Monday, August 15, 2016

Organ Donation A Noble Deed, But...

Many of us in today’s world want to do something for the less privilege. We want to indulge ourselves in charities in some sort or the other and contribute to the society to which we belong. Many offer clothing, books, food, shelter to the deprived ones and contribute to the well-being and upliftment of the poor. Many, nowadays are extending this helping hand even further by pledging to donate their organs after their demise. This magnanimous gesture can give a new lease of life to many and bring in joy and hope amidst despair and despondency. What a noble deed indeed. Hats off to these brave, kind hearted Samaritans.

Organ Donation A Noble Cause

This is a story of many vociferous, do good people who decided to carry on their charity even after they were laid to rest. They all donated their organs so that the needy get a new life. They indeed had done a great service to the humankind when their organs were replanted into the bodies of people who needed them badly. Their families, society and many others lauded their noble gestures, spoke at length about their kindness and love for humanity sang peans in their memory. Equally, the recipients were indebted to these gentle souls who had brought happiness in their lives. For them the donors were heavenly sent messiahs, angels. They even recited their happiness and their experiences were published widely in newspaper, in digital media. Forums were held to propagate the importance of organ donation and the donors were extolled for their humaneness. These instances repaired the thoughts of many cynics who had lost faith in humanity and were skeptic when it came to good human nature. In short it restored faith in the minds of millions of people who were suffering from many maladies, and were desperate to reap the benefits of the largesse offered by the donors. It was such an inspiring story for all.

A Story Sans Happy Ending

Few years had gone by and there were news of deaths, medical complications, loss of eyesight, kidney failures and many cases of body dysfunctions. What startled many including me, was the cases observed were the same people who had received organ transplants few years back and it was no coincidence. What had happened? What went wrong? Who was to blame and many such questions were accosting the society. Media being a strong medium today were quick to jump at the apathy of today’s doctors, the negligence of the hospitals and the overall business that happens at the hospitals. Media personnel barged into the hospitals and carried out sting operations to show to the world the murky business carried out in the temple of gods on earth. Many NGOs arranged marches and shouted slogans against the doctors and the hospitals where these transplants were carried out. Some of the angry citizens pelted stones at the hospitals and even tried to attack the doctors for their inhuman approach in dealing with the gullible, helpless people. This story became a talk of the town with media stepping up the pressure. Criminal cases were filed against the doctors and the hospitals and investigation was underway.

The revelations made were baffling but not shocking. After detail investigations were done the police gave a clean chit to the doctors and hospitals where the transplants were done. If that was the case, who were at fault for the mishaps that happened? The police did not yet conclude on this query which stood in front of them unanswered. With more days gone by something came to the fore which sealed the case. All the donors were IT professionals. Now what someone’s profession had to do with the mishap when the donors were a respected white collared tribe? Now this would have been a genuine question for someone who is not aware of this tribe, but I being one of them I had got my answer. It was their fault and it was not their fault. Now let me explain this antithesis. It was not their fault in donating their organs, in fact it was one of the greatest deeds of their life but they should have thought before making this donation.

IT Professional's Conumdrum
IT Prof A Doctor's Delight

Want To Be An IT Professional ?

IT professionals live a life in fast lane, late nights, insane hours of work, round the clock customer calls, sedentary life style with eyes glued to the computer screen for hours. The result is bad eating habits, excessive stress to name a few. To beat this stress, they take refuge in drinking and smoking, at times in excess and this makes them a doctor’s delight. Very less or no exercise make matters worse. An IT professional having spent more than 10 years in this environment is an abused body mired with many possible diseases in the form of bad eye sight and dry eye syndrome, damaged kidneys, liver, high blood pressure, mental stress, pain in almost every part of their body and much more. A recent article that I read thundered “IT professionals Wake Up”. The survey conducted was an eye opener for many in IT industry. More than 90% of people having heart attacks, High BP, depression, sexual problems, women unable to conceive, damaged eyes, Insomnia were from IT background. This is alarming to say the least. Two very apt acronyms namely DINKS (Double Income No Kids) and DINS (Double Income No Sex) are coined for IT professionals. They sound hilarious but are thought provoking.  Now just imagine people suffering from all these ailments resulting from decades of working in IT industry, donate their already overused and overworked organs, they are soon going to implode once in the recipient’s body. This is exactly what happened in case of the organ recipients, they got duped by the well-wishing donor’s overused organs. I won’t be surprised to see messages in hospitals reading “Donor’s with IT background need not donate their organs, they won’t be accepted”.

The above story is a figment of my WILD imagination and derived from the realities associated with an IT professional’s life and health.

WARNING: Please be aware of the donor’s profession before you say yes.

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