Friday, August 26, 2016

AK 47

The very mention of AK-47 brings to the mind a sophisticated weapon capable of creating terror and wreaking havoc, a potent weapon capable of inflicting colossal damage. When unleashed no mortal stands a chance of survival, such is its reputation. A reputation of being the darling, whoever puts his hands on it. A dreaded killing machine, a toy for the slayers. Such is its aura, that it has been awarded a cult status. A master piece amongst the automated weaponry. Every soldier, fighter or a criminal wants to have this in its armory. Whoever uses it, the results are going to be destructive, damaging. This is AK-47, the undisputed, undefeated king of assault rifles.

India's AK-47

Now, are you aware we have our own AK-47? C’mon jog your memory, think think think. Did you get it???? Nooooo? Ok. Let me introduce to you all, the equally dangerous, caustic, a loose cannon who can fire indiscriminately at any given instance, unstoppable, one who spews fire at the slightest provocation is none other than Arvindssssss Kejriwalsssss (AK) age 47.Off late this social activist turned politician has been firing verbal volleys left right and center with utmost regularity. He has been on a rampage taking potshots, firing non-stop at all his adversaries, be it the media, or Najeeb Jung, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, or our very own Prime Minister of India, H.E. Mr. Narendra Modi or for that matter anyone who does not toe his line. He has been crying on how the government at the center is posing hurdles in his anti-corruption drive and governance, but at the same time many of his own party members have been indulging in corrupt practices, or creating controversies. He has been doing theatrics on a daily basis than govern Delhi which his party won with a clear majority. His daily tirades, jibes, provocations provide a great time to the gossip hungry media houses and they aren’t complaining a bit. Such is the propensity of his loose talk and theatrics that we wonder if he is the same activist who showed great potential and verve to fight against the mal practices and corruption which is rampant in India. His entry into politics was like a breath of fresh air, but that dash seems have taken a back seat nowadays. His rants, diatribes try to cut a sorry picture of him, a helpless, gullible, good guy in the big bad world of politics. May be its true, but he is no saint either. He might not have indulged in corruption or other mal practices but his conduct, attitude remains questionable. His attitude of “My way or highway” has resulted in many good and capable cadres leaving him, but that has not stopped him from pushing his own agendas.

Magsaysay Award Winner

Not long ago a highly qualified, learned activist took India by storm by his no-nonsense attitude against corruption. He galvanized the youth of this country who had given up all the hope against the corrupt behemoths. They had resigned to their fate and saw no change in the system where no work was done without greasing the palms of the babus sitting across the table. His tenacity, credentials attracted many a youths of this country and they followed him in hordes literally. He was the symbol of change, ushering in good times and hope for good governance. His partnership with Anna Hazare sent shivers down the spine of the culprits and the government alike. He was the new poster boy of India, a Magsaysay award winner, who let go his job seeing rampant corruption around him and vowed to fight it hard. His effort and support of the people won him a place in politics and since then his rising stock has taken a serious beating.

Arvind Kejriwal Stand-Up Please

Maybe now he knows why Politics is called a dirty game and a resort for scoundrels. Arvind Kejriwal since then has come a long way and he is learning the traits to be a seasoned politician. His intentions might be correct, but most probably the big wigs in the politics are not leaving an inch for him to score and fulfill the promises made to the people. He might be a helpless guy getting stream rolled by the rich and the powerful, may be his good deeds are getting thwarted by the corrupt and seedy politicians, but that does not give him a license to cry foul at a drop of a hat and fire at all and sundry. He need to stop portraying himself as a victim and set his house in order and carry on with his job of delivering good governance. Playing politics make him look naive and an attention seeker, instead he should stick to his strength and be a template of good and non-corrupt governance. If he continues to delve into delivering results, no matter what he would have the last laugh. AK stand-up please.

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