Tuesday, June 28, 2016

#Brexit, #Rexit, #Mexit.....

What the f..k is happening is what many citizens worldwide seems to express in utter dismay. In some way or the other their life is getting affected and the trepidation does not seem to cease, rather it seems to grow by leaps and bounds. Now what is it that is causing so much apprehension, cynicism, despondency worldwide? The dreaded word “EXIT” is the cause of pandemonium engulfing nations in various proportions. Let’s look at some of the “EXITS” which many would have not wanted.

Raghu ram Rajan unleashes #Rexit

Close home, in India, the most suave, dashing, handsome, intellectual RBI governor called it quits, not opting for a 2nd term, a coveted post which has the capacity to drive reforms and lead India on a progress path economically. Speculations were rife of Rajan being asked to leave when Modi took oath as the PM of India, Rajan being a UPA government appointee, but good sense prevailed and he continued in the office. Rajan’s credentials, impeccable track record and his intellect hailed by economist’s worldwide makes an indispensable case, his good looks and charm only adds to his aura. Women folks went gaga over his looks and intellect, a deadly combination, hard to resist. When all seemed to be good, Rajan got a rude shock in the form of Subramanium Swamy (BJP’s very own loose cannon) who unleashed continuous tirade against Rajan day after day, accusing him of being unpatriotic and taking decisions that would favor everyone but India. Swamy’s perennial verbal assault, questioning Rajan’s credibility made it difficult for Rajan to continue and sealed his fate.  Swamy’s diatribe shook Rajan to an extent that he decided against opting for the 2nd term as RBI governor and announced his exit. His term ends in September 16. Markets, corporates, opposition parties, even the common man on street were left shocked at this decision and blamed BJP and Swamy for his ouster. His decision to exit (#Rexit) is trending on social media big time with Indians exhorting him to reverse his decision. But it does not look like Rajan would acquiesce and it is certain that India has lost a more than able player, retired hurt. Only time will tell if #Rexit spells doom for India or otherwise. Here’s wishing Raghuram Rajan a Big Thank you and all the best in his future endeavors.

Bye Bye Europe #Brexit

Finally the result is out and Great Britain is going to be OUT of European schemes of things henceforth. What on earth compelled David Cameroon to allow for a referendum to exit EU, the British must be thinking. It was a close affair and only marginally the “Exit” voters won the race. With this result the British are blaming everyone for their predicament. Stats shows the elderly (age 60 and above) in Britain opted to leave the EU, but this has not gone down well with the younger generation. They have even accused the elderly of grave injustice to them, claiming they (elderly) are in December of their life while as the younger ones have many years in front of them, but all seems to be spoiled by this decision of “Exit”. Many in Britain say gloom and doom is staring at them with the exit from EU. Many who had voted to “LEAVE” are now repenting at their decision “#Bregret” and “#Regrexit” and want a re-vote so that they redeem themselves. Many have started an online petition urging the Cameroon government to have a referendum vote again so that they correct their mistake and remain in EU. Britain’s exit from EU also known as #Brexit is having serious repercussions not only in Europe but beyond. World markets took a serious beating including Britain. Various corporates, banks are contemplating an exit from London, which for long was the financial hub. Most importantly the EU countries have not taken this decision too well, they have asked Britain to not to loiter in the EU any long and pack their bags and leave ASAP. In others words they have shown the middle finger to the British for making such a stupid decision. With this exodus people are calling Great Britain, Poor Britain, though it will be too soon to jump to conclusions. In the aftermath of the shocking result, racist attacks are on a rise in England, and this is a clear sign of how troubled the British are at this moment. Brexit has touched a raw nerve of many Europeans and there is a likelihood of Grexit (Greece exit), Nexit (Netherlands exit), Bexit (Belgium exit) and others happening in near future. This is a serious threat to the EU and the leaders need to take serious cognizance, before it disintegrates. For now it is pandemonium in Europe with Britain leading the pack.

Iceland beats England in Euro 2016 #Engexit

To add to England’s woes, the minnows Iceland defeated them 2-1 in Euro 2016 forcing England to exit the championship. This was utter shock to many including me knowing the result. I always thought, Iceland didn’t play any other game except ice hockey, skiing until their knockout punch handing England the ignominy of being beaten by a green horned team. The so called England’s famed lineup caved in to the juggernaut of the determined Iceland team. I have this notion of English players not being big tournament players and history is testimony to it. Time and again they have failed to live up-to the expectations which are created after watching them play in the English premier league and for other clubs. With heavy price tags they have always played to their potential in the club tournaments, but when it comes to representing the country they have been abysmal, no wonder their coach Roy Hodgson resigned after the Euro defeat. Many English commentators attribute this ignominy to the players inflated pay packages, egos and arrogance. The stars are not looking good for England, with #Brexit, Engexit was another blow to their confidence and feel good factor. Time will tell if they rise from the Abyss to reach the Zenith.

Lionel Messi retires #Mexit

It must be very brave of football fans worldwide to sustain blows after blows, the recent being retirement of the diminutive champion named Lionel Messi #MadeOfGreat from international football. Henceforth fans would never see him don the Argentina white and blue jersey. Not all talented players get all they want, and Messi is a very good example. In spite of being the world’s best footballer for years, winning the Ballon d’or for record 5 times, he failed to create the magic while donning the national colors. Every time he was on the losing side, be it Copa America championship or the world cup. The recent lost to Chile in the finals of the Copa America 2016 was bit too much for him to continue playing at the international level for Argentina, to add to his chagrin constant media pressure and scrutiny plus being criticized by former Argentine greats added to his dismay which compelled him to take a tough decision of retiring from International football. I am pretty sure the fans across the globe must be in utter shock at his decision, in fact Argentinians are requesting him to change his decision and their president tweeted “LioDontLeave”.  Messi is what Tendulkar is to India and people want him to play and represent Argentina for longest time possible. Messi’s fellow mates have already expressed their disbelief and professed a big void due to his retirement. Such was his prowess that he was a nemesis for his opponents, and for sure they must have breathe a sigh of relief with a tongue-in-cheek comment “Fantastico”. Time is the answer to this predicament of millions of Messi fans. There is no better emotion than optimism, so let’s hope he reverses his decision and continue enthralling his fans worldwide.

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