jeete Raho Gaate Raho”.

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Mahesh Kale: The Maestro

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